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    Re: Blue Chips

    Well .… I have few surviving bad habits. And those are the hard on me but cheap on my wallet ones. Currently peanut butter and crackers are leading the pack. So spending in dollars what I used to...
  2. Re: Celebrating The Mandolin Pickers Guide to Bluegrass Improvisa

    I'll bite. Just picked up a copy from Amazon. R/
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    Re: Why keys of B and B flat?

    Yeah …. bottom line is that the world is full of singers that play guitar and own capos. Not to mention 'grass players that love the odd key now and again. Capo cowboys often have little or no clue...
  4. Re: Going out of the country...personal item/carry-on?

    Well .… I decided years ago to spend money on Calton cases and travel with my favored instruments. I bought used cases one or two from this site from classifieds. I have successfully checked guitars...
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    Re: Advice on how to learn sheet music?

    Here is a link to the book Gina Willis recommended. I found it useful as well. R/
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    Re: Old Ebenezer Scrooge format?

    I have often wondered about this. For myself I have decided that it is a significant variation on the melody. But as you are likely to have thought it can be named a four part fiddle tune …… Let's...
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    Re: Transposing tunes composed for horns

    OK people … THIS is the kind of thread I like to run into. Thanks … carry on. R/
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    Re: Improvising

    I believe it is Tiny Moore that is quoted as saying " You're only one fret away from a note that will work". Arpeggios to pentatonic scales to playing the melody to playing the melody and adding or...
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    Re: Missing the bluegrass sound

    Be patient , take some lessons, best in a direct teacher student exchange but sites will work, and do a bunch of listening to your favorite mandolinists . A computer program or device that slows...
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    Re: Pain in Fretting Hand?

    CB, Also keep in mind how you are holding the mandolin. A sharper angle with the headstock higher than the body will relieve some of the tension in your left hand. R/
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    Re: Improvising

    Wow …. You are on the right track. Ultimately improv is an effort to play what you hear in your head and to allow your brain and fingers to connect to the music without conscious thought. I often use...
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    Re: Songwriting

    Are you asking about melody writing? Try recording your noodling to listen to "later". This will allow you to accumulate ideas. Lyrics writing is an entirely different skill set. When you have an...
  13. Re: I know that tune... um... how's it go again?

    One of my favorite musical hero stories involves Mark O'Conner Sam Bush Bela Fleck Tony Rice Mark Schatz and Jerry Douglas. One year at Merlefest this super group started in on Salt Creek and at the...
  14. Re: I know that tune... um... how's it go again?

    Yeah …. The first melody line... sometimes all it takes it the correct kick off. And when you get down to it many of these songs are so similar that you can "cross pollinate" pieces and parts from...
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    Re: What has your mandolin been called?

    I recently played at a church and a very young fellow …. first or second grade came up to me after the set and said" I really like your little guitar". I thanked him, politely corrected him and...
  16. Re: Micing my Farmers Market/Retirement Home Bluegrass band

    It always depends on the venue. One microphone with people moving in and out is best if you can make it work. With seven players I would set up three areas covered by condenser mics. One are for the...
  17. Re: Help! I can't hear the beat when I play a break

    Well the first step toward solving a "problem" is to recognize there is one. Consider approaching your "problem" like this. First listen to a song until you KNOW it. Second play the rhythm until you...
  18. Re: What is the most mandolins you've owned at one time?

    It's just that we all share an Instrumentality . . . . . R/
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    Re: How do you clean your mandolin?

    I use a damp cloth then buff it with a dry one. Once or twice a year I polish it with Dunlop Formula 65. I did go to Walmart and buy a bundle of white washcloths specifically for instrument care. I...
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    Re: Finger exercises?

    Waiting on the physical therapist is really my best advice. If you lack the patience to do so get a soft foam rubber ball or cylinder and gently …. GENTLY … work / squeeze it one finger at a time …....
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    Re: I Don't Know (But I Like It)

    This fellow is a fine player and teacher. The video did elicit a smile. Good music. R/
  22. Re: Question for notation-reading CGDAE-instrument players

    Thanks ….. I have been thinking on a mando-cello purchase. As stated above all three are "legitimate" and I get that. Counting ledger lines for third and above position fiddling makes me a bit crazy...
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    Re: Gibson A Oval Tuning Machines

    Good advice above. Yeah , once the metal is worn from the worm, usually the problem, it is time for a replacement. StewMac gives a good set of measurements on their site if you want to check for...
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    Re: Gibson F5C - Korina back and sides

    Tis a pretty lady surely. When I first looked at the pic my aging gray matter thought " Huh looks kind of like mahogany". Softer wood softer tone ? … I would be tempted to mount a pickup in this...
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    Re: Summer NAMM 2019 Report

    Thanks for the solid reporting and photography. R/
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