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  1. Re: Strange intonation issue with new strings

    It would be a vendor mistake, but I (at least once) have had a packaged set with mismatched gauges in a pair. A micrometer would be handy, or by feel check if the flat one has less tension.
  2. Re: Recommend some beginner Blues / Jazz Blues Lead Sheets

    The constant question or tension between learning patterns and learning melodies.

    People respond individually, and some are like me, in that I canít bring myself to work through catalogs of...
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    Re: Kluson split-shaft tuners for mandolin

    Very cool. I loved split shafts on my first Fender guitar, although not necessarily the Kluson gears. Bass guitars have them, but I think they lost some popularity by being fragile in the small...
  4. Re: Single coil magnetic 'strat' pickup problem uneven amplificat

    True, contact not necessary, itís magnetic fields, not electric current, and the pole piece itself is a magnet.

    Another approach is to just add an appropriate small piece of ferrous metal on top...
  5. Re: Single coil magnetic 'strat' pickup problem uneven amplificat

    We usually find some tilt, raising the treble and lowering the bass, is needed. But I’ve dealt with this style and you can improve it. If you get inside the pickguard you will probably find a...
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    Re: Round core mandolin strings?

    I’m confused. Are we talking about flatwound strings?

    Most wound strings use a round core. Hex core is the exception, usually advertised.

    There are several makers of flatwound strings, with...
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    Re: Signal Channel

    Acoustic (Headway undersaddle with built-in preamp) —> passive volume control —> amp

    Electric —> overdrive pedal —> EQ —> amp

    Same amp for either, Trace Elliot Elf into Eminence 6.5” woofer(s).
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    Re: Electromagnetic output from pickups

    Indeed, I missed that you were responding to that. I agree, monitors are good speakers for acoustic, given you probably would benefit from some tone shaping via preamp.
  9. Thread: Intonation

    by Tom Wright

    Re: Intonation

    To be sure, buy the inexpensive strobe-tuner app and check the fingerboard at each fret. I have found two issues can affect the low-fret intonation — high nut, and/ or too long a fingerboard between...
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    Re: Electromagnetic output from pickups

    An electric mandolin with humbuckers has pretty much zip for information above 6K or so. It’s functionally an electric guitar, not an acoustic mandolin. I personally prefer woofers to guitar speakers...
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    Re: Electromagnetic output from pickups

    Yep, they typically have a peak at around 2K for the old Fender Jensen speakers, between 2.5K and 3K for Celestion, dropping after 4K and gone by 6K.

    Iíd say the answer to the difference between...
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    Re: Electromagnetic output from pickups

    My mandos with the Ryder stacked singles ate noticeably less output than a guitar. But i think the difference is twofold — the higher pitch range is not where the effects show up best, and (in my...
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    Re: Pickup for pin bridge mando

    I have two pin-bridge instruments with the Headway undersaddle pickup that incorporates an internal preamp with a good EQ profile. As luck would have it, I ordered a 10-string Buchanan with pickup...
  14. Re: Another Question for the Theory Geeks (no mandolin content)

    If a piece of music is more on the beat and has plenty of actual triplets it makes sense to write in triplet time, like jigs, and classical music.

    But it is both unnecessary clutter and may be too...
  15. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    I doesn’t seem that copying Antonio Stradivari’s design has hurt the value of the original items. I think it can be argued both Fender and Gibson have thrived by their designs being ubiquitous. How...
  16. Re: Another Question for the Theory Geeks (no mandolin content)

    Indeed you could write this out as a slip jig, 9/8 time. As with jigs there is a larger symmetry, so you could wrote it as longer bars, with two or four large beats. The triplet subdivision might not...
  17. Re: pinky plant on electric, wrist rest on acoustic, is this wron

    Everyone hinges at some fulcrum, whether the side of the mandolin or the bridge area. I would argue that the goal is to have a choice of techniques, depending on the kind of stroke needed. Iím not...
  18. Re: Smallest electric traval amp, revisited.

    Most everywhere has AC so go for real gear. The Trace Elliot Elf is 1.6 lbs, the size pf a paperback book, and 130 watts into 8 ohms. Build a small box for a high-power small woofer and you have an...
  19. Re: If you're patient...Avi Avital coming to Baltimore

    There is no refugee crisis of people fleeing Baltimore. BTW, don’t visit New Orleans if statistics scare you, the murder rate is substantially higher. It matters where you go and who you hang with.
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    Re: Best Bluegrass Band Single Microphone?

    A physical description would help, but I can recommend the Shure KSM44A, which is a full omni-directional large-diaphragm condenser mic. I have the single-diaphragm version, the KSM 32, and it is...
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    Re: Ten String Electric Thinline Design

    Because it is unnecessary. The C course does not have to rule the entire instrument. Four courses are, after all, mandolin-tuned. Most violas have a scale length of 14.25" - 14.5", which lets them...
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    Re: Replacement Pickup for Mandocaster

    Steve Ryder’s stacked singles are my favorite, but tapping would only yield a weaker signal with hum. Different tone is what tone controls and pedals are for.

    A side-by-side humbucker sounds...
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    Re: About my pick grip

    I have noticed pretty much all guitar players I see use a fairly open hand shape. It is likely due to the fact they are jazz or other electric guitar players. (I see Tony Rice seems to use the...
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    Re: 19" octave mandolin - tune as CGDA

    You should use nickel-wound strings. Given that you need only four you can simply buy various singe string gauges and see. A normal D’Addario mandola set, for 17” scale acoustic, is .015, .025, .035,...
  25. Thread: Argh...

    by Tom Wright

    Re: Argh...

    While I donít know what you feel are the frequencies a 5-string puts out, I can guess it is a lack of smooth transition to a sweet overdrive tone that you want. I will suggest you probably would...
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