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  1. Re: David Crosby comments on tuning in Fretboard Journal

    Each to his/her own whether you use an electronic tuner or tuning fork or anything else, but when you do get these audible resonating overtones, it is a real joy to play your instrument.
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    Re: cretan mandolin
  3. Re: MP3 of the Day - Hornpipes by Dagger Gordon from the album Li

    Thanks for putting this up.
    This track is in fact on the CD The Frozen River, rather than Like Father Like Son.
    My CDs are all on Bandcamp and Spotify now.
    Cheers Dagger
  4. Really nice Diptanshu. Much love to you and...

    Really nice Diptanshu. Much love to you and Karie. Dagger and Julie.
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    Re: Farewell To Whiskey origin questions

    I think I maybe did try it years ago. I personally always have porridge with medium ground oatmeal (not rolled oats) every day, with honey. Hangover or not, it gets my day off to a grand start....
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    Re: Just A Nice Journey Back In Time

    Well I didn't expect this. Lovely song, beautifully sung and accompanied. I've always enjoyed Peter's stuff.
  7. Re: Sellerís Remorse - 2008 custom Weber Fern

    You're certainly right there.

    It's good to hear he is alive, but there appear to be private/family issues involved here which perhaps should not be highlighted on a forum such as this. I'd be...
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    Re: To be or not to be (a bluegrass player)

    Medium ground oatmeal (not rolled oats) for me.
  9. Re: Do you take your best or most valuable mandolin to gigs?

    Exactly. Also you can probably do things on a top instrument which are harder on a lesser one. That's partly why you would have it in the first place. It's not just the sound.
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    Re: Fretless mandolin?

    If you want to play maqam Middle Eastern music like an oud player, I can certainly see why you might want a fretless mandolin.

    I did vaguely check into this after I had been on a course at...
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    Re: Playing with three fingers

    I don't play bluegrass and don't use chop chords.

    For most of the tunes you might play in a Irish or Scottish session, you can easily get by not using your pinky.
    For this reason, I like to...
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    Re: Bouzouki tunes for Ali Beag MacLeod

    Happy New Year!

    Nice music Kevin. Good ring off that bouzouki.

    I do remember that Achiltibuie kitchen ceilidh well. I'm afraid your comments about indigenous Gaelic are all too true. Dear Ali...
  13. Re: David Crosby comments on tuning in Fretboard Journal

    As it happens, I play a 10 string mandolin with extra D strings on the bottom (rather than C). I think it does maybe make a difference in the way we're talking about here.

    Incidentally, I saw...
  14. Re: David Crosby comments on tuning in Fretboard Journal

    "when you get it perfect, a lot of overtones appear… harmonics… and the guitar will create notes that you didn’t even play because of that."

    This is the bit I found most interesting.
  15. David Crosby comments on tuning in Fretboard Journal

    David Crosby makes some comments in a Fretboard Journal interview about the 50th anniversary of his album If Only I Could Remember My Name which I found quite interesting.

    I can relate to this, I...
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    Re: Pine, what a tone

    You will enjoy this story about a guitar made from a piece of Scots pine which spent 100 years as a bar shelf in Aberdeen-shire, Scotland. I saw Jenny perform with this guitar quite recently, and I...
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    Re: David Surette has passed.

    So sorry to hear this. I always loved his playing.
    I met him once at his home a long time ago and we were in touch a bit over the years. He was a really nice man. Deepest condolences to Susie and...
  18. Re: Swedish Christmas Youtubes. Moller, Tallroth etc.

    Actually he left Vasen last year. Vasen are now continuing as a duo.
  19. Re: OneMic Series- The David Grisman Quintet

    I thought these performances and indeed the recording needed a bump.
  20. Re: Swedish Christmas Youtubes. Moller, Tallroth etc.

    I always enjoy this Christmas music from Sweden.
  21. Re: Playing chords alongside traditional tunes

    I understand Ashbury to be the house brand of Hobgoblin music shops. I think they are designed by renowned English instrument maker Phil Davidson and made to his specifications in Vietnam. Scayles...
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    Re: Andy Irvine / Paul Brady

    Certainly Paul does a terrific version in this video.
    I must say, Paul looks to be incredibly happy to be doing this music, and seems to be well prepared for it. I wonder how often he plays...
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    Re: Andy Irvine / Paul Brady

    Perth is in Scotland. 26th January.
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    Re: Andy Irvine / Paul Brady

    Magic! Still hoping to see them on their reunion tour. Good to be reminded how good Paul is on mandolin actually.
  25. Re: Playing chords alongside traditional tunes

    Yes, perhaps, but the main thing would be to find someone who would take some time with you, whatever the instrument.

    Outwith the session, you may want to consider whether you ever want to...
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