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    Re: Intro to Tenor Builders

    Not much experience with other builds but I'm having a blast with my Fletcher Tenortone, very responsive. I've got the JD1S.
  2. This would be just the perfect new instrument for...

    This would be just the perfect new instrument for me. Thanks to the Cafe and the Mando Store for sponsoring the giveaway. Good luck to everybody; somebody is going to be real happy.
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    Re: Character over practice?

    Good technique will never get in your way.
  4. Re: Why popular hit songs are rare in mandolin?

    I always thought that the mandolin chop chord would find a home in reggae's 2 and 4, seems natural.
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    Re: Getting into Jazz Tenor Guitar?

    I would buy this. Spiral bound would be a plus, and CGDA tuning would be preferred; although, I transpose everything I learn from CGDA to GDAE and vice versa. BTW, I do like your Getting into Jazz...
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    Re: Left Handed Hogwash?

    Equal rights for lefties.
  7. Re: Post in this thread, get a chance to win a Cafe ball cap

    Thanks, this is my favorite website.
  8. Re: Changing my tailpiece....anything I'm missing?

    As well as marking where the bridge goes for intonation, I would also recommend marking the orientation of the bridge feet in relation to the mandolin, in case the saddle slides off the bridge base...
  9. Re: Playing mandolin at the top of a crane or the top of a bridge

    Interesting technique, a lefty playing an right handed mandolin up side down. Must make for some interesting chord shapes.
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    Re: John Schofield Mandolins

    I don't know if it is the same mandolin as the OP was writing about, but I 'won' a lefty Schofield on ebay around that time. A wonderful instrument, F style, with clear bell like tone. Triple side...
  11. Re: If you DIDN'T win the MT, what was your actual entry?

    Never Again III
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    Re: Free V-Picks - Right Here

    What great timing! Having tried the "S" the "T" and the "U" picks, I'm ready.
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    Re: R L Givens

    Greetings, I have # 233, an A style. This one is currently left handed but side markers on both sides of the neck indicate it was probably a righty to begin with. Single bound body and fretboard,...
  14. Re: Free Matt Flinner CDs - 100th Music du Jour performance

    Count me in, please. My thanks to MC and MF.
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    First Post and lefty mando tasting

    Thank you MC, you are my favorite website. Thank you for all the free and vital info. Thank you for taking the time to create this wonderful resource. I've learned so much here about mandolins. I'm a...
  16. Sticky: Re: Invitation for users to use their real name

    hi, first post, Thank You

    please change oldmandola to Rick Purcell
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