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  1. Another great interview on the Cafe. Tristan...

    Another great interview on the Cafe. Tristan Scroggins did a really good job, and John covered a lot about his mandolin playing and approach to music.
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    Re: Peter Ostroushko Passes

    Like those above, I too loved the playing of Peter and enjoyed the several times I could interact with him. Eg. the workshop at the Classical Mandolin convention, mentioned by Doug and John. Years...
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    Re: Classical mandolin album library list

    Bach cello suites - A cd I like a lot is by Robin Bullock and called "Suites for Mandolin - Volume One."
    On the album are Suites 1, 2, and 3. We hear #1 lot, but not the other Cello Suites played...
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    Re: CMSA Convention in the Clouds

    I thought the Virtual Convention was really good! I saw some great concerts; and helpful workshops; etc. What I would like to see is a way that
    some of the presentations could be shared with...
  5. Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    I had to go to my mandolin collection (all over the place) and select some cds I really like. Here you go:
    Cafe Brasil - wonderful choro music and a really nice booklet
    Contratopia: "Smitten" - the...
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    Re: Eva Scow - After You've Gone

    Eva's brother ran for U.S. State Representative fr. CA. Didn't win; maybe next time.
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    Re: CMSA Newbie: Advice Needed!

    I think you'll have a great time! I usually seem to make it about every other year. I have made friends there; played at Open Mike; and love the orchestra.
    working with Jim Bates, the conductor,...
  8. Re: New to swing mandolin, who should I be listening to?

    Another interesting jazz player is Will Patton who lives in Vermont. He plays an old Gibson A mandolin & does a lot of
    arranging of jazz tunes, plus presenting his own compositions.
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    Re: Reading notation up the neck

    I too am very bad about knowing the names of the notes up the neck. (I can play scales up the neck.)
    Don Julin has a YouTube about learning the notes on the mandolin neck. Basically, taking a note...
  10. Re: Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer Bass and Mandolin

    Mandolin and Bass - I love the combination. I have been collecting a few recordings of those two instruments. Along with the first Thile/Meyer cd, I have two more to recommend. Not so interested in...
  11. Re: AWESOME "People Get Ready" cover (Sierra Hull)

    One of my favorite versions of People Get Ready is by the late Eva Cassidy.
  12. Re: AWESOME "People Get Ready" cover (Sierra Hull)

    Another great version of the song is by the late Eva Cassidy.
  13. Classical Mandolin Concerto mentioned in the New Yorker magazine

    Alex Ross' column on classical music, p. 77, in the April 17th New Yorker magazine mentions the performance of Jeff Midkiff's mandolin concerto, "From the Blue Ridge" performed with the Boulder...
  14. Mandolin Magazine - I'd love to see another such publicatiion

    I see that Mandolin Cafe is listing all the issues of Mandolin Magazine and info on
    articles. I'd love to see another similar magazine, though maybe in this day and age, print magazines are hard to...
  15. Re: CMSA 2016 Convention, November 11/2-11/6, Valley Forge, PA

    I too really enjoyed the Convention. Some very good workshops, and hearing the various Mando Orchestras was great. Eg. When the Philadelphia Ensemble played Vivaldi's "Gloria," there was a chorus of...
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    Does this chord exist?

    I am working on a piece that calls for Fmaj6. Can't find it in any chord book.
    Does it exist?
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    Re: Classical vs Bluegrass

    If you can, go to a concert by Caterina Lichtenberg and Mike Marshall and you'll hear both kinds of music....and other styles too.
  18. Re: Recent Recordings of Classical Music on Mandolin?

    There are lots of classical cds of mandolin now. Let me list two I am enjoying by Avi Avital:
    Avi Avital - Vivaldi
    Between Worlds - A wonderful cd with Avital playing with a variety of...
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    Re: New Don Julin Instructional Video

    Scale patterns done by Don Julin -- I watched the video cited above and worked thru the scales in the key of G, that Don Julin
    presented. I did them all, but after #1, I couldn't do them well at...
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    Re: Classical mandolin method

    Exploring Classical mandolin: Technique & Repertoire, by August Watters (Berklee Press) is another new book to check
  21. End of the Mandolin Symposium in Santa Cruz, CA each June

    Stephen Ruffo, one of the main staff members, sent out a note about the end of the
    Mandolin Symposium, started in 2004 for 12 seasons. The brainchild of David Grisman and Mike Marshall, they brought...
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    Re: New to classical....where to start?

    If this book hasn't been recommended yet, I suggest "Teh Complete Mandolinist," by Marilynn Mair; and check out
    her website. Also, check out the Classical Mandolin Society of America (CMSA) for...
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    Re: Eugenio Giudici (1874-1949) - Madrigale

    Very moving to watch it!
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    Re: Então, chora bandolim! - A choro thread

    Choro Das 3 will be performing in Santa Cruz Sunday June 21st, so I would imagine they will make a visit to the Symposium the
    following week too. Their mandolinist is Elisa Meyer, who not only...
  25. Re: CMSA 2014 Convention - Wrapping it all up and tying a bow

    It was a great almost week long mandolin fest! Very good workshops; great concerts; and working with the conductor Jim
    Bates was really special. Interesting that two really fine mandolinists live...
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