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  1. Re: Cheap Mandolins With Hideous Scrolls !

    That's an expensive ugly scroll !!!! I'm going clam hunting. Ever notice that some clams are sweeter then others ?
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    Re: Chinese made mandolins (Northfield?)

    <Violates forum posting guidelines. No further warnings>
  3. Cheap Mandolins With Hideous Scrolls !

    :)) I've seen some ugly scrolls in the past but nothing like this. You can own one for $169.95 with free shipping. They are currently on back order due to the high demand to have <inflammatory,...
  4. Re: Low Cost Beater F Mandolin That's Really Good And My Review

    I really like it as a campfire beater mandolin. As I play it in, it gets better and better. I put some D'Addario EJ74 strings on it and it's really sounding very decent. Time to light the camp fire...
  5. Low Cost Beater F Mandolin That's Really Good And My Review

    Visited a instrument store a few weeks ago to pick up mandolin strings and of course I had to check out the mandolins on display and actually found a very decent F mandolin that's inexpensive and not...
  6. Re: When did you realize mandolin was your primary instrument?

    I was a Fiddle/Violin player for over 30 years and had to retire because of a shoulder injury. Mandolin was an easy crossover because the fingering and tuning is the same and is much more ergonomic...
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