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  1. Re: Article: The Mandolin Store Moving to Tennessee

    Got a chance to stop in last week for what will likely be my last visit to TMS-AZ.

    I played two Weber Octaves (the necks are still WAY too big on these things!), a Pono GOM, followed closely by a...
  2. Re: Tom Bedell's TED Talk on sustainable woods for instruments

    Thank you, Mr. Bedell! Wise words.

    I'm liking what I'm seeing coming from up there in the PNW. Along with a conscience in manufacturing TOH are building some nice, nice stuff; Dennis (at the...
  3. Re: Octave Mandoline - where to buy a good one in or around Germa

    A sleeper (not very well-known, internationally) in the Czech Republic is Roman Zajíček and his Rozawood instruments. I have owned two of his OM's and they are world-class. They're not cheap, but...
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    Re: post a video of yourself


    This is mostly to give a look-see at my lovely Arches F4. Born in 2005, I am it's second owner. It's my main player and probably will be for some time to come.

    I really, REALLY hope...
  5. Re: MC Players of Irish Traditional Music - Feedback Wanted From

    This is a great project! We sent it out to all of our seisiun players, as well as those on our Comhaltas mail list.
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    Re: Matsikas Zouks

    LOL! Me too! That's always a bummer part when picking up a bowlback.

    This recent trip to TMS I made it a point to try a few different ways to work around (pun intended!) and get comfortable with...
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    Matsikas Zouks

    I am enjoying learning to play the Irish Zouk at the local ITM sessions.

    I have also always been a fan of Alec Finn and his style on his 3-course Zouk. The DaDannan stuff, and many of his other...
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    Re: 1996 Gilchrist price list

    Was #179 one of the two I had the pleasure of playing at the LT Retreat all those (20?) years ago? Do you still have both of them? Quite the pair they were!
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    Re: Where are the Eastman OMs?

    Dennis & Brian have one at the Mandolin Store. I played it yesterday. It surprised me how well it was built. I figured they'd be bare bones, but this had a great feel to it. I only spent about 5...
  10. Re: Finally! Got My Hands on a Flatiron Zouk! (relocated)

    Good point. Luckily, this one has a truss rod as it needed some tweaking. The action was quite high when I got it.

    Actually, I was still a little worried after 3-4 days of adjusting the truss...
  11. Re: Finally! Got My Hands on a Flatiron Zouk! (relocated)

    Gorgeous! Love the Birdseye. Awesome

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well, thanks! I think(?) ;)
  12. Re: Finally! Got My Hands on a Flatiron Zouk! (relocated)

    Very nice! I'd love to see pics.

    Mine is Koa. It has become my #1 for session playing. It cuts really, really well.
  13. Re: Finally! Got My Hands on a Flatiron Zouk! (relocated)

    Thanks, Fella's! It's really been a fun instrument to play.
  14. Finally! Got My Hands on a Flatiron Zouk! (relocated)

    Transferred from another location...

    My "New-To-Me" Irish Bouzouki, made 30 years ago at a little shop in Bozeman, Montana. ;)

    It's a Flatiron 3K Zouk circa 1988.

    I tuned it to ADAD, started...
  15. Finally! Got My Hands on a Flatiron Zouk!

    My "New-To-Me" Irish Bouzouki, made 30 years ago at a little shop in Bozeman, Montana. ;)

    I tuned it to ADAD, started messing around with it and came up with this little minute-long riff.
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    Re: Arches Update

    Almost 15 years later and I now own this beauty (the F4). I've had it for a few months and am incredibly happy with it.

    As I have said elsewhere, the fit & finish on Chris's mandolins (I own an...
  17. Re: Gibson Mandocello - A Beauty from the 20's

    I could see the staining being a concern just from pics, but it's a non-issue.

    The piece has it's battle-scars just from being around so long, but as for play-ability and tone, it was one of the...
  18. Re: Gibson Mandocello - A Beauty from the 20's

    Thanks for the offer, Jim. I'd love to take you up on it, but unfortunately any funds that would have allowed me to bring this one home are going away next month, right around the 15th.

    They also...
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    Re: Has Gibson stopped making mandolins???


    Actually witnessed this very day at the Mandolin Store; 5 Gibson's: 4 new, 1 used (an amazing Fern!) with more in the back.

    ...and, according to Brian, there are more to come with no...
  20. Gibson Mandocello - A Beauty from the 20's


    I had the opportunity to sit down with this lovely instrument today while hanging with the guys at the Mandolin Store. There were a handful of 'If I had the Means" instruments during...
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    Re: Thile interview

    Their first show at Carnegie this weekend has, among others, Bela Fleck and Edgar Myer as guest performers. I almost set up a whirlwind trip from AZ to attend. ~:>
  22. Re: Joining the Girouard club - commissioned a build!

    Jill! What a creation you have there... starting with your vision and now in your hands, by way of one of the best builders out there. This is what I call a "Fantastic Journey" :-)

    Congrats on...
  23. Re: More light gauges for my mandolin octave

    I just picked up a Flatiron 3K Zouk that was almost impossible to get to a decent, across the board string height set up. I am not sure what the set of strings was that was on it, but the G course...
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    Re: Grisman's New Trio

    The MIM show(s) were this past Saturday. It was a treat to see them.

    Aside from the obvious highlights seen; Danny Barnes played a 1935 Gibson L5 Archtop (predecessor to the Super 400), no P/U,...
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    Re: Grisman's New Trio

    Most certainly looking forward to it.

    The MIM is the new Musical Instrument Museum, in North Phoenix. They have a 250 seat theater that is, arguably, the best sounding room in the surrounding...
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