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    Waltz in 2020 Time: Original

    Here's a tune I wrote and recorded on mandolin, mandola, and octave mandolin. I used some of my photography from my daily walks with my border collie for the video. Thought the two things fit...
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    Little Christmas MP3 for 2021

    Here's my little Christmas mp3 for 2021. I used my Ellis F5 and my Randy Lucas slope dread. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my fellow Mandolin Cafe buddies!
  3. O little town of Bethlehem - Trio -Eastman MD315

    I wish you joy and peace for Christmas !

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    Cocaine and Rhinestones

    I did not realize Tyler Mahan Coe had started making new episodes of the Cocaine and Rhinestones podcast. I just got notification of a new one about George Jones and Tammy Wynette. Looking at his...
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    Ocean Dance, original.
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    Yank and Sleepy
  7. Re: Al Capone's Waltz on Peter Coombe Classical Flattop

    Very nice, Eric!

    I have just had a look online for this tune and see that there is a transcription complete with harmony as played by Paul Wilson, with an accompanying note on the origin and name...
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    Re: RIP Nanci Griffith

    I bumped into this compilation of Nanci's appearances on Letterman over several years.

  9. A2 Sold by a Gibson Teacher-Dealer in Canada

    First, as someone who is new to vintage mandolins, I want to thank the contributors to this forum for posting so much interesting and useful information over the years. I've spent hours searching...
  10. Beethoven Mandolin Sonatina in c WoO43a

    I am practicing this piece and didn't like any of the free versions I could find, so I made my own using lilypond. It's not perfect, but it's more readable than the imslp editions.

    I hope somebody...
  11. Karl Jenkins Concerto Grosso for Mandolin Family and ChapmanStick

    I recorded the piece last week.

    have fun with it
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    Red Lodge Reel sought

    I heard a beautiful rendition of this fiddle tune played by the Michigan Mandolin Orchestra. But I can't find a fiddle or mandolin version of it. Seems it's been taken over by orchestras. Anyone...
  13. Raffaele Calace Mandolin Virtuoso Bolero Rare 78 rpm

    I came across this while doing some research and thought how amazing it was to be able to be able to hear the man himself. There are so very few of these gems. Nice little bio also.:mandosmiley: ...
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    The Hampton Trio Plays Olof Näslund, "Trio"

    This is a performance by the Hampton Trio of "Trio" by the Swedish composer Olof Näslund, made for the CMSA's online "Convention in the Clouds" this past November. The performance was first...
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    Arts Across America

    The Kennedy Center's Arts Across America series presents video of performing artists from all areas of the US. This one, with at least some mandolin content, came out this week. Who has taken part in...
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    That famous cello prelude, deconstructed

    I love this video of this cellist explaining why this piece is so very iconic and brilliantly composed.
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    Re: House of the Rising Sun

    Peter, your link does not work.
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    Re: CMSA Convention in the Clouds

    I'm having a great time and learning a lot. I get the point that $150 for non-members might seem like a lot (I would have suggested a slightly lower price point) but attending the physical convention...
  19. Oregon Mandolin Orchestra — Galop(s) through the Covid Quarantine

    The Oregon Mandolin Orchestra has produced its latest video in Quarantine.

    Dmitri Shostakovich’s Galop from the movie The Gadfly.

    We hope you all like it!

  20. Ralf Leenen: Silvio RANIERI plays "The Swan" by C. Saint-Saens

    In case you missed this wonderful video, here it is. A great historical lesson and discussion by Ralf Leenen. Ralf is so very generous to create these videos!!!

  21. Re: San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra Virtual performance

    Very cool! Somehow the joy of the music comes through even though the players are in different places and at different times. That says a lot about the music itself, the players, and the conductor. I...
  22. Re: San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra Virtual performance

    Here is the video...

  23. Re: San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra Virtual performance

    Video still doesn't work. How is anyone else seeing it?

    Not a browser issue, as it happens on both computer (local Ethernet) *and* phone (testing using phone-carrier "data" from many miles away,...
  24. Re: San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra Virtual performance

    Very cool, Peter! Many thanks.
    I hope those fine folks can soon be playing as an ensemble again in person.
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    Re: Mahler 7 Tonight (7/7/20)

    According to CSO program notes, mandolin and guitar represent a guy serenading his lover.

    A very long song. It's so annoying when composers ask us to sound bad -- Mozart asks the mandolin to...
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