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  1. Re: David Surette offering new online mandolin class, lessons too

    5:45-6:45 EST, but we might run over til 7 or so.
  2. David Surette offering new online mandolin class, lessons too!

    Hi folks,

    The Mandolin Almanac is a new, online, participatory class being offered this fall at the Concord Community Music School in Concord, NH. The Mandolin Almanac is based on last year's...
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    Re: Contemporary Pumpkin Tops?

    Glad to be part of the contemporary pumpkin top clan. I asked for this finish from Max and Lauri in homage to my first good mando, a p-t A model I got back in about 85 or so. But my Girouard is an...
  4. Re: What artist/album got you started with Trad

    Irish trad: Planxty first album, got it around 82. A true classic.
  5. Re: Article: The 19th Annual May Mandolin Festival

    Yes, maybe we should have changed that. The festival has always been referred to as the March Mandolin Festival, so we kept the name, and hoped that all the other mentioning of it being shifted to...
  6. Re: Article: French and Italian Tunes for Mandolin and Fiddle

    Hi Carrie, I am glad you are enjoying the recordings. I had not really planned for the book to be downloadable, but maybe I should reconsider that? Drop me a line at, and we...
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    Re: Peter Ostroushko Passes

    Peter was a wonderful musician and human being; I am very grateful I got to know him a bit. He was one of my very first big mandolin influences, along with the Dawg. My wife Susie and I got to meet...
  8. Hey, for you Celtic AND non-Celtic cats, these...

    Hey, for you Celtic AND non-Celtic cats, these are the workshops I am teaching, in case it helps encourage you to check it out next weekend.

    Modal tunes in Celtic Music (Friday): We will look at...
  9. Plus Matt and I are having a contest to see who...

    Plus Matt and I are having a contest to see who can be the scruffiest-looking mando player! I think I can beat him.
  10. Re: La Machine and Andy Cutting (no mandolins though)

    That Blowzabella video is fabulous!
  11. Re: Paddy Keenan. Se Mo Laoch, TG4. Essential viewing!

    Loved the Paddy program. I was curious to see if it would mention his time spent in NH, but no. He had some very interesting things to say about rhythm and accompaniment. But speaking of...
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    Re: Solo Recordings - 1 Mandolin

    I know this has been listed elsewhere, but I still think Caterina Lichtenberg's new solo album is fabulous, and extremely listenable.
  13. Re: String Band Symposium for mandos and more

    Thanks for fixing that link, Jim. I am aiming the class at an intermediate level, but hopeful there will be the opportunity to stick in a few things for a more experienced players as well. It's not...
  14. String Band Symposium for mandos and more

    I know that this was picked up by the NewsFetcher, but I thought I would post it a bit more personally. I hope to see some of the Cafe set next Wednesday night, it should be a lot of fun!

  15. Re: Virtual: String Band Seminar with David Surette starts - Conc

    Thanks for posting this up, NewsFetcher, I was going to make a wee bit of a blurb myself. Hope to see some of the Cafe set next Wednesday evening!
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    Re: Help with Come Back to Sorrento please.

    Just wanted to mention that if you wanted it in standard notation and tab, it is in my "French & Italian Tunes for mandolin & fiddle" book; there's also companion audio available. That is a lovely...
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    Re: MuseScore software

    Another vote for Muse Score. I use it regularly for teaching, and did my entire recent tunebook with Musescore.
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    Re: Looking for exotic scales for Mandola

    I think folks here may find it interesting to look at the thaat system of raga classification that can be found in North Indian classical music. This evolved in the 19th century as a way to classify...
  19. Re: Article: A Conversation with Caterina Lichtenberg on the Rele

    Just got my copy in the good ol' US mail; what a fabulous recording! Amazing to hear what a solo mandolin can do in the hands of an incredible musician. Totally transporting. Thanks, Caterina.
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    Re: Live from Here is no more

    I think it was unfortunate that LFH had to start its on-air life as the replacement/successor to PHC. They are very different shows, and it must have been tough for Thile to deal with a lot of the...
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    Acoustic Dead duo tunes

    My good buddy Steve Roy & I have a duo, Steve & Dave Play Dead, which is what we do, and we did it as part of an online fest we are a part of, Dead to the Core, this past weekend. We are the only act...
  22. Re: Article: French and Italian Tunes for Mandolin and Fiddle

    Thanks, for the nice comments, Scott. Just wanted to let folks know that there are now recordings of all the tunes available here at Bandcamp:
    This is an audio...
  23. Re: Jacques Pellen (Breton guitarist) dies of Coronavirus

    Very sad news, thanks for posting, Dagger. I saw JP in a little coffeehouse-style concert in Benodet, Brittany back in the 90s. He was playing with a couple of other guitarists, including Soig...
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    Happy 101st to Pete Seeger

    Here's a little backyard picking 'n singing in honor of Mr. Pete Seeger, with my sweet songbird wife and partner Susie Burke. Pretty nice day today up here in ME, and I hope you enjoy the song and...
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    Re: Pick (nerd) journeys

    If you want to check out a really great track featuring Seamus on mandolin, this is from his new album Early Bright: ...
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