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    Re: Can't describe G string tone

    I had a 900 series Eastman which was nice mandolin. That was until I played side by side with my Weber Bitteroot,no comparison. The Eastman sounded like lose change rattling around in your pocket...
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    Re: does it matter that much?

    I think it is more important to learn the songs and the melodies. I got the same advice when I first started to play mandolin. It was more tactful than your advice. Go and enjoy yourself and play the...
  3. Re: Upgrading from my Kentucky KM630s, need suggestions

    As for the Mando shop in Tallahassee. I went there once, it was a very uncomfortable experience. He seemed to be annoyed that I was there. He has nice mandolins but is reluctant to let you play them....
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    Re: A Potentially Touchy Question

    Like many I play a few instruments. The mandolin is a great little instrument but not my best. My best instrument is the bass(electric)and always has been. Sometimes it isn't good to push on a rope...
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    Re: eBay buyer and goods not received

    There was a time when EBay was ripe with seller issues. The buyers were leaving in droves. To stem the tide the came up with the buyers protection plan. This policy IMO is the reason these fraud...
  6. Re: Is there such a thing as a "Mandolin Culture?"

    Just my opinion. I think most people who play the mandolin it wasn't their first choice of instrument. Most of us started playing other instruments before we discovered the mandolin. I don't think...
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    Re: explosion of Collings mandolins

    When I read the title of this post it was a head scratcher. I wasnt sure how a mandolin could explode.
  8. Re: Thinking about getting a traveling/backup mandolin...

    You could due a lot worse than a Eastman 315 and pay a lot more. The 315 is pretty solid mandolin and great back up
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    Re: Kay Mandolin

    Years of answering questions about Mandolins. Mike and Allen have more knowledge about vintage mandolins than most.
  10. Re: when the stars make you drool just like pasta fazool ...

    They certainly don't sing them like they use to either
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    Re: Changes in availability of Weber Instruments

    Bruce Weber IMO setup his Montana shop to make high quality mandolins and give his customers a mandolin that could be just the way THEY wanted it not the other way around. This would also work very...
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    Re: Small band, small venue equipment

    I personally like the the Carvin AG amps. I have played everything you can imagine throught it. There are a few other guys who also use them on the cafe.
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    Re: Mandolins Are For the Birds!

    When I lived in Florida when I would play my violin a Cardinal would peck at the window. I am not sure if he wanted to join in or just tell me he had enough.
  14. Re: Joey Bishop's EM150 for sale -- but there's a catch!

    Joey Bishop did indeed play the mandolin. There are picture of him playing it at the Sands in Las Vegas. He also played it on his TV show, it wouldnt be much of a stretch that he would play the...
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    Re: JBovier A5S tone development

    The 2 Nicks agree whip like a mule.
  16. Re: Craigs List sale and cashiers check - is this a scam

    If you sell on CL list you have to be a little more patient, sales don't happen as quickly as online sources. But it is cash on the barrel head, no shipping and all sales final. Which compared to...
  17. Re: Craigs List sale and cashiers check - is this a scam

    They fish for what ever they can get phone number, email address, your address and bank account numbers. It is sad but there is an entire segment of the population that sit on their rear ends and do...
  18. Re: Craigs List sale and cashiers check - is this a scam

    I sell lots of things on CL and get these all the time from all over the country. Walk away from this one my friend and be assured you will receive more of these in the future.
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    Re: Taterbug Identity Crisis

    Of course they do Allen you have to keep them seperated.
  20. Re: What a difference a couple of hours make -- a day

    As some have mentioned if you over due your practicing it will come back to haunt you later in life. After years of play musical instuments, riding motorcycles and work with my hands I have issues....
  21. Thread: Pancake

    by nickster60

    Re: Pancake

    I have been considering an Army Navy mandolin for awhile. I would like to thank Fatt Dad for the information about the light strings required for these instuments. I never would have known this...
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    Re: Model numbers/letters?

    KM=Kentucky Mandolin LM=Loar Mandolin. Not sure on the Eastman. As for the numbers not all lower end models are created equal the KM-150 is the best deal in mandolins today.
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    Re: Attic/Garage Finds

    You use to to see lots of instuments in yard sales before ebay. Just about everybody today has access to the internet and do some basic research on their instument. That being said sometime people...
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    Re: PayPal fees...

    Years ago there was a guy who wanted to make a few bucks being people to the airport. Being in a Florida at the time there was the potential for this retiree to make some money. He posted a ad in the...
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    Re: PayPal fees...

    Business 101 if you want sell a service or merchandise set the price to cover your expenses. No one likes additional charges, if the person wants the item they will buy it. I skip over ads that have...
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