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    Re: Speed neck recommendation

    Some use nothing at all. I have always used my concoction of equal parts pure tung oil, polyurethane varnish, and mineral spirits; applied several times over a week or so. First rubbed in with 400...
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    Re: How to inlay my logo

    No, it won't tarnish; it just gets more beautiful the older it gets. I love the look on turn of the century banjo headstocks. While you're at it, it would be easy to incorporate a line a few mm in...
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    Re: How to inlay my logo

    You might shoot an email to one of my neighbors up here, Harvey Leach [] and show him your design. He can CNC these for you very reasonably.
    Alternatively, it might look nice...
  4. Re: Has anyone ever heard of Country Roads brand mandolins ?

    Ah. I thought it was older.
  5. Re: Grand daughter is a Lefty - Help needed converting RH to LH

    Speaking from the point of view of a left-handed person who plays in the so-called right handed manner, I'd ask you if she were interested in piano would you look for a left-handed one?
    Both hands...
  6. Re: Has anyone ever heard of Country Roads brand mandolins ?

    That's a name I haven't come across, but lots of identical instruments used to show up regularly with many different names on the headstock. Just depended on which importer ordered them. Japanese or...
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    Re: Pick up removal

    Other questions, Lane: Besides the type of pickup, is the jack mounted through the tailpiece, where the original endpin had been? If so the hole in the tailpiece has been enlarged (along with the...
  8. Re: Sunburst practice/test - What happened here?

    When I spray the first coat of a sunburst, usually a gold-yellow, I use about a 50/50 mixture of my French Polish preparation I have on hand and pure alcohol into which I add the color. This...
  9. Re: needing help with using leather dyes on a finish. and help?

    A wash coat of shellac, wiped on, is often used for just this purpose. It will soak into the endgrain areas which also tend to absorb the most color, so helps to even things out.
    Again, practice on...
  10. Re: needing help with using leather dyes on a finish. and help?

    The most important suggestion I can think of is to practice on other pieces of wood to refine your technique. Spruce is particularly easy to achieve a blotchy stain job on.
    You might consider a...
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    Re: Satin-nickel plating?

    That's not correct. Plating, nickel or otherwise, just replicates the surface quality beneath. If you want high gloss, the metal must be highly polished before plating. If you want satin, the metal...
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    Re: Ibanez M522 top collapsing

    Can we see some photos that show what indicates the top sinking?
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    Re: Olive oil staining on top?

    There used to be [maybe still is] a product for removing a greasy spot from, say, a tie. It was in an aerosol can and basically consisted of a solvent and baby powder. After spraying it on, the...
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    Re: How To File A Fret

    First make sure the 12th fret isn't loose. Tap on it with a small metal object. The frets should all make a clear "tink". If 12, especially at the end, makes a hollow "tunk" it's loose, and shouldn't...
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    Re: Eastman MD515 tailpiece replacement

    Get a better tailpiece, plug the holes and redrill.
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    Re: Cracked banjo headstock

    The worry is not that it will eventually "get bad enough", but that a relatively minor shock could easily snap the headstock clean off. It will never be less expensive to fix than now, if you are...
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    Re: Cracked banjo headstock

    If as you say this crack is unchanged over several years, I assume it starts at the nut and goes down toward the first fret and the back of the neck. Thus, string tension is holding it shut. My...
  18. Re: How to fix a bowed neck on classical guitar or ukulele ?

    Uke necks are typically parallel to the soundboard. If it buzzes up at the heel now you will have to raise the saddle when the neck is straightened.
  19. Re: How to fix a bowed neck on classical guitar or ukulele ?

    But it couldn't hurt, right?
    I can tell you that old celluloid can react dramatically to heat.
  20. Re: How to fix a bowed neck on classical guitar or ukulele ?

    If this is an inexpensive instrument you could try heat-straightening the neck. Basically you cook the neck and clamp it into a mild backbow until it cools. It may help to utter magic incantations...
  21. Thread: Harp guy?

    by Greg Mirken

    Re: Harp guy?

    Are we talking about a pedal harp or a lever [Irish type] instrument? It's crazy expensive to ship harps.
    What is your level of repair experience? I have done lots of work on Irish harps, and much...
  22. Re: Glue for lose binding on finished instrument

    Unless I’m missing some secret ingredient, according to their data sheet it looks like garden-variety PVA glue to me.
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    Re: Set Up on an Ibanez MS-10

    You don’t need a notched straightedge. It’s the frets you care about, not the board. A machinist’s rule will work perfectly.
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    Re: Zero Glide Nut System

    I'm prejudiced against zero frets, for reasons I'll explain in a moment, but first here's a question, since I haven't researched the Zeroglide dealies: How is the zero fret the same height as all...
  25. Re: Question on end pin 1/4 jack placement

    Drill, baby, drill! If this were an old L5, I'd say ooh, bad idea. But it's not.
    What pickup are you considering?
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