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  1. Re: Article: Andy Statman Rides the Monroe Bus

    Superb like everything Statman does. Thanks for the posting.
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    Re: Blues, Stomps, & Rags #47

    One of my favorites by Cooder. Simply brilliant.
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    Re: Some Choros recorded by us

    Maybe someone can see about putting copies of some of the out of print stuff mentioned above up on a service like ScribD.
  4. History of Choro streaming on KPTZ.ORG this month! Saturdays 11AM

    KPTZ announces a week-long radio special on the history of Brazil’s Choro music. The show, A Joyful Cry: Brazil’s Choro Music was produced by WFMT Radio Network out of Chicago, and is hosted by...
  5. History of Choro streaming on KPTZ.ORG this month! Saturdays 11AM

    KPTZ.ORG presents "A Joyful Cry – Brazil’s Choro Music" Saturdays at 11 AM PDT (-8GMT) in April. KPTZ announces a replay of the radio special on the history of Brazil’s Choro music. The show, A...
  6. Re: Currently running a tribute to Jacob do Bandolim

    Right you are, the station hasn't updated their certificates for the internet. Sorry about that. I forget that causes problems.
  7. Currently running a tribute to Jacob do Bandolim

    Tune in if you can. Until 9:30AM today.
  8. New Hamilton de Holanda CD - Jacob Bossa

    Wonderful new CD by Hamilton. Features a lot of Jacob reinterpreted by Hamilton using Jacob's last bandolim. The first time it has been played since Jacobs death. If you like choro you likely will...
  9. Registration for 2019 Centrum Choro Workshop Open Now!

    Centrum has just opened the 60+ slots for next April's 10th Annual Choro workshop. Returning back are: Dudu Maia -Bandolim, Jovino Santos Neto - piano, Douglas Lora on 7 string guitar, his brother...
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    Re: Choro guitar method?

    Since I just got asked this question off this older post, the "White Books" referred to above are the Chediak CHORO Songbooks, 1,2,3. If you only can get one, get #1. But all three are great...
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    Re: Strategy to get better

    Good tips frm dadsaster. I've spent time taking lessons with a variety of very good working pros and always ask about their practice techniques. Many of them also took lessons from masters, so if you...
  12. Re: Flatiron Festival F versus a great Collings MT???

    You might want to try and find a Montana original Flatiron Festival F. I have one and it's a monster for playing in bluegrass jams. Very loud and woody. it seems to have a different neck (better)...
  13. Re: Fado: Dudu Maia, Douglas Lora, Irene Atienza

    Thanks for clarifying Jairo. I knew that Irene was Spanish. I do believe that Douglas and her do perform Fado, so I just assumed this song was also Fado. I did wonder why it was in Spanish.
  14. Re: Fado: Dudu Maia, Douglas Lora, Irene Atienza

    By the way, Douglas and Irene apparently have the cuts from a CD on Soundcloud.
  15. Fado: Dudu Maia, Douglas Lora, Irene Atienza

    how to accompany a vocalist. check it out. music starts at 1 minute mark.
    try this link
  16. "A Joyful Cry - Brazil’s Choro Music” Broadcast 4/23-27 KPTZ.ORG

    I'm proud to announce that KPTZ.ORG will be broadcasting the four part (one hour each) radio show called "A Joyful Cry - Brazil's Choro Music" produced by WFMT and Julie Koidon, an author and...
  17. Choro & Samba Workshop in Niteroi/(Rio) Deadline is May 25th!

    Bay Area percussionist Ami Molinelli is putting together a killer choro and samba workshop in late July (yes this year!) in Rio. She has pulled together Rogerio Souza, one of the authors of the...
  18. Re: Songlist for next week (in my dreams)

    Dave, there is a wonderful mandolin version of “My Favorite Things” done by Reischman on the Tony Rice CD “Backwaters”. Might give you some inspiration.
  19. Joel Nascimento & Maurício Carrilho - Evocação de Jacob

    Nice.A master at work with some good closeups of his hands. 1979.
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    Re: Jazz Workshop Performance

    Just logged in for the first time in a while. Nice job on these tunes Tom.
  21. Choro Das 3 honor Jacob's 100th birthday with video

    Very cool video! Interviews with those that knew Jacob in his later years, including Amilton Godoy, who played with him on his famous last concert with Cardosa, where he recorded Chega de Saudade.
  22. Albany NY. Any good music venues for acoustic music?

    A friend is having to be there for a while and she was saying it's just hip/hop and rock. She's looking for a better musical experience. She likes bluegrass, acoustic jazz, choro, etc.
  23. 2018 Centrum Choro Workshop Registration Now Open

    For the 9th year, Centrum has opened the registration to the Choro Workshop! They have brought back the same great team from last year, which includes musical director Dudu Maia on bandolim, Douglas...
  24. Re: Lloyd Loar's Obituary from Fretted Instrument News

    Not sure who is right, but a search shows that Monroe bought the 23 Loar in 1943. If true, it's an interesting twist of fate. One goes out as the other comes in. Little could Loar have imagined.
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    Re: Bill Collings has passed away

    While I would agree that the Bluegrass player may have been a target market, I have played choro, swing and classical on it. A great instrument is just that. While it may not have the particular...
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