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  1. Don Stiernberg Quartet Online Concert Thursday 5/7 at 8 PM CST

    Here's one of the tunes you'll see if you come by online to dig our Live at Studio5 Online Concert tomorrow night. In addition to video highlights the show features the artist and hosts offering...
  2. Re: Jazz Mandolin Appetizers -- original tune names

    thanks all,
    it occurred to me that those of you interested in Appetizers may want to check out the Soundslice courses. In many ways they are extensions of the same concept:
    Swing Chords...
  3. Re: Jazz Mandolin Appetizers -- original tune names

    Lady Be Good
    Swinging Back(Freddie Green/Count Basie Orchestra)
    Minor Swing with circle of fifths bridge
    Sweet Georgia Brown
    You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To(Cole Porter)
    The Masquerade Is...
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    Re: Vous Et Mois for mando orchestra

    Awesome Christian!

    I hope all of our Cafe friends and Jazz Forum readers and contributors will check out your great writing and playing. I associate the beautiful tune Vous et...
  5. Re: Happy 75th Birthday Today, David Grisman!

    Have a great birthday Mr. Dawg! And many happy returns of the day. All of us mandolin people thank you again and again.
  6. Re: Favorite Electric Mandolin Albums or Artists?

    don't miss Wayne Benson's badass break on "Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde"
  7. Re: Jethro Burns A 5 mandolin serial number

    I recall early on (1970's?) he used Black Diamond! In the 80's he taught and hung out at The Guitar Works, Evanston IL and I think they maintained his mandolins for him in that time frame. They carry...
  8. Re: Favorite Electric Mandolin Albums or Artists?

    Freedom Hills to Muscle Shoals Rick Hall with Hugh Banks

    pictured with a cream colored mandocaster on the cover...fiddle tunes, gospel tunes, country, pop

    cool sounds,...
  9. Re: Favorite Electric Mandolin Albums or Artists?

    Hey while we're digging into electric mando history....

    does anyone have the record Rick Hall (legendary Muscle Shoals producer) made where he plays Fender mando?
  10. Re: Favorite Electric Mandolin Albums or Artists?

    The electric instrument on It Ain't Necessarily Square is guitar. Jethro was a great guitarist as well, in spite of his own assessment: "If I'd have spent as much time on the guitar as I did on the...
  11. Re: Emando players: What do you want in an amp?

    for me the characteristics I need most are a clean sound with ample headroom, a warm tone, power enough to function in all types of ensembles, ease of operation, and portability

    I do use the...
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    Re: Improvising

    a few rambling responses to this interesting and challenging discourse on improvising, aesthetics, and life itself...
    Let's start with the OP's question. Dear OP, you may want to use your...
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    Re: Burns & Clark

    That's an Epiphone
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    Re: Transposing tunes composed for horns

    One of the main things that make the mandolin the greatest instrument in the world is it's symmetrical layout. By virtue of being tuned in fifths, patterns are consistent up, down and all around the...
  15. Re: Recommend some beginner Blues / Jazz Blues Lead Sheets

    not lead sheets, but finding fretboard routes for playing the changes in well known swing/jazz forms. sample solos included
  16. Re: Recommend some beginner Blues / Jazz Blues Lead Sheets

    not lead sheets, but exploration of chordal accompaniment for standard swing/jazz progressions
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    Re: "Swing" number tunes

    I made a number one time that I call The Mayor of Swingville. It's the last track on the CD called Good Numbers.

    In Jazz Mandolin Appetizers there's one called Minor(and Major)Swing and another...
  18. Re: Article: New Music from Tom Wright - Tailwind

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    Re: The Don Stiernberg Interview

    Hello again friends,

    In the words of the great comedian Martin Short..."thanks for remembering.."

    I hope it's ok, a few update items....
    Everyone has changed...
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    Re: JazzMando website to sunset soon


    Thank you again and again for all you've done for the mandolin, at, here at the Cafe, in Getting Into Jazz Mandolin, FFcP, instrument,pick,and string design, support of...
  21. Thread: Condon

    by Don Stiernberg

    Re: Condon

    at the library the other day I spotted a re-issue double CD entitled Dixieland Jazz:The Real Thing. four Classic Albums plus
    listened on the way to gig in the car
    one of the "classic albums" is...
  22. Thread: Condon

    by Don Stiernberg

    Re: Condon

    Having grown up listening to Condon recordings, still listening to this day, I'd like to say you have to look high and low, like a detective, to locate those few tracks where Eddie's rhythm guitar is...
  23. Re: Using "Crafting Jazzier Solo lines on the Mandolin"

    Hi Adam,
    Thank you for checking out the Crafting Jazzier Solo Lines course and for weighing in here about it's application. I'm glad you enjoy it and hope you'll continue to enjoy it. I've...
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    Re: What's a Chord Melody?

    "Chord-Melody" is a fairly general term which might be thought of as "harmonized melody" or "melody in chords". In other words the number of notes of harmony supporting the melody can be 1,2,or 3 on...
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    Re: Non Mandolin Jazz

    Hi Will!
    thanks for noticing the caps and for the astute musical observation about Stitt, something I had never considered. I did capitalize his name purposefully as I've been listening to...
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