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  1. Re: What mandolin recordings are definitive to evolving its role?

    The first album by the Irish band Planxty - with its innovative use of mandolin type instruments by Andy Irvine and bouzouki by Donal Lunny - changed EVERYTHING in Irish music, and subsequently had...
  2. David Grisman & Stéphane Grappelli - The First Session

    Just picked this up from Acoustic Disc. What a joy! First/second/third... takes of Minor Swing, 16-16, Dawg Patch, with Tony Rice, Mike Marshall, Eddie Gomez. Takes the listener right back to when...
  3. UK Music Lovers: Reischman UK Tour May 1-12

    Don't miss this, mandolin players in the UK. I just saw John Reischman and the Jaybirds and they are an incredible band. John's playing just knocks me out. Tone taste timing. You'll enjoy their new...
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    Re: Double Stop Fiddle Shop Lost to Fire

    Hang on to your hats for this bit of news. What I'm told is Byron and his crew are going to post and confirm this on the web as well, where I don't know but I'd guess on Facebook:

    Byron's Loar was...
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    Re: If You Had A Gibson Lloyd Loar Mandolin

    OK gang. “Crusher” (signed by Lloyd on 12/20/22) came my way in the fall of 1989, a day before I played at Carnegie Hall with Stephane Grappelli. The mandolin was in perfect, near mint condition and...
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    An open letter to Classifieds users

    I'm typically not one to engage in open letters to the community, but something has been gnawing at my brain for a very long time. A few days ago I was contacted by a buyer with a question regarding...
  7. Re: Replace Tailpiece on Gibson A2 with a James?

    Can you change the tailpiece? Sure. Will it improve the tone? Probably as much as changing to a different strap would. I hope you'll hear a difference if you do it because I hate to see folks spend...
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    Re: Left Handed Hogwash?

    Are you right or left handed? If righty then try to do something left handed and you'll see.
  9. Re: Tim O'Brien on Marty Stuart Show (fiddle)

    I've watched this video multiple times and it moves me every time. It's a great tune, and Tim O's rendition is soul stirring to say the least (the man is a certifiable national treasure in my book). ...
  10. Thread: Pick thickness.

    by sblock

    Re: Pick thickness.

    Actually, yes, there is a difference.

    Here's some chemistry, for all you chemistry-lovers. Or for all you fans of "silly pedantic arguments!" :grin:

    "Celluloid" plastic is chemically...
  11. Re: What Is Your Ultimate Goal? Improv Mastery?

    "Mastery" is a relative term (because it something always just out-of-reach).

    If you start believing the word applies to yourself, you've started buying your own "publicity."
  12. Re: Not "Wagon Wheel" again - are there other popular band songs?

    Jams where certain songs are banned seem odd to me; if someone had suggested Foggy Mountain Breakdown or Rocky Top, would the answer have been the same? I resurrected Fox On the Run at a join-in...
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    Re: Chris Thile on Jimmy Fallon

    read the entire thread
    watched the link in its entirety
    was extra critical in observation after the above comments

    I liked it
    tight vocals
    not a bad set background either

    I don't...
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    Re: Chris Thile on Jimmy Fallon

    I know a lot of mandolin players on the planet. I know a lot of people that have played with Chris. I know a lot of people that have done business with him. I know the people well that have...
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    Re: Is a Gibson F5G a "Professional" Instrument?

    And here's the reason some boys started taping over the name.
  16. Re: Is a Gibson F5G a "Professional" Instrument?

    I've played professionally on a $25 Strad-O-Lin. It's the player who's professional, not the instrument.

    That being said, an F-5G is a very good mandolin and can hold its own in most playing...
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    Re: Living on his fathers name

    Well, I agree with all of the comments above, but put yourself in the place of these folks. If you grew up with all of the expectations heaped on you that these folks had, wouldn't you feel like you...
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    Re: A request for helping Tony Rice

    His playing has often been described as superhuman, and with good reason. In his book, someone describes how he would not let little things like the the inability of a normal human being to play like...
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    Re: Piano in Bluegrass (Blasphemy!)

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Osborne Brothers. Or, New Grange with Philip Aaberg on piano - listen to their Sally Ann!

    Listening to the first two songs by Skaggs and Hornsby, I'm struck...
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