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  1. Re: Basic Question: Vivaldi Concerto in D major RV 93

    Look for the YouTube videos of Catarina Lichtenberg or Avi Avital. They both appear to be picking those notes rather than pull off. But certainly is your choice.
  2. Re: Al Capone's Waltz on Peter Coombe Classical Flattop

    Based on a hint on Eric’s YouTube channel I found the Bil Bol Vals recorded in 1918 and played by Sundquist and Berg.
  3. Re: Al Capone's Waltz on Peter Coombe Classical Flattop

    Nice mandolin and nice Swedish waltz! Does the waltz have another name?
  4. Re: What is the difference between a trill and a hammer-on?

    Here is an interesting explanation of using hammer-ons and pull-offs for trills on classical guitar. She makes the point that there are sometimes trills that have to be sustained so the hammer-on /...
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    Re: Bowlback action

    The strings look new. Be sure to use ultra light strings to avoid damaging the instrument!
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    Re: bVII—IV—I (NMC)

    This article on the flatted seventh chord may be of some interest.
  7. Re: Picking practice - Paganini's Perpetuum Mobile?

    Have a look at this...
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    Re: RIP Tony Rice

    Very nice tribute from Jerry Douglas with excellent photos.
  9. Re: What is the name of the piece Mike Marshall is playing?

    Sounds like Mike is riffing on this 4/4 version of the Tennessee “Waltz”. Channeling Joe Pass?
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    Re: Mandolin Sleigh Ride

    Here is the Regina Mandolin Orchestra with a super version! At CMSA in 2018 I had the pleasure of sitting near their conductor, Natalia, and some of their players. Great group!
  11. Re: Should a Beginner use a Marco Rebora Mandolin?

    David Brown has given great advice above; i.e., think about what you want to play! The video is of another David, last name Hynds. David Hynds restores old mandolins. I bought my restored Calace...
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    Re: Little Sadie

    I enjoyed that! Tried to play this with a band a few years back and that 2 4 measure always challenged us. Nice JJW shirt, too!
  13. Re: New double concerto for mandolin and mandola

    I enjoyed that! I looked closely on a big monitor and I see a mic stand at the right knee of the mandolin and mandola. There is a speaker on the left just behind the violins and another on the...
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    Re: Question on staccato marking

    In what Jim uploaded, I see staccato marks on the eighth notes at the beginning of the second to last line. In the measures just before there is a phrasing mark that means tremolo. So at the...
  15. Re: Teacher recommendation for left hand technique

    Look for Pete Martin. I think he has an ad here on the cafe. He specifically teaches about ergonomics. NFI.
  16. San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra Virtual performance

    Here is the San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra’s virtual performance of the Second Music Air from Purcell’s opera the Fairy Queen.
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    Re: Mahler 7 Tonight (7/7/20)

    That’s a very enjoyable performance!

    Tom, any insights into why Mahler included a mandolin? In looking at the score it is used sparingly. (Must be fun counting all of those rests.) I played a...
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    Re: Live From Home
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    Re: Which strings for a 1915 bowlback?

    Not on your list but GHS A240 ultra light are a good choice. They are 9-32 as pops1 suggests. Heavier strings can damage a bowlback and render it unplayable.
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    Re: How to enhance mando for legato piece
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    Re: How to enhance mando for legato piece

    That’s a cool project! Are you playing the entire piece or part of it? The entire piece does not look easy. In the Violin 2 part on IMSLP, some places are marked as tremolo. I agree with David that...
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    Re: Irish Metronome

    6/8, 9/8, and 12/8 are compound meters meaning that each beat divides into three parts. So in 6/8 the first three eighth notes are one beat and the second three eighth notes are the second beat. So...
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    Re: 3/2 Time Pick Direction

    I'll add my two cents, too. In 3/4, the quarter note gets a beat and the eighth note gets a half beat. In 3/4 we typically use DUDUDU for the eighths.

    In 3/2, the half note gets a beat and the...
  24. Re: Lengthy article on bluegrass in the Guardian (UK)

    The author has an interesting background! I see she is just publishing a book called Wayfaring Stranger. Here are a couple of quotes about her I found.

    “Emma John is a writer and editor on...
  25. Re: Bruno and Sons bowl back restringing question

    I’d go lighter. Something like GHS A240. Ultra light rather than light.
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