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  1. We the Kingdom Rocks Freebird, My Girl, Coldplay and Chris Tomlin

    a very cool vibey group of musicians that can cover seemingly anything, lots of fun in this video.
    and i always have trouble telling if its a standard mando or mandola-my ears tell me mandola, and...
  2. sounds great! d

    sounds great!
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    Re: A new Art Deco inspired mandolin

    the fretboard, body, and headstock binding, wow, i bet that was some time consumption and a healthy dose of patience.

    beautiful, unique, and love the open headstock.

  4. absolutely wonderful! d

    absolutely wonderful!

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    Re: Mandolin Orange is now Watchhouse

    well, that was just excellent!
    these two just get better and better

    - - - Updated - - -

    me too, one of my all time favorites
  6. Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile: Tiny Desk

    Aoife O'Donovan joins in at 12:50
  7. Chris Thile & Aoife O'Donovan Lakes of Pontchartrain
  8. Re: Sierra Hull + Sam Bush play baseball + perform "Sugarfoot Rag

    didn't Sam have some sort of cancer as a young man and Bill Monroe gave him the $ to get treatment-or something along that line?

  9. Sierra Hull + Sam Bush play baseball + perform "Sugarfoot Rag
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    Re: Women Builders

    this is neat, scroll down for the video, watch her build a mandolin. plays better without the english translation on my computer(translation slows it down).
  11. Thread: Fern?

    by darylcrisp

    Re: Fern?

    i think this is considered a "fern" inlay on this headstock of this Weber. I have no idea how similar or dis-similar it may be compared to the Gibson, assuming that it is indeed a fern style inlay(i...
  12. totally fun MandoMike lesson for April, "theme from the Godfather

    and the Advanced lesson:
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    Re: Artistworks question

    i've used artistworks yrs ago when it started up, have recently used PegheadNation with Sharon Gilchrist, both excellent, different style of teaching. For me i learned quicker and better with...
  14. Re: Keeping an A Mandolin in place with rug underlayment

    I've found a toneguard works excellent for me in keeping an A style balanced in a classical position and my left hand totally free to fret. The bottom corner rear piece on the guard that holds to the...
  15. Re: looker! natural blonde Collings MT-2 Mandolin Fully Torrefied

    i called it blonde, but its probably considered natural??
    the main thing, i want to hear it........i'd say in a day or two James will post something, he's pretty fast on getting the videos up on...
  16. fun NPR desk concert, shows a nice Kimble and Gibson, and more

    steve martin and his crew, around 3:00 check out the Kimble, then the Gibson on the next tune. i'm staring glassy eyed at the Deering Clawgrass banjo.................

    these guys sound great...
  17. looker! natural blonde Collings MT-2 Mandolin Fully Torrefied

    NFI, just saw this very cool MT2 with a definite vibe-cant wait to hear James post a video of this gem.

  18. Re: anyone play/own instrument from Ian Pattison, canadian luthie

    i did find a website, from the first pictures i saw of the trade offer i envisioned the man had a solid cabinet making background, and it appears so. Sounds like an interesting, diverse, musician...
  19. anyone play/own instrument from Ian Pattison, canadian luthier

    i have an interesting trade offer and the instrument look extremely well crafted. too far away to have hands on, can't find anything on youtube, did find a few articles from canadian events from yrs...
  20. Re: “Redbird” — New Sierra Hull Song (NMC)

    amazing artist, singer, songwriter.
    amazing song.
    amazing guitar!

    nice song to sit, be quiet and listen

    thx for posting this today
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    Re: Frustrated with new Loar 310F

    i know exactly what you are talking about, seems like the TR well is cut so deep and the entry angle for the tool is totally impossible. I have cut down the face/length of the adjustment tool(whether...
  22. John Reischman, Scott Nygaard, and Sharon Gilchrist: Live From Em

    i may have posted this a few years ago but i didnt find it in a search, anyways, here it is and its plenty good enough to watch again. a lot of mandolin from John Reischman and Sharon Gilchrist, and...
  23. 2002 Monteleone Radio Flyer played by Tristan Scroggins

    i like the mandolin, i really like Tristans playing style, and i love the jacket!
    (reminds me of a cool patterned jacket Cody Shuler was in on his album(which is excellent btw)

  24. Second Life Banjo(fretless) 1880, by Carl Arcand

    Second Life Banjo is dedicated to giving a second life in the music world to old and useless broken banjos .

    having been around some instruments thru the past...
  25. Impromptu 5pc Mandolin Jam:Mccoury,Skehan,Jolliff,Hoffman,Bush
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