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    Re: Troublesome Creek

    In the classifieds...

    Adjustable necks!? :disbelief:

    Pretty nice looking mandolin!

  2. Campanella, Red Diamond, Northfield, Collings experience

    Everything about mandolins is subjective individual preference but decades of posts seem to demonstrate that members love to read and hear others experiences and thoughts on mandolins - so here is my...
  3. Re: NMD - impulse purchase, and an F style to boot

    Congrats on the catch!

    That looks like the Weber model that Jeff Spirko of Southern Gothic uses. Example below. You need to learn some Cajun music now.
  4. NMD - impulse purchase, and an F style to boot

    With both our anniversary and my birthday coming up, and having my wife's approval, had started looking more seriously for my first F style mandolin. Was thinking would wait longer when this one...
  5. Re: A4, A5, F4, F5--what do the numbers mean?

    Gibson Serial Numbers

    What do the Gibson model numbers stand for?

    This information originally appeared on CoMando Listserv.

    A - ovoid mandolins
    B - banjo - also RB - resonator banjo
    C -...
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    Freshgrass video- Everybody's Talkin'

    This is marvelous and probably should go in the video part of the forum, but I figure it will get more views here, and I have a question:
    Who is playing bass here? He...
  7. Easy small modification to Eastman 305 fretboard extension

    It turned out that my "sweetspot" for picking on my Eastman 305 was right over the end of the fretboard extension. Unfortunately, this resulted in a lot of annoying noise from the pick hitting the...
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    "I Will" -- CD preview

    The project is finished recording, should be done with mastering for release next week. Here's the final preview from the project, Paul McCartney's sweet song in solo arrangement. Single mic, Shure...
  9. The waiting begins: order in for Clark Octave

    I don't post here much, but I have read through many of the threads here in CBOM over the last few years as I've been learning about and stoking my interest in octave mandos. I had one brief fling...
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    Trillium longscale mandola demo

    A couple videos with my new Trillium Mandola.

    I've had it about 2 months and it's already my desert island instrument. If I could keep only one, the Trillium would be it.

    Very versatile. ...
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    Re: “Banjo killer”? Wishful thinking?

    Trying to keep this simple and brief...
    The way acoustic stringed instruments work is this: The string moves and transfers energy to the rest of the instrument, especially the top. In general, the...
  12. Leo Kottke on 10-string -- "William Powell"

    I revisited this happy tune that seems to be about a debonair movie star. I'm using a flatpick and emulating Leo Kottke's finger-picking. Recorded with just my Shure KSM 32, this is another preview...
  13. Thread: Ocatjo

    by sbhikes

    Re: Ocatjo

    It doesn't have a strap at all (yet--I have a strap somewhere), but even with a strap, if you are sitting down to play it, it's going to be on your lap. I kind of like it without the resonator but...
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    "Map of music"

    Here's a pretty cool intro to music. I especially appreciate the anthropological perspective and variety of music functions. I have to say the section on "medicinal" or healing practices - where...
  15. A swing tune I wrote called Sunrise Swing with tab.
  16. Eastman MD604 with P/U - Very Excited - Where to start

    Hi all!

    I'm very excited today. I ordered my first mandolin this morning. Expected arrival next friday.

    Suggestions for starting my journey on this, hope to be wonderful relationship with...
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    Re: Developing Finger Independence


    There is some music that you love to listen to. You might use what you’ve already learned to try to figure out a way to play a song you really love. No matter what the ‘genre’ of music. Start...
  18. Joining the Girouard Club with an F Oval hole

    I exchanged emails with Max and have sent a deposit to have him build me one of his Girouard F Concert Master mandolins with an oval hole. It will feature complete binding in triple bound, Waverly...
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    A new OM

    After a decade or so of mostly building mandolins, suddenly I have orders for a couple of OMs and a bouzouki. This one was strung up last week and will be heading off to its owner in the next few...
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    Vintage Russian mandolin

    Hi mando people! Thanks for letting me Join this community! I Just started playing mandolin on this handpainted one. I got this from my grandfather. There is no markings on it. There used to be a tag...
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    Goat Rodeo Tiny (Home) Desk Concert

    I looked around for this on the forum, and didn't see it - so wanted to share. Nicely edited home "concert" by Goat Rodeo on NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts). The music is (of course) amazing, but if you're...
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    Re: Resoldering k&k twin foot?

    Thank you, again everyone. I got everything stripped, tinned, and resoldered. Sealed the rubber covers in with some glue. Put everything back on the mando and it works as good as new.
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    Re: Eastman Mandolin Advice

    Put me in as a vote to play what you have. Then play it more and more.
    If you have a nice mandolin you’re in great shape.

    The mountain isn’t the mandolin, the mountain is playing the mandolin.
  24. New tune I wrote, "Red Winged Blackbird"

    Still a work in progress, and the mandolin was a little stiff that day, but I hope you enjoy it!
  25. New song at the nexus of blues, country, jazz, and rock 'n roll

    From my new album Tofudebeest. I'm not sure what you'd call this style, but it's a bouncy song with tenor guitar, acoustic & electric mandolins.

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