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  1. Re: Norman Blake & Saint Elmo Slim - T.A.G. Railroad Rag

    The mandolin is a Lyon & Healy style B with stairstep or art-deco peghead, 13 3/4" scale, and a low 3 digit serial number.
    The bridge has an ivory saddle inlaid into it, which appears to be factory...
  2. 1923 Gibson "Lloyd Loar" F-5 Mandolin-Storied Sounds Demo

    this is a neat place to hear the story of an instrument, and then hear the actual instrument.

    *take note of comments regarding this mandolin below the video (T Ellis and Don MacRostie)

  3. Focal Point Presents | Mike Compton + Joe Newberry

    Bumped into this on the interweb the other day. Not nearly enough views, so I figured I would share here. Just some great old and new tunes picked by two aces.

  4. Re: New Bela Fleck Album out - My Bluegrass Heart

    From the CD, here are the musicians (I apologize if the pic gets turned around):
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    Re: Griffith Loar

    Played it one year at IBMA my favorite Loar !
    If I could have any mandolin that’s the one
  6. MP3 of the Day - Little Rock Getaway by Scott Tichenor from the a

    MP3 of the Day

    From the Mandolin Cafe MP3 Library.

    Song title: Little Rock Getaway
    By: Little Rock Getaway by Scott Tichenor from the album Steady Breeze
  7. Thread: Bela!

    by dang


    Bela instrumental with Sierra, Justin, Bryan, Mark and Michael backstage at Rockygrass
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    Re: Andy Statman Bought A Loar F5!

    No snarky comments? Is you forgot where you is? :))

    Actually, I do think some have. This isn't facebook, ya know, where it's customary to just open one's mouth and let fly regardless of...
  9. Re: the Lloyd Loar F5s: in the 1920s and today

    Musical instruments, outside of furniture sized pieces - and with a few exceptions, were generally considered objects that would wear out and get replaced. Guitars, mandolins, and banjos especially...
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    Re: the Lloyd Loar F5s: in the 1920s and today

    That is one of Bluegrass's many gifts:
    That something that was not (and very easily could have never been) gathered around itself everything in exact perfect measure, new styles of playing on...
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    Education (trip to Carter's)

    Hey y'all! It's been a while since I've stuck my head in here... Been busy with life and stuff, but I've still been playing plenty of music!
    I had the privilege of volunteering at Banjo Ben Clark's...
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    In memory of Tony Williams

    From time to time we receive notes such as what follows and this one seemed appropriate to share after some discussion with the individual that contacted us and we do so with their permission. I did...
  13. Custom James tailpiece for Rattlesnake mandolin

    Hey everybody,
    I wanted to upgrade my Rattlesnake mandolin tailpiece to a James. After seeing some of Weldon Listerís work on this site, I reached out to him. He created this design. It will be...
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    Glorious fun

    Between COVID and a career change, I have had little time or opportunity to play recently. But today I had a rare free couple of hours. I spent them standing too close to a 30w amplifier and...
  15. Billy Strings with Sierra Hull - "Circles" (Post Malone Cover)
  16. Nickel Creek - When You Come Back Down (posted 2 days ago)
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    Re: Post a picture of what's on your bench?
  18. Fisher's Hornpipe // One Man Jam Session

    Here is another one man jam (boy I can't wait to pick with my band again...) on Fisher's Hornpipe. Hope y'all are staying safe and warm out there!
  19. Thread: Muth F-Style

    by Lo-Fi

    Muth F-Style

    This is my brand new Muth F-style. (#M127 Completed December 2020). Judging by the other Muth threads here on the Cafe, some of you already know that Larry Muth builds some world-class mandolins out...
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    Re: Sweet Georgia Brown

    Hi Gary,
    the great thing about playing the mandolin(greatest instrument in the world) is that by virtue of being tuned in fifths, the layout of the fretboard, scale, mode and chord...
  21. Re: Do great looking mandolins have to sound better?

    There are some fairly provocative, but unsupported, arguments that you make, here. I'm not so sure they're correct, however.

    You claim that "bluegrass is a minority genre among mandolin and...
  22. Re: Do great looking mandolins have to sound better?

    To the OP's question, in a word, no.
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    Re: Mandolin flagship song?

    Most folks, when they see me with my mandolin, ask if it's a banjo. I tell them yes and play Foggy Mountain Breakdown and Dueling Banjos. :))

    Other folks ask if it's a Ukelele. I tell them yes and...
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    Re: The Mandolin in America

    I can neither confirm nor deny having any knowledge of a conspiracy to suppress Schmergel instruments.
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    Re: Speed of bluegrass... is it just me?

    1. I'm afraid that the answer to your question is YES, you ARE being a grumpy old man to complain about this.

    2. Not all bluegrass music is played fast. Not even all of Bill Monroe's music was...
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