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  1. Re: Interesting effects on West Dakota Rose intro

    It sounds like a delay to me. I had an Electro-Harmonix Canyon a few years back that did a similar sort of thing, but I only used it with a Telecaster. Iíd like to take a peek at his pedal board.
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    Re: DO I need a better mandolin?

    Maybe you don't need better, just different. Possibly an oval hole or flat top. I don't see anything wrong with dropping 2K on a mandolin, but if the MK is the only mandolin you've ever played you...
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    Re: The joys of autocorrect

    I'm hoping the price was another autocorrect mishap.
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    Re: Any experience with Mapes strings?

    Yes. I havenít ordered custom gauges or been too concerned with the coating, but I currently have their 80/20ís on my oval hole and I have PB Octacores on my F hole. No complaints. Theyíre good...
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    Re: Chopping my way through Jack-a-Roe

    Great tune. Maybe not always play an E7. Maybe just E like 467X. Maybe try F like 5301. Just a couple of thoughts.
  6. Re: Dose anyone know anything about this mandolin or its value

    I like the scroll. I wonder if maybe it started life as a lump scroll that someone pulled the neck off of and recarved. I know it has a Gibson tailpiece cover, but that doesn't mean it's a Gibson.The...
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Just having a little fun in a local park.

  8. Re: Which version of Chinquapin / Chinkapin Hunting is the "real"

    I have! I was in the nursery/landscape trade some years back, but I still like to geek out on Latin names because they are more accurate than common names.

    As an example some folks call Picea...
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    Re: Hard case for army navy style mandolin

    This TKL might work.
    Oval hole Gibsons fit nicely, but Iím not sure about an A/N.
  10. Re: Which version of Chinquapin / Chinkapin Hunting is the "real"

    Itís not who, but what. Castanea pumila. Donít go chinquapin hunting in bare feet!
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    Re: Circle of 5ths

    So then itís ok to think of a mandolin as a little upside down guitar? :mandosmiley:
    At least sometimes? For just a little bitÖ:redface:
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    Re: Identifying an old unlabeled mandolin

    The experts have me confused. I'm just seeing worm under tuners that seem to be installed correctly.
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    Re: Looking for good acoustic mandolin album

    Me too. I just want to point out that the NME album I mentioned in post #27 and the Travellers album that Matt mentioned in #35 both feature Butch. A great player who unfortunately passed too soon....
  14. Thread: Tunes in "F"

    by Steve 2E

    Re: Tunes in "F"

    Not a bluegrass tune, but I believe itís in F. Itís a rare thing.HApy-Xoix-g
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    Re: Looking for good acoustic mandolin album

    Nashville Mandolin Ensemble: Bach Beatles Bluegrass
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    Re: Best Beginner Mandolin on a Budget?

    I just stumbled across this Strad this morning. Might work for you. Not a Cafe sponsor, but a trustworthy shop....
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    Re: Recommend me some Irish folk bands

  18. Re: Another misidentified Gibson mandola at Guitar Center

    I really admire your willingness to take a chance on this one. No matter how well it played or sounded the thought of having all those holes would drive me nuts! Thanks for the review!
  19. Re: Another misidentified Gibson mandola at Guitar Center

    I couldn't zoom in enough to really see the top, but if someone was interested they could call the store and request more pictures. I've done that in the past at GC and the stores I've contacted have...
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    Re: New five course mandocello

    That was a really impressive performance! I haven't listened with headphones, but it sounds like a hear a high hat along with the first mandolin track. Is that a click track or is it triggered by the...
  21. Re: Just saw this note in classified section: What does it mean?

    Thatís cool. I read the guidelines after your post and noticed it referenced ďPayPal Family and Friends.Ē I copied and pasted directly from the guidelines and wasnít sure why you didnít see what I...
  22. Re: Just saw this note in classified section: What does it mean?

    As Mandobar said itís pretty clear.
    ďPostings referencing Venmo, PayPal Family and Friends and Western Union will be blocked as their use is not permitted by those companies for commercial...
  23. Re: Elixir Official Notice Mandolin strings discontinued

    I think you're right Bazz. I don't think "coated" is the same as "cured." I've been using a set of Mapes 80/20's for the past month or so and I don't think there's another material coating the...
  24. Re: Oval hole mando comparable to a Kentucky KM-505?

    I know youíre looking for an A style, but maybe a Kentucky KM-670 would work for you.
  25. Re: Is there something off with this Vintage Gibson F4?

    Iím glad some experts have responded. From my amateur point of view it just doesnít look right. If it played...
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