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  1. Re: Confused about a spirit varnish over a sunburst on first mand

    Thank you Steve, Andrew, and Adrian for sharing your experience. Much appreciated! I'll post photos/clip when I'm done.
  2. Confused about a spirit varnish over a sunburst on first mandolin

    I finished my first scratch build F5 and put a hand rubbed sunburst finish on it using Stew Mac colorTone stains (#5030, #5032, #5034). Mixed them with distilled water. Applied them with satisfactory...
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    I finished my first scratch build F5 this week.I kept it in the white for a rather long time because I didn't want to be without a mandolin to play. I've been playing guitar for about 30 years and I...
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    Re: Al Carruth scraper - Sharpening

    I've been using them for a couple of years. I bought the large bean shaped one and then about a year ago I got the rectangular one and then the small one. I did buy the Stew Mac mini grinder. I love...
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    Mandolin Builders output?

    I was wondering about the relative numbers of mandolins a builder may make in a career. Has anyone compiled a list of their output? I noticed a builder such as the highly regarded McClanahan, who has...
  6. F5 fretboard extension problem area?

    I was wondering how frequent the fingerboard extension fails. "Fails" meaning coming loose, cracking, separating from the ivoroid binding between the riser block. Thanks.
  7. Re: What was your biggest challenge in making an F style mandolin

    Beautiful work on your website, John. Yep, getting compensated for one's effort is a lifelong battle. I'm a photographer by day. Since "everyone's a photographer" these days, my work is completely...
  8. What was your biggest challenge in making an F style mandolin?

    I've been working on my first F-style mandolin build. 5 weeks into it, about a month to go.There are many interesting things I have learned so far. I was curious about what the range of different...
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    Reducing chrome Grover F tuner shine.

    Has anyone been unhappy with the shine on chrome Grover F tuners (#309fn)? Wondering if anyone experimented with ways to cut the shine with a soilution of some kind.
  10. Couple of Mandolin F Build questions

    Hi All,

    I'm working away on my first F build and was wondering if anyone has any process/sequence advice on adding dovetailed bone points? I've seen a few comments on the interweb about installing...
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    Re: Carbon Fiber Straight D tube?

    Thanks, Hogo. I meant this was my first mandolin build, not my first build. I have many years as a woodworker and 6 as a guitar builder. But I hear you.
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    Re: Carbon Fiber Straight D tube?

    Thanks everyone for your comments, and the explanations of the mechanics behind the engineering principles. I know it's an expensive truss rod ($75). I'm intrigued, but will think about it. I like...
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    Carbon Fiber Straight D tube?

    Hi all,

    I'm new here. I'm building an F5 and was thinking about using a CF truss rod. I came across this and think it looks promising. Was wondering if anyone here has used one and what your...
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    Re: String spacing

    This may also be helpful - works for mandolins as well as guitars:

    From StewMac: "The problem is: if you...
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