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  1. Re: Please help! Fixing my pick direction

    One teacher I had at a workshop recommended to never stop the down up down up motion. When you come to a quarter note or rest you don't make contact with any string but keep the dudududu going full...
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    Re: Silk and Steel Strings?

    I have always believed that for each mandolin and player there is a perfect string. IMO silk and steel don't sound good on a mandolin. So much so that I have never even tried them out on one of mine....
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    Re: beside the mandolin.

    Well …. I would say I flirt with playing the banjo. With judicious use of a capo. It is a fun instrument to mess with a bit. R/
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    Re: Woodstock

    Yeah I was 16 and living in SoCal … I did see it as a first run movie. I had to go to L.A. as it was not shown in Orange County. . . .R/
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    Re: What’s your travel case?

    Calton. But then I don't take a travel mandolin and have , so far, been allowed to carry it on. I do always pay any early boarding fee. R/
  6. Re: Loudness with Chris Thile CT 55 Bluechip pick?

    Well ….. I can say with surety that no one to date has said they couldn't hear me play with a CT-55 ……. R/
  7. Re: Micing my Farmers Market/Retirement Home Bluegrass band

    It always depends on the venue. One microphone with people moving in and out is best if you can make it work. With seven players I would set up three areas covered by condenser mics. One are for the...
  8. Re: Help! I can't hear the beat when I play a break

    Well the first step toward solving a "problem" is to recognize there is one. Consider approaching your "problem" like this. First listen to a song until you KNOW it. Second play the rhythm until you...
  9. Re: Lose grip on a thick pick or use a thin pick?

    Hmmm …. What music you are playing makes a difference on your choice of plectrum. What ever you choose to use and play a loose wrist and loose grip on the pick are necessary. If you don't drop the...
  10. Re: What is the most mandolins you've owned at one time?

    It's just that we all share an Instrumentality . . . . . R/
  11. Re: What is the most mandolins you've owned at one time?

    I don't know yet . . . . I do own fewer mandolins than guitars ….. it's close though …. R/
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    Re: What does OP mean?

    Best of my understanding it is a reference to the Original Poster's OP comment / s.
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    Re: How do you clean your mandolin?

    I use a damp cloth then buff it with a dry one. Once or twice a year I polish it with Dunlop Formula 65. I did go to Walmart and buy a bundle of white washcloths specifically for instrument care. I...
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    Re: Finger exercises?

    Waiting on the physical therapist is really my best advice. If you lack the patience to do so get a soft foam rubber ball or cylinder and gently …. GENTLY … work / squeeze it one finger at a time …....
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    Re: Curt mangan Monel Strings

    I just tried out D'Addario NB on my "5" ….. nice strings, very bright at first but settled in and are lasting well. I will be putting on a set of CM Monel alloy next. R/
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    Re: Best live gig setup for mandolin/guitar

    Minimal …. one mic with stand and cable. Large diaphragm condenser mics need a power source. Some amps are manufactured to handle that. Check the specs. I use small diaphragm condenser mics that...
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    Re: Ingles Violin Stand Question

    Good advice above. IMO Stands are temporary holding pens for the small amount of time the instrument is not in my hands or in it's case. R/
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    Re: I need a mandolin stand for stage use.

    Ingles makes a great stand. I keep one at the house. For out and about I have a Cooper stand. They fold up and pack well. If I am concerned about someone bumping my stand I take the Ingles as it is...
  19. Re: Splurging on the Best Possible Mandolin Strings

    What Montana Matt said...… Look at

    Different gauges different alloys different makers …. have fun... be sure to try some Curt Mangan ….. I have found...
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    Re: Beware EVOs

    Well …. evo fret wire was an option on my new , 2016, mandolin when I ordered it. I had worn out the standard Gibson type ..nickel alloy? wire of both my other mandolins and replacing it with evo was...
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    Re: I Don't Know (But I Like It)

    This fellow is a fine player and teacher. The video did elicit a smile. Good music. R/
  22. Re: Question for notation-reading CGDAE-instrument players

    Thanks ….. I have been thinking on a mando-cello purchase. As stated above all three are "legitimate" and I get that. Counting ledger lines for third and above position fiddling makes me a bit crazy...
  23. Re: New Eastman MD-315 or used Kentucky KM-855

    Keep in mind Eastman and Kentucky mandolins have very different tonal properties. They are both good instruments … just different sounding. For me I would go with the Kentucky but I prefer a more...
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    Re: Finger exercises ?

    Yeah …. be patient, warm up with scales and the accompanying chords within a given key then work on your songs or tunes. It take time to get your brain and fingers organized. Keep checking your...
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    Re: Gibson A Oval Tuning Machines

    Good advice above. Yeah , once the metal is worn from the worm, usually the problem, it is time for a replacement. StewMac gives a good set of measurements on their site if you want to check for...
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