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  1. Re: Canadian sparrows are ditching traditional songs for a new tu

    Hi Ranald, I tried to employ the unusual strategy on July 1 of going into Ottawa that day to avoid traffic congestion ;/=. Didn’t work cause I forgot the keys to the place I was checking on and gave...
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    Re: New Brian Dean LaBraid 10-string

    Wow....I have to look this guy up. (I spend a lot of time in Sydney.) Thanks for the pics and sound clip.
  3. Re: Looking to upgrade from first, but Eastman?

    JeffD...can’t argue with pure poetry!

    It’s really hard to guess what you will end up liking, or not, in the sub 1k range, (which is the only range I’ve ever been in, till today, bit 5hats another...
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    Re: a strange mandolin

    That bridge looks to me like it should be about 2.5cm closer to the tailpiece. There isn’t enough room, even with the short fingerboard, for comfortable picking as it is shown. Typically there...
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    Re: Favorite A style mandolin?

    Gibson A-9 is a pretty good buy and in your price range. Has the advantage of modern feel, which to me means firstly a radiused fingerboard, truss rod, and not the maintenance responsibilities of a...
  6. Re: Mandolin Recommendations - Beginner to Intermediate

    Well Mr Redbeard, if you’re interested in the thoughts of a bearded old forestry tech/mando guy, I think you’re onto something when you consider the mid-range Eastmans. A body/f-holes: The 505 is a...
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    Re: Dreaming of a Great A5 under $6000

    Oliver Apitius makes some A’s. I Haven’t had the pleasure...has anyone else? They’re in your range I’d say.
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    Re: Am I being to Critical on New Mandolin

    I would submit that there’s something significant missing in your assessment process.

    How does it play? How does it feel and sound? That is what matters.

    If you haven’t learned to play yet,...
  9. Re: Its All Over Now Baby Blue on Octave Mando

    As I threatened, here’s my version of Andy Irvine’s classic “O’Donaghue’s”. I got obsessed with this song, and the life it portrays, after seeing Andy perform it in Louisbourg NS last summer. I...
  10. Re: Its All Over Now Baby Blue on Octave Mando

    Thanks! I’ve been listening a lot to Andy Irvine, the master of melodic bouzouki accompaniment. In fact I recorded one of his songs recently on youtube, I’ll post the link shortly.

    It’s always...
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    Re: The Best of times; the worst of times.

    Thanks for your contributions, Phil. Best wishes from Canada.
  12. Its All Over Now Baby Blue on Octave Mando

    Lately I’ve been working up more and more of my repertoire on the octave mando, switching songs from guitar and tenor banjo backup. It’s a stock Trinity College which I’ve beeen neglecting for...
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    Re: Newbie: Which electric-acoustic to buy?

    My 5.05 cents: The difference between Eastman numbers is not “bling”—Eastman don’t do bling. It is very quantifiable hardware, finish and wood selection, plus available additional features that start...
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    Re: A Newcomer to Mandolin Asks the Experts

    Picking techniques to pursue...
    Make a habit of, instead of playing simple open-string notes, playing the same notes as unisons (7th fret and open string, played across two courses), whenever the...
  15. Re: Can anyone please share some thoughts on the Eastman MD515CC?

    If you prefer the scroll and can afford to indulge in it in the first place, go ahead. The extra price is reflected in the resale value should you come to that later.

    I finally upgraded the...
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    Re: Eastman - back/neck separation

    What year and what kind of strings?

    I’m somewhat startled by this. Never seen a separation like that on an Eastman. My 2009 505 has been with me over 10 years, rather casually cared for, spends...
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    Re: tunes for electric mandolin

    For that good ol’ Celtic Rock groove...mandostrat with auto-wah, slight delay and not sure what else...
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    Re: Last Mando standing, How to choose?

    I’d keep the Eastie 505 of course. Value to me vs value-in-cash is like a 4-1 ratio.

    I went through this about 15 years ago when broke after going back to school for a year. Didn’t sell any...
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    Re: Thinking of buying a second mandolin

    The thing about the Eastman 300 series is that the hardware is cheaper than on the higher-number Eastmans, and (call it a hunch) you will likely find yourself pretty soon spending hundreds more...
  20. Re: Which of these two Mandolins would be better?

    In some ways I actually like that Portuguese job, for the larger body, (= more sound) but I don’t think the build quality is there at that price and the soundhole looks pretty small. Looking further...
  21. Re: Buying myself my first mandolin for my 30th. Need help

    I have an S8, it’s kind of cool but not getting much play these days. Good for travel, under-desk at work, that kind of thing. I paid $370 Cdn new, frankly I think you could do better for 500Euro and...
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    Re: Vega cylinderback info

    Vega serial number throwdown alert! I do so love this site!
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    Re: Looking for beginner oval Mandolin

    Those guys are both playing Eastmans and they both look stock to me. Nice sound. The impression I get is that they are standard tuned but I cant be sure without venturing off the couch so...
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    Re: Informal Poll

    That would be about $14K Cdn plus a couple more K in taxes and cross-border shipping expenses.

    Gee, I should really make the acquaintance of a certain Mr Apitius.

    I have yet to ever pay more...
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    Re: Does this octave mandolin...

    Hey, no ribbing of my mate Tom! He’s 100% musical muscle!
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