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    Re: Hidden D'Addario Micro Tuners....

    There's a way to use an inline floor pedal tuner with a mic. Back when I was doing gigs, I used DPA 4099 clip-on mic and ran the output to a Sound Devices MP-1, a small battery powered mic preamp...
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    Re: Guitar Body Octave Mandolin for Irish?

    In my view, after having pondered the "place" of an OM for years and playing one, I think it's a wonderful melody instrument for Irish and Scottish trad tunes. But it needs some room to breathe. It...
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    Re: OM fingering

    I play a 22" scale Weber OM, almost exclusively Irish and Scottish trad melody. I use mandolin fingering, which is a stretch, but I'm 6'2" tall with proportionate hand size so it's not too...
  4. Re: Is there a simple drum machine that can be operated with the

    I don't do the Quebecois podohthmy (sp?) thing, but I did experiment for a while with an amplified foot tap in a former duo playing mostly "Celtic" music. I was tapping my foot on the faster tunes...
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    Re: Flatwounds on octave?

    I tried TI guitar flatwounds once on my archtop Weber Yellowstone OM, but I didn't like them. They came off right away. The tone of this instrument is punchy but also a bit "dark," so the high...
  6. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    That is a great podcast, excellent for getting perspectives on The Music from a variety of different angles. Looking forward to this one!
  7. Re: Holding an octave mandolin like a classical guitar

    I play my F-style OM with a strap, neck angled up but not as high as the photo above. Maybe 30 degrees like Bertram above.
  8. Re: Definition of a good mandolin player’s spouse

    I'm fortunate to have a going-on 25 year relationship with another musician.

    We didn't actually sync up musically until around 10 years into that relationship, because I was coming from the world...
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    Re: Favorite Metronome

    I use the optional metronome add-on for the Peterson Stroboplus HD tuner:

    It's way too expensive for what it is -- $30 on top of the price of...
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    Re: Speed of bluegrass... is it just me?

    The Irish fiddler Martin Hayes has made a career out of slowing down and "milking" trad tunes for all they're worth on his duo albums with Dennis Cahill. He can play fast too. He's a member of a...
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    Re: Speed of bluegrass... is it just me?

    I wouldn't say that fast playing lacks expression, but it can make some trade-offs in the available ways to express the music.

    For example, when I hear a good Bluegrass player doing "Fisher's...
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    Re: What's in your case?

    There isn't much room in my Pegasus case, but there's enough room for this:

    * Peterson Strobo-Clip tuner
    * Extra battery for the tuner
    * Spare set of strings
    * Two Blue Chip TAD40-1R picks and...
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    Re: Speed of bluegrass... is it just me?

    Is that true? The roots may be in Appalachian dance music, but I thought Bill Monroe (and cohorts) envisioned it more as stage performance music unrelated to dancing. Which is why there is no natural...
  14. Re: playing technique reason for string spacing and nut width?

    There is one technique I use frequently but not everyone does, which requires the narrower string spacing.

    I play mostly Irish and Scottish trad, where an "A modal" or "E modal" chord can be...
  15. Re: Backing Irish music with guitar after playing mandolin melody

    That's true in my areas as well, out here in the US Pacific Northwest. Good Irish backers on guitar are worth their weight in gold. It's like being a bass player in a rock band, you'll never lack for...
  16. Re: Octave Mandolin/Irish Bouzouki - how to choose first instrume

    That $435 Ashbury Rathlin OM in the video looks interesting, and we could sure use some more affordable (and available) options.

    One thing that worries me a bit though, is I don't see a cover...
  17. Re: Octave Mandolin/Irish Bouzouki - how to choose first instrume

    For many of us, the decision of octave mandolin vs. bouzouki hinges on whether we plan to use the instrument for strummed accompaniment, or for playing melodies, or a mix of both.

    The typically...
  18. Thread: Soundholes

    by foldedpath

    Re: Soundholes

    I played in a trio for a couple of years with myself on mandolin melody along with a very good fiddler, backed by acoustic guitar. I used an F-hole mandolin with a clear and punchy fundamental note,...
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    Re: Octave mandolins are totally addictive

    Totally! I'm playing my Weber Yellowstone F octave mandolin much more under the pandemic lockdown than I did in the Before Times. I was lucky to find this one secondhand, I don't think I could have...
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    Re: Types of Mandolin Collections

    Yeah, but guitar players usually get a pass on that, due to tuning differences and a variety of playing methods that don't exist in the mandolin world. I once visited a guitar player who had a dozen...
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    Re: Types of Mandolin Collections

    That's an interesting point. Maybe just semantics, but I think there's some truth to it. In that respect, I guess there was just one point in my musical life where I had a collection. It was when I...
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    Re: Reading music

    That's certainly something to be aware of. However, if the OP plays pipes, I'm making the (possibly unfounded) assumption that the musical interest will be in similar areas, such as Scottish or Irish...
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    Re: Octave Mandolin (GDAE) vs Mandola (CGDA)

    An octave mandolin would seem to be the obvious choice. However, one warning about OMs in a band context is that in my experience, they don't mix well with a guitar player. The note range overlaps...
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    Re: Hornpipe rhythm

    Just echoing what others have said above, there doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule for hornpipes with regard to a dotted feel, or bounce as I think of it. Some hornpipes seem to "want" a...
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    Re: Sierra Hull on Steven Colbert

    A mumblemouth singer who is lucky enough to catch the current spotlight, backed up by an Ace studio band. 'Twas ever thus.
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