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    Re: A pair of Diamonds

    "I can tell the Queen of Diamonds by the way she shines"

    A great looking pair! Are they as much fun to play as they are to look at?
  2. Re: what size flathead screw for a 1920 F2 pickguard clamp

    NFI but if you can't place a direct phone order it appears to be in stock at Caswell Plating -...
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    Re: Eastman MD-305

    Based on your recommendation of the EXP74CMs I just strung my MD305 up with the G and D strings from a pack of EJ74s and the A and E strings from a pack of EJ75s last night so that I'd have the same...
  4. Re: Strap attachment - A style, no body button

    I've got an MD-305 and have been tying the strap between the nut and the lowest tuners. At first I was worried that the strap-tie might push up on the strings and pop them out of the slots in the nut...
  5. Roots of American Music Bluegrass Jam - Cleveland, Ohio

    Roots of American Music presents a Bluegrass Jam at the Beachland Ballroom.

    A free jam open to all levels of pickers. Bar and kitchen will be open for service during the jam, observers are...
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    Re: Worm Over Robson F style tuners

    Kind of difficult to tell even on a larger screen but looking at the treble side it appears to me that the worms are cut /////, and that a clockwise turn of the button results in a clockwise turn of...
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    Re: Your Jeff Austin Memories

    I don't have a good memory of my own to share but a friend of mine posted this to FB today and it seems to fit here:

    Other Matt and I had 2nd row seats for Phish at Blossom in 2011, right behind...
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