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    Re: Refinishing the top: pros and cons

    I chose a middle-ground option with a 1913 A that had been completely stripped and random hippie sanded. I wanted it to go from nasty dull brown to “well loved” pumpkin. I also had to re-color the...
  2. Re: Is there an ideal Radius Setting for mandolins?

    I wouldn't say there's one widely accepted standard but I just did some research from "modern" makers and found this interesting:

    Northfield talks about their A5 Special: "Fingerboard Material /...
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    Re: Tenor ukulele for a CBOM player?

    I built a StewMac tenor uke kit last year and, for various reasons, it hasn't gotten much play time. I tuned it in "fifths" last night, but with the caveat that the fourth string is still higher than...
  4. Finally -- the album we didn't know we were...

    Finally -- the album we didn't know we were waiting for!
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    Re: Where Sitka spruce grows

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but in the picture of guitars hanging in the finishing booth.... are all those tops flatsawn? I don't see a single piece of anything resembled quartered wood. What...
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    Re: $1000.00? Mandolin

    I'm about 20 minutes from there. Maybe I should see if he'll take a trade for my Eastman (although I'm not sure how that white would look under stage lights... front-row listeners might be blinded).
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    Re: what is the best selling mandolin.

    You’re right, there has been a noticeable uptick in SA recs lately! I still don’t see many in the wild though. I think the cafe might be more clued into them. But Collings probably makes 20x more per...
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    Re: what is the best selling mandolin.

    Not that ridiculous of a question. Yeah there are too many individual models for a true consensus. But what about “most recommended”? My money is on a Collings A style. Every time somebody asks what...
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    Re: Silk and Steel Strings?

    I have a set on my Eastman 515 right now. I have to say, I don't love them. They are slightly easier on the fingers, but it seems like they rob my mandolin of its mids. They sound a little bit like...
  10. Re: IV A Style Mandolin Build - Back plate question

    Would it be possible to add bracing to a too-thin back in order to strengthen it and add mass? I realize it would be unconventional for a carved instrument, but this seems extreme anyway (almost 50%...
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    Re: Gruhn's and/ Carter's?

    The new Gruhn's does indeed have the upstairs room. I went to pick up my Martin from some extensive repair work, and ended up spending over an hour with George. We played several high-end mandolins...
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    Re: Mandolins on Gibson web site?

    I think he means he will also treat Gibson mandolins as an afterthought (to the alternative high-quality builders).
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    Re: Remove Frets & Scoop

    When you say playing up the neck, are you referring to fretting notes, or actually picking/strumming over the end of the fretboard? That mandolin and many other Eastman (and other major brands)...
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    Re: Any arguments AGAINST MAS?

    In my experience, teachers can be really good at spending their students' money. When I was studying saxophone in college, I was essentially forced to buy a professional instrument to remain in the...
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    Re: Intentionally Imperfect Tuning

    For perfect intonation in chording, the major third should be about ~13 cents flat if I recall correctly. On a banjo, the B is the major thirds of the open G chord so that makes sense. The peril is...
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    Re: Looking for a mandolinist

    I’m a little far north (Chattanooga) but depending on what your goals as a band are, I could be interested! My band recently announced a hiatus.
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    Re: acetone and ABS plastic

    Don — I seriously doubt I have *more* experience (I’m a rank amateur) but my recent experience was a good one! I used celluloid binding for my most recent project and it was a much more noticeable...
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    Re: acetone and ABS plastic

    Yes, it definitely works. I made a quick laminating jig (basically a bandsaw kerf in a piece of maple, lined with wax paper) for my StewMac dreadnought kit. I took the two pieces of black and white...
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    Re: K&K for mandolin

    In my experience it’s easy on the finish. I have an eastman with a fairly thin but durable finish. The factory padding on the K&K is foam-like and if I were worried I would line it with leather...
  20. Re: Question of Decorum: Asking Small Shop Builder to Change Inla

    A new fingerboard shouldn't be a big deal, especially if there's nothing structurally wrong with the neck (or historically significant about the instrument). To route the existing board, though,...
  21. Re: Question of Decorum: Asking Small Shop Builder to Change Inla

    It depends -- did you commission or buy it directly from the builder, or did you buy it second-hand? You could just say your visual tastes have changed but you can't imagine liking another instrument...
  22. Re: Another Question for the Theory Geeks (no mandolin content)

    I'd be tempted write it in 6/8 -- downbeat on 1, backbeat on 4. It's essentially a waltz. But it's been a while since I was at my peak of music notation.
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    Re: laminating binding

    It worked for me on the StewMac dreadnought kit I made a few months ago!

    I made a rudimentary laminating jig by cutting a kerf in some 1" thick maple and lining the slot with wax paper. Then I...
  24. Caney Creek Company - New music + Farewell For Now

    I'm excited to announce the release of my band Caney Creek Company's second album! All tracks available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and others!

    I'm also sad to say we're taking a hiatus, as we're...
  25. Re: Gibson A-4 (1915/1917)—Worth it to repair, or just return?

    Same, but 1913. I found that the Gator case fits the body size well ( but you may have to "shave" the fuzziness on the...
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