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  1. Re: Gibson Ricky Skaggs Distressed Master Model - My New Mandolin

    But how does it sound?
  2. Re: Myrtle Beach Bluegrass Fest Nov 28-30

    I was at Myrtle Beach State Park campground for several days last year on my way down south. Went to the Festival for one day only. There was a vendor area behind the stage, and there were a few...
  3. Re: Back in Southern Germany. Any pickers in the Ulm area?

    Thanks, Olaf,
    Ich wußte wohl von den beiden "Cowboy"-Clubs :grin:, dachte dabei aber nicht unbedingt an Bluegrass Jam.
    Die sind beide nur einen Katzensprung von mir weg und da sollte es doch...
  4. Re: Back in Southern Germany. Any pickers in the Ulm area?

    Thanks, pit !
  5. Re: Back in Southern Germany. Any pickers in the Ulm area?

    Vielleicht sollte ich das Gebiet etwas erweitern:
    Gibt es jemanden im Raum Ulm-Augsburg-Stuttgart, der ab und zu mal jammen will?
    Mein Niveau würde ich als "intermediate" bezeichnen.
  6. Back in Southern Germany. Any pickers in the Ulm area?

    After several years in the jamming heaven of Northern Virginia I have returned to Southern Germany. Anyone out there who is interested in getting together and picking a few tunes some time?
    If you...
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    Re: Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper

    I don't see Nathan Livers in this video
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    Re: Hygrometer

    I have 4 of these and they are great !
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    Re: Jams around Fredericksburg, Virginia

    Depends on how far you would want to drive with the traffic madness on I-95.
    There are plenty of jams in the D.C. metro area. Check out the calendar.
    There is also a Sunday jam in...
  10. Re: Officially joining the Silverangel Fray

    No, it's not!
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    Re: Bridge fitting..

    No, this is terrible!
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    Re: Arm rest a good aid for begginers?

    IMHO, how much benefit you get from an armrest also depends a lot on the bridge height and/or arch of your mandolin top.
    I have used the McClung for years and it definitely gives me a more...
  13. Re: So I tried to improvise for the first time, live in a jam ses

    So you think all our 'heroes' playing at 300 bpm (quarter notes) and faster improvise everything on the fly and never use any patterns they have practiced 8 hours a day?
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    Re: Beginners bluegrass book

    IMHO, a good introduction with technique and tunes is Dix Bruce's
    Getting Into Bluegrass Mandolin
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    Re: Help me find what I'm looking for...

    I have tried and compared them, and IMHO they are not the same. Also, there is not such thing as "the Blue Chip". They come in different thicknesses and shapes and the tone the different types yield...
  16. Re: Has anyone used ıı book by Robert Banc'alari 'J. S. Bach fo

    I would say that most pieces in this book are upper intermediate to advanced. There are some shorter and easier pieces, too.
    As to your second question, I am not good and knowledgeable enough to...
  17. Re: Bobelock Arrow Case and Tone Guard?

    I have used an Arrow case with my Brentrup and the toneguard on for years.
    Both the case and the case cover have 3 rings, 1 at the top, 2 at the bottom, so you can hook in straps and carry the...
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    Re: Big Sciota - Mandolin cover

    NEW mandolin player?:disbelief:
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    Re: Standing and Strapped Up!

    I practice and play at jams sitting almost exclusively.

    When I sit, I can fix the mandolin in place so it does not move.
    I often see people on stage playing at top speed, with their mandolins...
  20. Re: Favourite Funeral Songs/Songs of Mourning

    I would play "A place in the heart" by Bill Crahan.

    A very moving melody.
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    Re: Mando Store to try before I buy?

    MelodeeMusic in Sterling (DC suburbs) has a reasonable selection, including some nice Webers. Check their Website.
  22. Re: For Sale, Fylde Touchstone Octave Mandola

    Now, is it an octave mandolin or a mandola? Or am I getting something wrong here?
  23. Re: Is there a personal limitation for speed?

    Alex, you speed demon! I hope you slow down Southern Flavor a bit when we play this at a jam together (soon?). I only have it up to about 235 (quarter notes) when playing in my basement. So I will...
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    Re: Cheering during live performance

    Oh my ... I know what a fill is.
    When people play at 280-300 bpm (quarter notes), that's 600 1/8 notes per minute. At that speed, a break over a verse sometimes lasts not more than a few seconds....
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    Re: Cheering during live performance

    Exactly! Especially when a solo (break) at breakneck speed lasts only a few seconds anyway, half of that gets drowned out. Don't know if the artist really likes that.
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