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  1. Re: F5's from $3000-5000 worth considering - Sept '19

    The Buckeye built by Pete Hart. He will customize according to your requests. Usually builds about 5 per year, over the winter. Consistently great mandolins for the price.
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    Re: Favorite Acoustic Amps?

    There's a Loudbox Mini posted in the Classifieds today

    I've had a regular Loudbox, which I liked a lot.

    You might also look at Roland amps; they have a variety of sizes, wattage, features,...
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    Re: Tunes that improve technique

    Big John McNeill
    Big Sciota
    Molly Bloom
    Blackberry Blossom (playing the A part on the E strings)

    The other thing you could try is playing tunes without using your index finger. Somebody told me...
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    Re: Using effects with the mandolin

    Glad to see this! I've recently been experimenting with effects pedals, on both acoustic and electric mandos. I've collected several pedals - compression/sustain, overdrive, octave doubler, and my...
  5. Thinking about getting an octave mandolin.

    I'm in the pre-contemplation stage of looking for an octave mandolin. I'm sure there is a wide range of quality and price, but I know very little about who makes entry level, mid-level, and the ones...
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    Re: National RM-1 Resonator Mandolin

    Thanks, everyone. It seems unanimous. I'll pass your opinions on to my wife - I'm sure she will insist that I get one immediately. :))

    By the way, Marty Jacobson, I checked Maple Street, and they...
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    Re: Suggestions for trip to Nashville?

    I'd suggest dropping by Cotten Music. They have a new location in the general neighborhood of the Station Inn (known as 'The Gulch', and a really cool part of town, I am told); you can find the exact...
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    Benefit of Mandolin Cafe cap

    I was recently in Paris, wearing my fashionable et tres chic new black Mandolin Café ballcap. My wife and I dropped in to Shakespeare's Bookstore near the Cluny Museum - they have a lot of...
  9. Just picked up a Buckeye, would like to know other Buckeye owners

    Three weeks ago, my wife and I just drove up to Guysville, OH from Atlanta to meet Pete Hart, and to pick up the mandolin he built for me over the past year.

    First of all, let me say what a good...
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