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    Guilty - Aaron Weinstein

    I suggested to Aaron awhile back this might be a good tune to learn some day. One of my all-time favorite jazz numbers. I love what he did with it, hope you enjoy! Thank you, Aaron.

  2. Re: Mike Compton+Norman Blake Live performance video Gallop t Geo

    The video's source may have blocked the 'sharing' of the video.
    But you can go to youtube and see it there.
  3. Re: Mike Compton+Norman Blake Live performance video Gallop t Geo

    Use the video insert command if you're using the full web address. If you're using the YouTube insert tool it requires only the identifying video letters/numbers. More info on that here.
  4. 1923 Gibson Mandolin Production Estimate - By Model

    To the best of my knowledge there are no surviving Gibson factory documents with production totals for the year 1923. I have produced the following estimated production, using my own private serial...
  5. Michael Daves and Tony Trischka featuring Jen Larson - live!

    Hello all,

    We at Retrofret Vintage Guitars in Brooklyn, NY are having a special show this upcoming Sunday, November 10th from 2 to 3 pm! It will be an intimate musical gathering with three...
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    Re: Gruhn Snakehead? what do we have here?

    From the Forum posting guidelines:

    - Refrain from using the forum as a point of purchasing or selling items or for the purpose of discussing or linking to items you are selling. Please limit...
  7. Re: Did you catch the Ken Burns Country Music series opening?

    My only disappointments have been not seeing Homer and Jethro and minimal mention of the Delmore Brothers. I believe it was Hank Williams said "You have not made it in Nashville till your song has...
  8. Re: Musical Instruments To Be Exempt From Restrictions

    Sonowood is an interesting alternative. It's not torrefied, it's maple or spruce crushed under huge pressures and temperature treated to get the desired color. Kind of torrefied, but also...
  9. Re: Sellerís Remorse - 2008 custom Weber Fern

    I just sent you the data on it including the only two people who replied to your ad. Interestingly, only 390 total ads in the Classifieds in early 2010.
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    New five course mandocello

    A five course mandocello (with added high e string). Carved sitka soundboard, Australian blackwood body and mahogany neck. 25" scale, 14" wide body, 3" deep and slightly deeper at the tail. CF...
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    Mandolin art (drawing)

    I did this piece a few years ago and recently ran across it. Thought someone here might enjoy it as a desktop background or something. Pretty sure this is an old painting or photo I saw and...
  12. Re: Disappointed with the Nashville music scene

    The best bluegrass you're gonna find in Nashville (outside of a killer Station Inn show) is every Wednesday night at American Legion Post 82 in East Nash. Great stuff

    They do fantastic old-school...
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    Re: Tone right

    In 2008, everyone was playing Mumford & Sons.
    The music was so boring, everyone's mandolins went to sleep, hence the need for Tone-Rites to wake them up.
    It was something of an epidemic. Play...
  14. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    I recall Martin going in a diametrically opposite direction in supporting Dick Boak and others in forming the Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (ASIA). At the first symposium held in 1988...
  15. Re: -If you could have any mandolin in the worldÖ.

    I recently got a mandolin, that as it turns out, I had tried to buy two other previous times either to not get the deal done or to miss it by a couple of days.

  16. Thread: deflection jig

    by HoGo

    Re: deflection jig

    I think here are very few builders who use this here on MC. I once was considering botching up something like this from all tha scrap laying around but never got beyond thinking.
    How are you holding...
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    Frank Tate Article

    Very nice article on Frank Tate, luthier based in Dublin.
  18. Jeena Jeena, Hindi song for mandolin from the Bollywood film

    Hi Guys, here's something different! :)
    It's a song from a Hindi film, I've written up mandolin tab on WITH GUITAR chords too. And the score can be slowed down to practice tremolo....
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    Re: What makes Chop?

    Pork or Lamb?

    I know, to my corner!:grin:
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    Re: Gibson Teens Serial Numbers

    It's never safe to assume anything when it comes to Gibson, so we need to keep in mind the actual evidence. We have serial numbers, we have the dated Loar labels, we have FONS and we have the actual...
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    Hal Blaine - RIP

    According Hal Blaine's FB:

    Sad to hear of his passing. He played some amazing drums on tour with the David Grisman Quintet. And played on so many of the songs that you know and love from Jazz to...
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    Re: Gibson Teens Serial Numbers

    The number chart was NOT created by any website. I believe the information originated with Julius Bellson. It may have been published by Roger Siminoff in Pickin' magazine in the 1980s. It was...
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    Re: R.I.P. Mac Wiseman

    THANKS for weighing in on the first/second generation question. It doesn't have to be a digression from celebrating Mac's life, in fact it came up as I was writing an obit for him, and I appreciate...
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    Re: Gift for Mentor?

    Gryphon strings has some great mando peg winders, made by a guy that works there, from vintage pens caps, in the frank ford menu. Imho, they are, “franks corner”.


    Fwiw, i...
  25. Thread: Fickle Fingers

    by Ken

    Re: Fickle Fingers
    First link didn't work, try copying and pasting this.
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