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  1. Re: Beginner looking to Zouk: which bouzouki brands, which string

    Had great service and a great deal from Kieran. Shipping was fast and perfect, I found it cheaper than what was available in the states. The old APC brand is now know as A....
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    Re: Where do you buy your strings?

    I also emailed Mapes about the price change and they responded saying it was employ error. Prices back to normal
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    Re: Clip on tuner vs mobile app tuner

    I used a clip on when I was taking lessons, as a lot of people would all be tuning up before going in for their class.
    At home (where I play 99% of the time) I use a thing on the phone called...
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    Re: Wood Identification Assistance

    Since no one has provided the punch line to this very old joke, I guess I will - Natalie
  5. Re: Trinity College Octave vs Eastman 305 Octave

    I paid nothing
  6. Re: Trinity College Octave vs Eastman 305 Octave

    I ordered the M305 and got the cheaper case with it...
  7. Re: Trinity College Octave vs Eastman 305 Octave

    Simply put, it was as easy as ordering from anywhere in the states. Gave Kieran a call at his shop(watch the time difference) and told him what I was looking for and between us set the deal. He...
  8. Re: Trinity College Octave vs Eastman 305 Octave

    Hate to add another option, but have you taken a look at the APC brand.
    I got the M305 cedar top and case, setup and inspected with shipping to the states for just under 500 US.
    Kieran is a member...
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    Re: small workbench

    If your going to be using it for reloading also, your first priority is going to make sure it is as solid as a rock for your press and for measuring out loads. If your bench looks anything like mine,...
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    Re: Mapes strings

    Thought I would give them a try so just ordered 3 sets of mandolin strings to use with my octave mandolin.
    Ordered 12 - 22 - 32 - 44 with a wound A string, was told by email that all of their...
  11. Re: APC brand ???... Octave Mandolin purchase to Iran

    I got the case, think it was 89 Euros.
  12. Re: APC brand ???... Octave Mandolin purchase to Iran

    I got my octave from Kieran at Moloney Music and could not have been happier. He checks them out and sets them up well. I went for the 305 with the cedar top. I honestly really like it and its sound....
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    Re: Playing just for the fun of it

    I'v been a play at home person from the beginning. Tried a few closet sessions (informal classes on how to play at a Irish music session at the pub) in the begging, but just was not my thing. Other...
  14. Re: First C/B/(O)M of good quality, seeking advice.

    Make sure you take a look here. Kieran is great to work with and will set you up well.
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    Re: Easy Theory

    Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions. Time to hit the books
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    Easy Theory

    I love playing the mandolin and do so a lot for my own personal enjoyment. Taking old and new rock songs and picking out the chords in, I guess what is, an arpeggio. I was told it was a folk...
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    Octave on the way

    Long time since I have posted, but after being so happy with my Eastman 615 for the last 10 years I finally submitted to MAS and ordered an Octave Mandolin from Kieran Moloney in Ireland. Got one of...
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    Dragon Heart Picks

    Have not posted for a long time, but have been playing almost every day.
    After reading a lot of the posts about fancy picks I wanted to try one, but, not spend a fortune. I read a bit about the...
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    Re: listing of rock songs w/mando

    Been gone a long time but starting up again. Just wanted to add to the list
    Dropkick Murphys - Bastards on Parade and Rose Tattoo.
  20. Bluegrass on Sky TV (UK / IRL interest only)

    As I said, this will only be of interest to players that have SKY or Freeview.

    Was looking around on the satellite and found this channel called RURAL TV,
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    Re: Beatles tab

    Have you tried right here on The Mandolin cafe'?

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: mando tabs

    Not a problem, here you go
  23. Re: Ear Worms-- What's Stuck in Your Head Today?

    Kids showed me a youtube video about 3 days ago, the tune is still stuck in my head and it is really cheesy.

    Just a hamster on a piano eating popcorn, silly little song and no mandolin.

    In the...
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    Re: TabEdit question

    Great, glad I could help.
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    Re: TabEdit question

    What I do is bring up the file I want and hit the print preview icon.

    Then hit the print setup button and in this screen I hit the multitrack button.

    This will let you pick what instuments and...
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