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  1. Thread: Cedar Hill

    by Dawg

    Re: Cedar Hill

    Thanks for the interest in this, my first, tune! Too set the record straight, here's the "official" chart including tab, which illustrates the fact that I use my pinky on the 7th fret in bars 3 & 4...
  2. Re: February Jazz tune of the month: There Will Never Be Another

    Sounds good Pete!

    Tried a bit of a chord melody thing with a chorus and a half of solos.
  3. Re: December Jazz Tune of the Month: Honeysuckle Rose

    I took a crack this morning. Never really played this tune, but now it's all I want to play.
    Its a little meandering, but some stuff I dug when I listened back.
  4. Re: December Jazz Tune of the Month: Honeysuckle Rose

    From Belgium -Europa with friehdship...
    My version, quickly done, with casualties, wounded and death...
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    In Praise of Passernig

    Every time I play the latest Stefan Passernig at Fiddler's Green in Austin, I am always amazed at the excellent tone of his instruments.

    The mando was one of the best of the bunch, tonally...
  6. Re: McReynolds Style Crosspicking lesson (I'll fly away)

    Hello Mr. Carr, from a fellow Buccaneer ('02 - '07). Very impressive that you have developed fluidity with both McReynolds and Shuffler patterns! Not many folks on that list. I will say, and I...
  7. McReynolds Style Crosspicking lesson (I'll fly away)

    Good Luck!:grin:
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    Re: Northfield A5 Master Model

    It is difficult to remove our biases from any subjective discussion (indeed, it is probably impossible), but I really tried to be objective as I evaluated multiple mandolins. My preformed bias led...
  9. Love this new Steep Canyon a Rangers track

    Guggino's break is so tasteful. Beautiful song.
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    Re: Scale Patterns

    It's endless.

    Use of alternating ascending and descending groups (applicable to all patterns of various note-grouping lengths - 3 note, 4 note, 5 notes etc.)

    ascending ascending: G-B -A-C ...
  11. Thread: Scale Patterns

    by twilson

    Re: Scale Patterns

    Check out Patterns for Jazz by Jerry Coker. All kinds of scale patterns, arpeggios, etc.

    Tim Wilson
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    Re: Perplexing harmony question

    It used to be called "back cycling." Circle of fifths arriving at your home key, like the bridge of I Got Rhythm and most other Rhythm Changes tunes. Take Oleo, for example:
  13. Re: Has anyone taken a crack at Sierra Hull's Tennessee Waltz?

    Here's what she plays in the first video. Gorgeous arrangement, super creative and super difficult. It was also a complete bear to transcribe (as I'm sure a few of you have figured out). Try not...
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