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  1. 100-Piece Mando Orchestra plays "Both Sides Now" & "Something"

    The East Coast Mandolin Orchestra performs Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now," featuring Bridget Kasinskas on violin, and George Harrison's "Something," featuring Toby Leaman (of Dr. Dog). Both...
  2. 100-Piece Mando Orch Concert Celebrating Music of Woodstock/1969

    Woodstock and Beyond: Celebrating the Music of 1969
    Featuring the East Coast Mandolin Orchestra (ECMO), with guest artist Toby Leaman, of Dr. Dog

    ECMO is a one-of-a-king plucked string "pops"...
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    East Coast Mandolin Orchestra Recordings

    Last week 75 mandolinists, guitarists, and other instrumentalist gathered near Philadelphia, PA, to rehearse and present a concert of seasonal music for mandolin and guitar orchestra. Participating...
  4. Invite to Participate in Mando Orchestra Event in Philly, Dec 8/9

    Hi Everyone,

    Philadelphia's Munier Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra will be hosting an "East Coast Mandolin Orchestra" event on Dec. 8 and 9, 2018.

    The event is free to participants and will...
  5. Brass Section Joins with Mandolin Orchestra

    The Munier Mandolin Orchestra recently performed a concert which included the addition of a brass section on several pieces. Below is Florian Jullian's evocative "La Nuit du Val D'Enfer," written in...
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    Re: Alternative Mandolin Tunings
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    Re: Alternative Mandolin Tunings

    Interesting thread! Here are some pieces (Christmas tunes) that I did with GDAD tuning. I really love that tuning and the possibilities it present for arranging.

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    Re: Italian Mandolin music being forgotten ???

    Interesting thread. In November the Munier Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra hosted an en masse orchestra (65 players from across the Northeat). The program consisted entirely of music by Italian film...
  9. Re: Group in Search of a Name...Any Ideas/Suggestions Appreciated

    Thank you all for the great suggestions for our group name! I think many of the ideas would have been a good for the group. I really enjoyed the entire thread.

    We settled on a name suggested by...
  10. Musical Holiday Greeting from Sycamore Muse (mando/guitar duo)

    Happy Holidays to all from Sycamore Muse, my mandolin and guitar duo with Joe Todaro. We did a informal recording session - all Christmas music - in Joe's living room. Here are a few tunes from that...
  11. Re: Group in Search of a Name...Any Ideas/Suggestions Appreciated

    I've seen a lot of good and fun ideas in this stream, but I think your suggestion may be the best fit, for several reasons. I like it a lot, AND I think it will also work for other members of the...
  12. Re: Group in Search of a Name...Any Ideas/Suggestions Appreciated

    I like this name a lot! Will run it by the others! Thank you so much for the suggestion. Much appreciated!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks, Mike! These are a lot of fun!
  13. Group in Search of a Name...Any Ideas/Suggestions Appreciated

    A newly formed, Philadelphia-based group - currently called "Frets and Bellows" - has just finished recording the first few songs for their first CD. The group is comprised of 3-string domra,...
  14. 60-Piece Mando Orch plays music from Classic Italian films

    The Ciao Philadelphia Mandolin Orchestra performed a program of the film music of Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota on Nov. 5 at Rosemont College PA (suburban Philadelphia). The orchestra included...
  15. Re: Repertoire Suggestions for this Combination of Instruments?

    Good to hear from you, Bob! Our concert at Longwood Gardens is Sept. 24 (Sunday) at 12:00 noon.

    Joe mentioned he spoke with you re: pocket mandolins. Very interesting!

    Very best,

  16. Happy Holidays with Mando Version of Vivaldi's Gloria

    The Mandolin Society of Philadelphia wishes everyone Happy Holidays and sends best wishes for 2017!

    The Society's two mandolin orchestras - Munier Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra and the Philadelphia...
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    Re: Choral Performances Involving Mandolin

    Here is a more recent recording of the Vivaldi Gloria with mandolin and guitar orchestra and organ continuo. I included clips from four movements, just to give a sense of the different colors and...
  18. Re: Mandolin and Tenor Uke arr of Pastheen Fionn (Irish Air)


    Thanks for sharing your versions. Really lovely. I like them both a lot, but go along with the others in preferring the tone of the tone of the Gibson (for this piece/genre). I can imagine...
  19. Mandolin Ensemble Performs "Cups" ("When I'm Gone")

    The Philadelphia Mandolin Ensemble (PME) performs A.P. Carter's "When I'm Gone," recently redone as "Cups," by Anna Kendrick. Jessica Satryan is the featured vocalist, and one of PME's mandola...
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    Re: Vince Guraldi's Music on Mandolin


    If you requested score and/or parts for "Lucy and Linus"...

    I am sending out parts (PDFs) - but not the score - today. I have a problem with the score format, so will send that when/if I...
  21. Thread: Disc Makers?

    by mlinkins

    Re: Disc Makers?

    I've used Disc Makers for two projects. They did a wonderful job. Everything went very smoothly.
  22. Thread: cross picking

    by mlinkins

    Re: cross picking

    Great thread/discussion! Just seeing this now. Thanks for all the ideas/suggestions.

    I like the combination of cross-picking with GDAD tuning. It offer a lot of possibilities for doing...
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    Re: Vince Guraldi's Music on Mandolin


    Thanks for the feedback and also the private message requests for the score and parts. I just wanted to clarify that the score and parts are available in standard notation only. Unfortunately,...
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    Vince Guraldi's Music on Mandolin

    Not sure if there is enough interest to sustain a thread this specific, but there is only one way to find out.

    I've always thought that there is something about Vince Guaraldi's music - whether...
  25. Early Music (Thomas Simpson) Performed by Mandolin Ensemble

    Several years ago, one of the members of several Philadelphia mandolin groups came across a trove of early music at an estate sale. The music was destined for the trash heap when he salvaged it....
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