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    Re: Will Kimble "Trident" Mandolin

    Again, you can just ask the maker for the replacement cost. He is the only one who knows that.
  2. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    So much manufactured outrage! I watched the video and frankly it doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me. Gibson will talk big, and will enforce what it is legally able to enforce. What it can not...
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    Re: Kimble Style J #67

    I'm sure that Will Kimble will be happy to tell you everything there is to know!
  4. Re: If you could have any mandolin in the world….

    Even dream mandolins look like a good deal when you see an auction estimate of £3,000 - £5,000 for just the scroll of a violin.
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    Re: Mandolin at the Tonys

    Hahaha... I too did a double take, and then a triple take when I saw his Brian Dean(?) mandolin on the Tonys. I haven't seen the show, but it sounds like a great production. It's such a unique and...
  6. Re: oddball (pseudo?-) resonator w. amusing "professional" setup

    It's an historically intersting instrument - but 'professionally re-conditioned' it is NOT. The problem is not in the nut or the bridge but the sloppy coat of who-knows-what covering the wood parts....
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    Re: Del McCoury Band w/ Thile

    Exactly! I hear they tore through Train 45 in the after-show jam.
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    Re: New detail on early Style O neck block

    They went to the trouble of making up a nice stamp - but i've never seen its imprint before either.
  9. Re: Open chords vs closed chords for chops n chucks

    I'm afraid this thread may already be too 'in the weeds' for a relative beginner learning basic chord shapes - but I can't resist adding a couple more lines...

    I don't think that the bluegrass...
  10. Re: Open chords vs closed chords for chops n chucks

    Learn both. The BG chop chords are only hard until they aren’t. And lots of players use the pinky mute on open chords as a big part of their playing too.
  11. Thread: Vega Repair

    by BradKlein

    Re: Vega Repair

    If you have some mechanical skills, you can do this yourself. Start by putting a couple bits of 'low stick' masking tape on the top, and marking the position of the bridge. (it will come loose when...
  12. Thread: Vega Repair

    by BradKlein

    Re: Vega Repair

    Maybe the poster is unfamiliar with how that tailpiece cover attaches? It pulls straight up when the instrument is lying on its back. That reveals where the string loops attach to the tailpiece so...
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    Re: Lyon and Healy, Washburn????

    The bowl back folks are sure to have some good info. I 'profile' of the bowl from the side may also help determine the origin.

    These are really exceptional inlays even among the often over the top...
  14. Re: -If you could have any mandolin in the world….

    This 2005 Gibson Master Model has a few things to recommend it. It's was made with passionate care by the team led by the late Charlie Derrington. It's signed by Danny Roberts but very much of the...
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    Re: Best Place to Sell aside From Classifieds

    That's super useful info. Thanks. REVERB PAGE HERE
    Better prices than I've seen on Amazon.
  16. Re: Tom n Jerrys' Uncle Pecos' 'Crambone' episode.

    Roy Rogers's compadre, Shug Fisher (as the poster above pointed out). Check out the interwebamajig® for more info.

    I feel fairly confident that the OP will not find sheet music for this routine!...
  17. Re: Any help identifying this beautiful instrument?

    Dollar for dollar, you're better off buying a saz without the expensive strap holder peg, and simply wrapping the saz-strap around the peg head. A leather boot lace is your best bet for that...
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    Re: Del McCoury Band w/ Thile

    Well, that was just fantastic. Especially interplay between Ronnie and Chris… and the reactions from Del.
  19. Re: Zacro - Your First Name in Pick Retrieval

    If it's a 'Fender heavy' in there, just use whatever. But for a Blue Chip, I always go with the Blackwing 602. I promise you that when John Steinbeck dropped a pick inside his instrument... he...
  20. Zacro - Your First Name in Pick Retrieval

    Since I'm always browsing musical gear and odd bits of hardware that I have little intention of buying, I've trained advertising algorithms to feed me endlessly curious ads. Here's what I take to be...
  21. Re: Damaged 1931 Epiphone Beverly - okay to play as is?

    Cracks do get a lot worse and harder to repair if left open. And a decent repair should not be too expensive from what your pictures show. (as long as the neck joint is sound) So I'd try and get that...
  22. Thread: Neck length

    by BradKlein

    Re: Neck length

    I think John Soper's (post 3) is a good summary of this often confused situation - longer and shorter scale lengths, and differing points of 'attachment' where the neck meets the body of the...
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    Re: Circa 1930 Vega 8 string- 39 inches long

    Wow! That one has been through some very hard times! It'll be a labor of love to bring it back, and who knows what is under that packing tape repair!
  24. Re: Chris Thile and Michael Daves Interview - Part II

    Time to get those boys back in the studio, eh?
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    Re: Unique Lyon & Healy Tailpiece Engraving

    *** FIVE YEARS LATER *** Happy 100th to this L&H Style C - and the memory of Ennis W. Clarke - 22 May 1919
    I can't say that I've pursued the origins of my L&H much beyond where I was in 2014. A...
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