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    Re: Mandolin vs. Mandola?

    I recommend you do a bit more research. It really seems you've missed out on the available historical record. That page you provided didn't even list the dates when the various instruments emerged,...
  2. Re: Anyone seen a build like this before: Custom guitar

    I've seen that kind of headless travel guitar before, but eventually gave up after many pages of brpwsing through Google image search results on "headless travel guitar." I believe I saw it between...
  3. Re: Trying to get a mandolin sent from a shop in Napoli/Naples, I

    Assuming they had to find a translator on at least two purchase/no-purchase reversals, at how many changes of mind do you think it would be reasonable for them to stop engaging?

    My advice is to go...
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    Re: Mandocello Specific Techniques

    Not being a cello player or even a player who has taken lessons from a teacher, no matter the instrument, I tend to both adapt what I find in books, and to find things which work empirically.

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    Re: Converting Mandolin to Mandola

    I've done this before.

    I've had to do a little intonation adjustment, but since I normally use very light strings and play chord melody all over the neck, going to a set with equal tension for...
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    Re: What are these bridges called?

    Anytime you eliminate a need for a portion of the top to resist constant mechanical forces to just stay intact, you can instead just let the soundboard concentrate on being stiff and lightweight in...
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    Re: Changing the tuning for medieval sound

    Just to add information to justify the necrobump, the mandore (ancestor of the mandolin/mandola) was often tuned DADA, as shown in the Skene Manuscript.

    There are many interesting writings...
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    Re: Timple in 5ths tuning

    First, do no harm. If the strings seem really tight, you risk ripping off the bridge. Drop that tuning immediately.

    Once you go back to the original tuning, and keep the instrument intact, here's...
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    Re: How do you progress on tenor?

    MT Quinn, one of the greatest feedback methods I've used with my students is recording them, and/or having them record themselves. The goal isn't to produce a perfect recording or play-through, but...
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    Re: How do you progress on tenor?

    They're progressive, and "Melody Chord System" builds on "Complete Method." I also knew music, and had been playing in CGDA tuning for more than a decade before. I got the books. I treated the...
  11. Re: Gibson Army Navy (Reissue) AN Custom (mid-90s)

    That's super interesting. I has no idea any of the Flatiron pancake/Army-Navy builds were labeled as "Gibson Reissue" instruments, or even customs.

    The pancakes are surprisingly loud, and have...
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    Re: How do you progress on tenor?

    As someone who wishes he had discovered a learning resource sooner, I'll put in a recommendation for two books which took me much further than I had gotten in my own.

    The Mel Bay Complete Tenor...
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    Re: Sustain pedal for 200$ !!!

    Right out of the gate, there are two simple options for how a sustain pedal works: sustain when the switch is closed, or sustain when the switch is open. Those can be the least expensive pedals.
  14. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    I taught myself guitar in high school, and then bought an old Harmony mandolin for $25 at a pawn shop. I eventually discovered a music store which had a new Flatiron mandola, and I've owned it ever...
  15. Re: How do you test the qualities you're looking for in a Mandoli

    Something I do when I'm in a shop with instruments... walking down the row, not looking at headstocks or prices, and firmly pulling my thumb across the strings at the twelfth fret, one course at a...
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    Re: Soares'y Electric Tenor

    Wait... what?

    I've been considering getting a carbon cittern from them, based on the Amicus. I look forward to seeing your build on their site.

    Sorry for the OT, folks!
  17. Re: Soundboard transducer and internal cable noise

    I've done both the twist, and/or masking tape to fasten the wire to the bottom or side.
  18. Re: Electronic tuner: guide, or unquestionable authority?

    I've been lucky enough to play with people over the years who claimed their ear was better than a tuner... and then the recorded rehearsal sessions revealed how thei opinions clashed with the...
  19. Re: A likely contentious opinion on electric mandolins

    I've been thinking about the whole "doesn't sound like a mandolin to me" idea. I've been amused when, on occasion, some member here on the Cafe has argued that only sound characteristics like the...
  20. Re: A likely contentious opinion on electric mandolins

    It's okay. A lot more musicians chose guitar as having more variety and complexity of tone and playing possibilities than the pipsqueeky mandolin, so you also are allowed to not get the point of an...
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    Re: Finger exercises?

    The thing my excellent surgeon and equally excellent physical therapist *really* insisted with me was to worry about preserving flexibility, instead of building strength. They gave me numerous...
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    Re: LH Position question

    Out of order, because this is the order in which I would deal with these separate questions.

    3. I use ultra-light strings, starting with the gauges used in the GHS A240 Ultra Light set. Some...
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    Re: Affordable 10 string mandolin/mandola?

    I have some bad news.

    A plain steel string will break fairly quickly when tuned to G#4 at a scale length of 25.5". if the string is thicker, it is stronger, but needs more tension to get to...
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    Re: Finger exercises ?

    I'm going to recommend a classic, and a free one to boot.

    The Calace Method for Mandolin, parts 1 through 6

    I promise that you'll get more than your money's worth.

    Not video, but I've...
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    Re: What gauge for 1st course?

    I have some bad news.

    A plain steel string will break fairly quickly when tuned to G#4 at a scale length of 25.5". if the string is thicker, it is stronger, but needs more tension to get to...
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