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  1. Re: 400-500 to spend on a mandolin for my husband's birthday...

    It may depend on whether he really wants a mandolin. If he does then give him the money and let him go find the right one. Or not.
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    Re: bridge fit changes when tuned

    Much depends on how much the top distorts when under stress. A flexible top is a moving target. I like to make a nice smooth arch in the foot of the bridge that approximates the cross arch of the...
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    Re: Finger plane designs - prototypes etc.

    It takes some time with a palm knob to build the skill to control the cut, so knobs tend to be more useful for some aspects of finger planing but as mentioned they can seem awkward unless one...
  4. Re: large piece of maple for a cylinder backed cittern

    I think some of you guys are thinking the back and sides are made of one piece. This is not the case. The sides are bent and glued to the blocks just as guitars and most other stringed instruments...
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    Re: glue pot on the cheap

    Well, that's got to be the winner. Thermostat and all. Excellent find, and free shipping!

    I use a much cheaper "hot pot" and keep the glue in a heavy bottomed whiskey glass so it doesn't float...
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    Re: Lutz Spruce

    If you know what to look for you can identify sitka spruce as it has some identifying characteristics, but all the other spruces are much more difficult if not impossible to identify in wood form. ...
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    Re: Crack Repair

    It is all too easy to make matters worse by trying to make them better. If your mandolin sounds good then I suggest you play it and let the old crack be. That is an OLD crack with some ancient...
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    Re: Files for bone nuts

    There are nut files available from LIMM (Lutheirs Mercantile), and a few other places like Stewart MacDonald, and most lutheir supply businesses. The most common are Japanese and Swiss. If you are...
  9. Re: Looking for help on a Mandolin business plan

    The world needs competent repair people. I didn't know that when I started my business, so I tried making banjos and mandolins for a living. While I was waiting for them to sell I did repair work,...
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    Re: Waterproofing a chipboard case?

    I assumed Bernie meant the automotive body repair stuff (body filler) as he used lower case for 'bondo', which to me is a generic term for body filler. He will have to clarify what he actually...
  11. Re: How Deep Are Rosette Channels Routed

    A general rule of thumb is no deeper than half the thickness of the top. Less if you can. A lot of the material for this type of operation is about ,040" (1 mm) so in that case about .035", or just...
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    Re: Waterproofing a chipboard case?

    Uuhhh . . . . Bondo cures pretty quickly. Laying out a coat and trying to get fiberglass fabric pressed into it before it cures will most probably just make a big mess. The concept seems good...
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    Re: Resonator mandolin plans and parts

    Only if you put enough structural reinforcement inside. By cutting a big hole in the top for the cone you also remove much of the structural integrity.
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    Re: Luthier in Scranton PA area

    A bit of a drive, but Jeff Hostetter in Red Lion, PA, is the kind of repair facility you are looking for.
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    Re: Case Handle

    Here is the place to find information on vintage cases. Steve Kirtley has really done the homework in this regard, and has made replica cases.
  16. Re: Looking for a supplier of mandolin humbuclers

    I forget where I saw the instrument but someone had used a set of Fender Precision Bass pick ups. That is the bass with two pick ups set in a staggered position. Also, many pick up manufacturers...
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    Re: Questions about "yellowed" binding...

    With buffers and sunburst finishes we can make a lot of stuff look better. Yay!
  18. Re: What kind of quality can I expect from a mandolin kit from SM

    Both the StewMac and Siminoff kits give you enough to make a world class instrument . . . if YOU have the skill. There is plenty of free information and advice out there to get the job done, but if...
  19. Re: Paula's Vintage Kay learning project- Cracks and Separations

    Are there gaps between the plates and the blocks? The visible gap can be filled with a splinter, but if there is a separation between the block(s) and plate(s) they need to be cleaned of old glue...
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    Re: Refretting an Eastman

    Many folks prefer the guitar size fret wire to the small "vintage" style, but either way the mandolin should play well. It's a personal preference.
  21. Re: repairing excessive bridge saddle to threaded post clearance

    I would probably use CA for gluing ebony. It cures to brittle hardness, not 'plasticy', and it blends in very well.

    Old telescoping auto antenna has various sizes of tubing, a bit more sturdy...
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    Re: Kentucky KM 140 collapsed top

    As long as you are going to that much work why not replace the top with a better one. If you're not up to carving a new one you could contact Roger Siminoff. I'm sure he can supply a top already...
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    Re: mandolin volume

    The next one will be better. It usually is, unless you stumble into 'beginner's luck' the first time through the process.
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    Re: pedantic nut material question

    Cut a piece of bone the same width as the slot that is too deep, and glue it into the slot with super glue. When it's dry you can file off the excess material and recut the slot. this time be more...
  25. Re: life changes; one door closes, another opens/hits you in the

    For some of us the journey IS the destination. Many years ago my wife told me that my 'business' (hobby) had to pay for itself as she was unwilling to spend scarce money while she was busy working....
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