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  1. Re: “Juba linnukesed” (“Already the birds”)

    A very simple but beautiful arrangement, Toomas. Suits your picking style really well.
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    Re: 40 Somre (Danish folk)

    I totally agree with your comment that we play a tune in a particular way so often that it becomes our recognised way of playing it. The recent posting of Over the Waterfall on the SAW group is a...
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    Re: Microphone for recording at home?

    I generally record to my laptop via REAPER software and use a Rode NT1A most of the time, but recently, thanks to recommendation from another poster over on the Song-A-Week Social Group I have...
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    Re: 40 Somre (Danish folk)

    Great tune and arrangement, Martin, but I am in agreement with the earlier posters re Schottische from a Scottish perspective. Our Schottisches are more in the rhythm of the Strathspey with a...
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    Re: Small rattle in soundboard...

    Rory, I think your opening sentence says a great deal about why you might be experiencing problems with rattles. You say that you "decided to throw together a mandolin using only pieces of wood I...
  6. Re: Speed the band w fiddle & Northfield Octave Mand

    Great video, Pete, and as Dang says, very together. Happy World Fiddle Day!
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    Re: Vals från Vargön, jazz version

    Interesting improvisation phrases here, Toomas. I enjoyed your scale runs mixed with the chordal phrasing. Quite different from your non-jazz version.
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    Re: A new classical mandolin

    A very elegant and understated creation, Graham. Lovely work and great sound.
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    Re: Alternate tunings?

    Another possibility is to replace the G,D and A pairs but across one place, removing the high Es, then add in a new pair of low C strings. This would give you an octave below what Bertram is...
  10. Re: “Tuonne taakse metsämaan” (“To the woodland far away”)

    Another of your very fine and distinctive offerings, Toomas. The two voices technique works so well on those tunes you post.
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    Re: Dagger Gordon video

    A great tune, and fine playing, Dagger. Nice to see the excursions all over the fret board! That 10-string certainly has a big sound.
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    Re: Monitor suggestion for DAW

    I use Samson Resolv 40A powered speakers and Beyerdynamic DT150 headphones. I also listen to the mix on a home stereo set-up and in my car via the mp3 player. A lot of the material we post on...
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    Re: Irish Metronome

    Simon, the advice given here by Polecat is really valuable. Metronomes are for teaching strict tempo playing. Ehat you are looking for is the ability to vary the tempo of a tune as a way of adding...
  14. Re: Luthier for Fouchetti-period mandoline? Or Bortolazzi style?

    Hi Rob, if you are contacting Jo Dusepo bear in mind that Jo is a girl, and a very fine builder of mediaeval instruments. She often posts updates of her instruments on the MS site here.
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    Re: The Blue Bells of Scotland

    Fine arrangement and playing, Toomas, and thanks for posting the pdf as well.
  16. Re: Kudos to our administrators and moderators

    You are absolutely correct, Belbein. This is probably one of the very best sites for positivity and general lack of the nasty trolling and unpleasant posting on so many other sites, and I would say...
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    Re: Flat top Arch back mandolin

    Great video, great playing by Robin and superb building by yourself, Gary. You must be so delighted with the sound this instrument is creating.

    Re trouble in posting videos. I too am UK based...
  18. Re: My first split screen video: Splendid Isolation.Process expla

    Hi Pete. I should have said that there are the official tunes of the week (now fortnightly after well over 500 weeks) and other tunes - ones the posters select themselves and put up, and often...
  19. Re: My first split screen video: Splendid Isolation.Process expla

    Hello, MM. The SAW group is the Song-A-Week Group. It can be accessed by going to the "Learn/Listen" button, clicking on that then on the submenu click on "Social Groups" and you will find the...
  20. Re: My first split screen video: Splendid Isolation.Process expla

    Great tune, Pete, and a fine duet. Your description of how you achieved this creation is detailed and really interesting. I have done audio collaborations over on the SAW group with Ginny Aitchison...
  21. Re: “Mamma har sagt till mig” (“Mom has told me”)

    Lovely tune and that hybrid picking style is so effective on those tunes, Toomas.
  22. Re: Amazing video of Josh Luttrell finishing an Ellis

    Skill, patience and a great love for what he is doing. Quite inspiring video.
  23. Re: No mandolin content: Nursing musical grudges?

    So, our Scottish name for the harmonica, "The Spittle Trap", is maybe what we use now to rename all harmonicas!
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    Sticky: Re: Thread for Social Group MP3 posting

    The Dark Island. This tune is on the SAW group at present (April 2020) and here is a pdf of the chords I use when playing it, for anyone who wishes to have a go at the tune.

  25. Re: Ye Vagabonds live in Whelans during lockdown

    Kevin, someone must have changed the permissions on this video - it is coming up as unavailable and private!
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