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    Re: Who has just one?

    If you bought it fair and square and you enjoy playing it... you are good enough to own it. :)
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    Re: Weber and Sound to Earth labels

    Actually it was Steve Carlson who sold Flatiron to Gibson, not Bruce. Bruce moved to Nashville to set up the Flatiron production. Bruce moved back to Montana to start Sound To Earth, which became...
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    An open letter to Classifieds users

    I'm typically not one to engage in open letters to the community, but something has been gnawing at my brain for a very long time. A few days ago I was contacted by a buyer with a question regarding...
  4. Re: Is the Era of Free Streaming Music Coming to an End?

    I feel like such a dinosaur; But I buy CDs or high quality downloads from places like bandcamp and Amazon.
    I use YouTube to see what'sout there, then I buy the CD or DVD.
    Is it really weird not...
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    Re: "I really liked your banjo playing"

    What the -? :disbelief: The OP related a funny story, that's about the whole size of it. He handled it well, as almost everyone who has chimed in agrees. Except for you, who feels it necessary to rip...
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    Re: Bill Bussman does it again

    <Removed by Moderator>
  7. Re: Is it wrong to correct a poster's spelling or grammar?

    Would you be uncomfortable or grateful if I were to point out that plural pronouns such as "their" and "them" do not agree with singular antecedents such as "someone" and "poster" in this post?
  8. Re: Is it wrong to correct a poster's spelling or grammar?

    I consider people that engage in this on a routine basis to be boorish. Review the posting guidelines when in doubt:

    - Avoid flaming or trolling – posts intended to create discord, antagonize...
  9. Re: Stan Jay, Pioneer of Vintage Instrument Fame Fighting For His

    We are deeply saddened to learn that Stan Jay of Mandolin Brothers has passed away. Just spoke to Rachel at Mandolin Brothers to confirm the news. On behalf of the Mandolin Cafe and our visitors we...
  10. Re: HIGH DOLLAR PICKS....Yea or Nay?? Do you Use One or No Way??

    Try one and find out.
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    Re: Professional musician, amateur musician

    You have to have two occupations in life: one that earns you money, and one that makes sense.

    Some try to do both in one, but that inevitably triggers one of two events:
    - the money disappears
  12. Re: Mandolin calluses do not equal guitar calluses

    As long as the spirit is willing...
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    Re: Big trouble for users of Yahoo mail - READ

    If there is no dmarc record it should work no matter who hosts it. That record is associated with the domain.
  14. Re: Big trouble for users of Yahoo mail - READ

    I'm quite sure the owner and administrators of this site are "on top of this one" too.
    A question was asked by 'Ignatius' re addresses supported by Yahoo. I replied to that particular...
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    Re: JJ Cale Died Friday

    A small amount of mandolin content. I played fiddle and mandolin on "To Tulsa and Back" and mandolin on one track of "Roll On". Just did an interview about his passing at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall Of...
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