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  1. Re: Starting to study mandolin, where to start?

    In addition to Simon's recommendation for I must say that I've been thoroughly enjoying the book 'Getting Into Jazz Mandolin' by Ted Eschliman (who runs The Four Finger...
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    Re: Mandolin Close Ups

    Since commenting in that other thread I've actually had to raise my bridge a second time. The first adjustment bought me several weeks during the summer/fall transition but after snow started to fall...
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    Re: Good idea / Bad idea ?? Suede back

    I wonder as well. My guess is that it doesn't sound as good as it must have looked on the TV, though lol
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    Re: Action vs clarity

    I think that I just went through something like this on my mando, so I'll take a stab at it.

    About a week ago I noticed that notes played on the E course were a little muted, a little shrill, and...
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    Re: Collings MT2 Review

    I got a mandolin from TMS and for 8-9 months was too terrified to make any adjustments to it. After all, they were known for doing quality setups and, at that time, I knew even less about mandolins...
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    Re: Vulfpeck - Thile appearance

    Dang. And here I had always thought that musicians would be the last group of people to pick on someone for having fun with music.
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    Re: Radius Setting

    12", non-compound
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    Re: Old Gibson A mandolin copy?

    I got curious and ran that ticket price through two different inflation calculators. $22.50 spent in 1975 (just to pick a year) is equal in value to $108-110 US dollars today :crying:
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    Re: A pair of Diamonds

    "I can tell the Queen of Diamonds by the way she shines"

    A great looking pair! Are they as much fun to play as they are to look at?
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    Re: Tascam DR-05 vs Zoom H2N

    One of my favorite Youtube music channels records with a Zoom H2N then touches up the audio in Pro Tools and I think the quality is highly impressive. He's got a couple videos on his channel about...
  11. Re: Electronic tuner: guide, or unquestionable authority?

    Quite an interesting comparison video for the tuners. One thing I was curious about though, is it typical for guitar players to tune down to a note?
  12. Re: What's the diff between Northfield NF5S and F5 models?

    What you're describing not only makes sense but is sometimes referred to as the 'law of diminishing returns' :)
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    Re: I'm buying a Mandolin

    As I'm still a ways off from my first upgrade it is exciting to watch you progress through the phases of mandolin obsession so quickly, CB :grin: Can't wait to hear your first impressions about the...
  14. Re: what size flathead screw for a 1920 F2 pickguard clamp

    I feel like I owe you an apology. I had read the product description only up to "SILVERSMITH contains cyanide" and, having verified that it was the correct product, rushed back here to share the...
  15. Re: what size flathead screw for a 1920 F2 pickguard clamp

    NFI but if you can't place a direct phone order it appears to be in stock at Caswell Plating -...
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    Re: Free Waterloo Mandolin

    Absolutely! I had been eyeing up the Calhoun just because it's more solidly in my price range but I would love the chance to own a Waterloo flat-top. Thanks for the opportunity!
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    Re: for people who don't have deep pockets.

    NFI, but I happen to know that there is a '93 Festival A for sale at Guitar Center right now for $1079. Been keeping an eye on it for a few weeks now but I'm really not in a position to take...
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    Re: Eastman MD-305

    Based on your recommendation of the EXP74CMs I just strung my MD305 up with the G and D strings from a pack of EJ74s and the A and E strings from a pack of EJ75s last night so that I'd have the same...
  19. Re: Strap attachment - A style, no body button

    I've got an MD-305 and have been tying the strap between the nut and the lowest tuners. At first I was worried that the strap-tie might push up on the strings and pop them out of the slots in the nut...
  20. Thread: ToneRite

    by WaxwellHaus

    Re: ToneRite

    Along those same lines I remember reading somewhere that Mark Twain hated smoking fresh corn cob pipes so much that he would find a local who was down on their luck and then pay them to break in his...
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    Re: Learning Video's

    If you're at all interested in purchasing standalone video lessons rather than (or in addition to) continuous subscription services there's a handy spot up at the top of the Mandolin Cafe page...
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    Re: How Much Better Does It Get

    Just an additional point for consideration:

    When my MD305 first arrived (and for ~3 months after) I was also pretty dismayed about the fretting difficulty. I sort of had it in my head that a...
  23. Re: Finished Notation for the Tab Addicted Mandolinsit Now What?

    I second Louise's recommendation to acquire a copy of 'The Complete Mandolinist' by Marilynn Mair.

    The whole 224-page book is written in standard notation (beginning from teaching people to hold...
  24. Roots of American Music Bluegrass Jam - Cleveland, Ohio

    Roots of American Music presents a Bluegrass Jam at the Beachland Ballroom.

    A free jam open to all levels of pickers. Bar and kitchen will be open for service during the jam, observers are...
  25. Do you ever sing the notes of a tune while you play it?

    I've been trying something out in my practice sessions where I try to match my voice to the pitch of the tune I'm playing and 'sing' the notes over top of my picking.

    Anybody else ever try this...
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