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  1. Re: Mandolin Orange and NPR's tiny desk concert

    As much as I love them with the full band, this is the format that first drew me in and will always be my fav.
  2. Re: Mandolin Orange and NPR's tiny desk concert

    WOOT! Been waiting for this!
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    Re: Mandolin Orange: Music at the Mansion

    You know, I watch this video and find myself more drawn to the music when it's just the two of them. Not that I think the band is anything but stellar, just that the key to their magic is the...
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    Re: In praise of mandolin builder Matt Ruhland

    Lovely tune, well played. The mandolin sounds wonderful!
  5. Re: PBS documentary on the history of Bluegrass

    Sadly, this program doesn't appear in the OPB tv listings for that date...
  6. Re: What's the diff between Northfield NF5S and F5 models?

    Agree 100%. I think my F5S is a beaut. I'm not that interested in bling, personally.

    I spent a half day in Fiddlers Green playing everything from Eastman 305 thru Ellis F5 and the F5S was the...
  7. Re: Straight Up Strings by Siminoff - any thoughts or experiences

    I started reading the engineering text on the site and quickly fell asleep.

    Bought a set and tried them on my Weber Bitterroot and they sounded great. Tried them on my Northfield F5S and they...
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    Re: Mandolin Influences

    I've mentioned this in a couple other threads, but the responsibility for my picking up the mandolin lies squarely at the feet of Andrew Marlin, with help from Will Kimble.

    Fortunately, I've had...
  9. Re: What's the diff between Northfield NF5S and F5 models?

    The full model number is NF-F5S and that's for their "base model" F mandolin; what they call their S Series. Most references I've seen call it the 'F5S.' There is also an oval-hole model, the...
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    Re: Best live gig setup for mandolin/guitar

    I have K&K pickups installed in both my Northfield F5S and my Martin D 28. I have been using the Red Eye Twin into an AI Focus amp, and it works ok, but not being able to EQ the two separately has...
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    Re: The end of my playing days.

    Peace and comfort to you, sir. Thank you for the update!
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    Re: Eastman MD-305

    Try lots of different strings. My MD 315 sounded much better with some Straight Up strings, while nickel strings make my Northfield F5S really sing. Try different picks, too. Those will have a...
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    Re: Mandolins for 6k and under?

    Check out the Northfield F5S. Most of the same sound with less bling than the Artist and about half the price.
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    Re: Andrew Marlin's Gilchrist F5

    That's the mandolin Andrew used on 'Buried In A Cape.'

    Good to hear it's the hands of another player who can do it justice!
  15. Re: man I need a good tuner foot pedal model. not clip on

    I have a Polytune (full-sized, battery operated) for my mando/Martin rig and a mini (no battery) on the pedal board for my Telecaster and both work great. Locks in super fast and easy to read...
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    Re: Eastman MD-305

    Your previous experience playing guitar will make your ear much more attuned to the tone improvements over your beater mando. That A9 linked above is a really sweet deal, if the instrument is in as...
  17. Re: Newbie here, suffering from analysis paralysis

    I would recommend signing up for the Traveling Pick Sampler. It's a couple of big bags of different picks that are making their way around the Cafe community. You'll get a chance to try out a bunch...
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    Re: Montana mandolin field trip

    Great trip report, Hank!
  19. Re: Trigger Pulled - Eastman 304 on it's way!

    Another vote for Baron and Work your way through all the beginner lessons and then start on the tunes. Do donate if you find them helpful!
  20. Re: Newbie here, suffering from analysis paralysis

    Congrats! You are going to love it!
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    Re: Mandolin orange tab search?

    I've been using the Amazing Slowdowner for this purpose, and it works great.

    Andrew doesn't impress me as a 'write-down-the-details' kind of guy, so I would not expect to find any "official" tabs....
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    Re: Your First Upgrade

    First was an Eastman MD 315, after much lurking/research here on the Cafe. When I knew I was fully committed to playing mandolin after about a year, I started more research on next-level...
  23. Re: Newbie here, suffering from analysis paralysis

    With your guitar setup experience and Rob Meldrum's e-book, you would be totally fine setting up your own mando. My guess is that you'd read through Rob's book and say to yourself "oh, that's pretty...
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    Re: mandolin orange in SLO

    The Instagram feed for Straight Up Strings has a great pic of Andrew and Roger Siminoff with their Loars
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    Re: Practice Regiment Questions

    Sounds like you have a good set of mechanics going. I'd suggest learning as many standard fiddle tunes as you can. At, Baron has tons of lesson vids, where he breaks each one down...
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