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    Re: Martin AK2 string recommendation

    Yeah what ever you go with make sure to use a 10-15-24-36 set. Enjoy that pretty baby. R/
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    Re: 3-Part Chris Thile Master Class online

    I'm in ...
  3. Re: Are old strings hard to keep in tune? Why?

    How fast wear occurs is an entirely personal experience. The Ph of your skin, wiping the strings as needed, how hard you play both in picking and noting, how much you play. The material of the frets...
  4. Re: If money was no object, and perfect bluegrass tone was only g

    OK .... try and find a Gibson A5L or a Flatiron A5 Artist from the Steven Carlson period in the Bozeman, MT Gibson Factory from 90 or 91. These mandolins are excellent grass mandolins with the pop...
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    Re: 7th fret: 3rd or 4th fingers?

    An addendum ....
    For me it always depends on where the melody is and where it is going. I worked at a physical job for many years so hand strength has not been an issue though in these later years...
  6. Re: Unexpected things/benefits about playing mandolin

    Instruments tuned in fifths . . . . what a revelation.
  7. Re: Please help me choose a beginner instrument

    Kentucky and Eastman are the leaders in student grade level instruments. Either one will do you for a few years with a good setup. In my experience Eastman has a more "modern" Collings / Weber like...
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    Re: 7th fret: 3rd or 4th fingers?

    Well ... If you hold the mandolin like the picture investigate holding your mandolin while playing it a bit higher and more centered instead of towards your right side. R/
  9. Re: Washers and buttons and coins. Oh my....

    I have tried round picks. I even had a friend that owned an antique / collectible shop look for and find me a casein / tortoise shell button. I am maybe to set in my ways but I prefer the rounded...
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    Re: Still cant play a break!

    Hmmm .... It all starts with the melody. Then moving within the chord changes of the melody. I have heard that described as "making the bases". Tools to do that include learning to play closed...
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    Re: What's the real difference?

    Yes, you can begin your mandolin journey with either model mentioned. The more you play the more you will gain in understanding of what you want to play like, what you want to sound like. Enjoy the...
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    Re: Philphool, Phil Goodson, passes :(

    It took me awhile to write this. I am a crotchety old fart and honestly don't get along with many folks. I met Phil at Kaufman Kamp. He was a joy to to play music with. Always with a song list in his...
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    Re: Instruments on a Road Trip

    Yeah .... If you are uncomfortable so are your instruments. If memory serves 120'f is where glue bonds break down. Buy an extra blanket or two and / or an insulated case cover. Throw in a thermometer...
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    Re: Chop Chords

    What you may do is use a 1/5 on the G and D strings and imply a major or minor chord. But as stated above for the full chop four or three tone chord no ... an A major won't work over an A minor....
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    Re: Better tone with light strings?

    Better / Worse ..... who knows but the player on a specific instrument .... different ... yes ... different brand same gauge will also yield a tonal variation. Your taste , touch and instrument and...
  16. Re: What do you do when you're Just. Not. Feeling it?

    Take some lessons. A good teacher can help with a nudge in the right direction for your style and level of ability. We have all been there ... be patient and play on.... R/
  17. Thread: Dammit!

    by UsuallyPickin

    Re: Dammit!

    Hmmm .... I have had three trigger finger release surgeries . Two on my left hand and I had to wait a couple of weeks to start playing again. It felt like a couple of months. I once got a blister on...
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    Re: Four Finger Chop Chords and the Pain!

    Well .… 1. Make sure that you have a good setup on your instrument. 2. Don't over grip. 3. Use a set with .11 for the E string.4. Make sure that you are holding your mandolin at the correct angle to...
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    Re: .017 A string....whoa!

    JustStrings sells loop end D'Addario .17 strings in lots of 5. R/
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    Re: hand held recorder

    Well there are two brands that keep popping up with good reviews and comments for small recorders. Those brands are Tascam and Zoom. I use a Tascam ecause it has plug ins for an external mic....
  21. Re: Recommendations for a quality but affordable mandolin

    The above advice is spot on. Take a day trip to visit some more mandolins if possible. 1K will get you an instrument you can play for years to come. Definitely an A model as a scroll hikes the price....
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    Re: Humidifier for Mandolin/Case

    Yeah the sponge in a container works great. The caveat is at the point when the sponge becomes drier than the wood it will pull moisture. So keep that sponge moist. BTW I use a 35mm film container in...
  23. Re: Good mandolin choice for woman with small hands

    For size and shape I like the neck on my 90' Gibson A5L. See if you can find one somewhere give it a play. The Northfield M model is also a good suggestion. Lastly a Kentucky KM 508 is similar in the...
  24. Re: Happy 70th birthday today to Mike Kemnitzer of Nugget Mandoli

    Happy Birthday Mr. K..... Your instruments are lovely. Build on! R/
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    Re: Blue chip picks

    On picks ….. there are several things to address …. 1. Shape …. from tiny teardrops to large triangles 2. Thickness from flimsy to no flex in the pick whatsoever
    3. Material which runs the gamut...
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