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  1. Re: Best all inclusive books on Jazz // Progressive Blues.


    If you're tuned in "Chicago Tuning" then you should be in fourths like the first four strings on a guitar. Roy Smeck's Mel Bay Ukulele Method is great for getting those jazz chords under...
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    Our Western Montana bluegrass family

    Ruby's Inn in Missoula, Montana has been hosting our association's winter jams for years. I made this film to commemorate our last jam there. Come meet our family and pick with us!

  3. WHISKEY BEFORE BREAKFAST...chord melody
  4. Fall String Gathering, Clarion Hotel, Nov 16-18, 2018-Jam Fest!!

    Welcome!! Are you ready to jam, learn and share new tunes, and join with others and have a great time!!

    Traditional music lovers, mark the weekend of November 16-18, 2018 on your calendars for...
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    Re: Don Stiernberg's guitar-body mando

    Apitius - The Yorkville

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    Re: What's Your Score?

    -70 because of the C#7 often played before the D-7 and G7b9 on my Mandobird. 😶
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    Upcoming jam in Skokie, IL 6/1/18

    Upcoming jam in Skokie, IL at the Emily Oaks Nature Center! This is the second jam hosted there, its open to any genre as long as the songs can be easily followed, mostly folk/blues/bluegrass/rock....
  8. Rounder Records Announces National Debut Of Sierra Hull

    10 years ago we ran this news blast announcing Sierra Hull's new recording entitled "Secrets" with the picture below. It remains probably one of the top 10 most heavily trafficked news articles on...
  9. Re: Article: Collings MT2 Cremona Sunburst Finish Giveaway

    Check this out. The video of Kyle unpacking and test driving his new Collings mandolin.
  10. Sierra Hull and Ethan Jodziewicz in concert, June 9, 2017

    This was our vantage point from the Sierra Hull and Ethan Jodziewicz concert last night in Olathe, KS. Great evening that started out with The Freight Hoppers warming up.

  11. A video just out from Compass Records with Sam...

    A video just out from Compass Records with Sam Bush talking about Bobby:
  12. KR Strings mandola and mandolin prototypes

    Following information came via email this afternoon and though worth sharing in lieu of a news release. We're only posting the information. Kilin (of KR Strings) is a member of the forum so questions...
  13. There's nothing like real, vintage olde-time mandolin

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    Re: Lyon & Healy Style C Guard Removal

    If you're patient and careful, you can drill the screw head. Starting small and stepping up the size, you can drill out and separate the head of the screw from the shank. Then, when you slip the...
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    Re: Lyon & Healy Style C Guard Removal

    It is not hard rubber. It is vulcanised fibre, which is a cellulose material but I don't know any thing about how it is manufactured. Heat is probably ok, moisture probably not. I don't have a...
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    Re: Lyon & Healy Style C Guard Removal

    I believe the guard is made of hard rubber, like they used to make combs from(1950s) so avoid too much heat. Usually such things as guard removal are fairly self evident, and just need a careful yet...
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