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  1. Re: Just upgraded my iphone for the first time in nine years. :)

    I just learned you can turn the ringer ‘on’ on a phone, not that I do that of course.
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    Re: keeping the mando off your stomach

    Add all the classical players to the ‘no’ column.
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    Re: Why keys of B and B flat?

    Topsy works fine on mando, in C minor. Voicings are important.
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    Re: collecting and playing mandolins ?

    Adam Steffey has played a large number of mandolins over his career. Tim Connell only has his trusty Arrow G.

    Takes all kinds.
  5. Re: Sunburst practice/test - What happened here?

    Gives you more respect for the talent of some folks, doesn’t it?

    You’re learning that it takes more than 2 hours to learn. Cut yourself some slack, it’s hard.

    And you can’t be born full grown:)
  6. Re: Marketing and getting your name/brand out.

    Selling/marketing is expensive and time consuming. And usually not built into the pricing model of many small businesses.

    As mentioned, traditional designs are often an entry path into the...
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    Re: Band Saw Re-saw Fences

    Re-sawing purpleheart is no easy task given the coarseness and mineral content of the wood. Blade dullness would certainly cause drift. When we cut lignum vitae in the shop on a Yates 36” machine,...
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    Re: Used Gibsons

    I'm sure there are more than 2 Cafe members who do that.

    I haven't got the 'release' down yet, just the 'catch'.
  9. Re: Jazz mandolin/violin duet from Aaron Weinstein

    Great stuff, had me grinning.:)

    But your web guy needs to update your site so we have the possibility of seeing you live.

    Thanks so much for these videos.
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    Re: Poor Man's Homer and Jethro

    I used to have their classic ”give me an RC cola and a moon pie and play maple on the hill”. A wonderful 45.:)
  11. Birthday Celebration for Don Steirnberg

    A little celebration of the anniversary of your 24th birthday with some music.
  12. Re: Thinking about making a small pedalboard just for the mandoli

    Tap dancing lessons?

    I don’t see any music there, but what do I know?
  13. Re: John McGann's Developing Melodic Variations On Fiddle Tunes,

    Change the rhythm.
    Change the shape, ie, go up when the tune goes down, etc.
    Embellish the melody.
    Drop notes.
    Add notes.

    Buy the book and practice. See the ‘pay the artist’ thread.
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    Re: A novel thought. Pay the Artist

    Buy the music, don’t rip it from YouTube.
  15. Re: Book/s on how to improvise on Old Time tunes???

    As a curmudgeon, I have to say I find that notion incredibly tedious.

    I'm happy for the folks who enjoy themselves with it.
  16. Re: Just upgraded my iphone for the first time in nine yewars. :)

    1. Nope
    2. Dedicated piezo to remove background noise.
    3. Don’t use one.
    4. I use Voice Recorder Pro, recommended to me by singers.
    5. MetroTimer, have to have a metronome.
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    Re: The Mike Marshall Interview

    Is that a dead link in the original post? Would be nice to access this interview.
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    Re: TMS to Nashville

    While its great to have more stores in Nashville, for TMS the increase in walkin trade may be a mixed blessing.
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    Re: Tabledit files down?

    I presume you mean If so, you should know the site owner passed away and his family has struggled to maintain it. If they haven’t received sufficient funding, the site may have...
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    Re: Burtenshaw Mandola #6

    Very nice.
  21. Re: Mandolin/Bluegrass players in Lawrence, KS?

    Thanks again to everyone.
  22. Re: Mandolin/Bluegrass players in Lawrence, KS?

    Good to know:)

    But what about the jams as the OP asked?
  23. Re: Mandolin/Bluegrass players in Lawrence, KS?

    I don’t think there’s any players at all in Kansas. Never hear of them:whistling:
  24. Re: needing help with using leather dyes on a finish. and help?

    I would use a 1x4(6) test board and step finish it the way you plan for the mandolin. If you have a problem you’ll easily see which step is the cause. You’ll probably need 2 boards, one to match...
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    Re: Should I be insulted?

    Nope, I love it every time a cat leaves the room. That whole breathing thing gets easier
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