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    Re: GDAE steel string Baritone ukulele

    I tried the TIs in Granger's recommended gauges on my Pono MB model bari, and I love the result. Nice crisp and loud but balanced sound, much more guitar-ish. Great for finderpicking, strumming, or...
  2. Re: This Week's Mandolin Playing Epiphany

    I finally got a response from Matt Flinner about his "Rock & Roll Mando" course:

    "I haven't opened the [archived] courses up to the general public yet---only to past students thus far. But I'm...
  3. Re: This Week's Mandolin Playing Epiphany

    By "archived, I didn't mean you can find it here at the Cafe.

    What I meant is that it isn't one of his currently interactive "live" courses. But I was able to buy the original video lessons,...
  4. Re: This Week's Mandolin Playing Epiphany

    Thanks for the insight.

    I too, play in an acoustic classic rock band, both mando & fiddle. I'm currently learning a lot form Matt Flinner's online archived course, "Rock & Roll Mandolin".
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    Re: Useful Tip For Changing Strings

    I tried sblock's technique last night. It works! "Wrap, then poke" was at least twice as fast as my usual "poke, then wind" approach. And with no worry about the loops slipping off the tailpiece...
  6. Re: You all downloaded the free mando summit app from Northfield

    Apparently this is only available for phones, not desktops. Is that correct?
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    Re: Carbon Fiber Mandolin

    I'd be interested in an A-style with pickup. But I have physical problems that make the weight of the instrument critical. Even with a strap. (That's why I'll be selling my Ovation mando--it weighs...
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    Re: Ingles Violin Stand Question

    "I’ve been using an Ingles stand for my fiddles and mandolins for over ten years without any damage to any of my instruments that I can see."

    Same here. My fiddle & mando (Collings MT) are in...
  9. Re: Who makes a good inexpensive Octave Mandolin?

    I sold my Hora OM. Bought it sometime last year. As John Flynn says, the neck felt like half of a baseball bat. I always got pain in my left hand after playing it for even a few minutes. (This...
  10. Re: A mandolin/violin relative price story

    Getting back to the original question about relative prices of fiddles & mandos, here's my story:

    For fiddling, I'm happy with my $200 garage-sale discovery. It's a pre-war eastern-European...
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    Re: Goals for 2019

    Memorize at least half the tunes in Joe Carr's "Bill Monroe Tunes & Songs for Mandolin"
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    Re: The great guitar break that wasn't!

    Thanks to everyone for educating me about the history of bluegrass guitar breaks.

    Rowen still looks awfully pained and frustrated in this particular performance. Maybe he was just having a...
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    The great guitar break that wasn't!

    I'm fascinated by this performance of Monroe & the Boys. Poor Peter Rowen--they don't give him a break! But the banjo player takes 3 breaks, literally shoving Rowen aside. You can see the...
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    Re: LH Pain with Hora OM

    I've considered that. I used to have a Big Muddy with a very rounded neck. I had a luthier shave it down to a V-shape, which I found much more comfortable.

    Anyone here have this done on an OM? ...
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    Re: LH Pain with Hora OM

    It's the all-acoustic with the banjo bridge.
  16. Re: Tribute Songs about Deceased Relatives?

    Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I'll check them out.

    (I still can't believe that I missed "Uncle Pen"!)
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    LH Pain with Hora OM

    I just bought a Hora OM (23" scale). I'll be taking it to my luthier for a complete set-up (including better tuners). I'll have the action lowered. Strings are the super-lite factory ones, which...
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    Re: Favorite Books to Read?

    "Fiddler's Dream"
    My favorite fiction about a musician, written by the fiddler in John Reischman's band.
  19. Re: Tribute Songs about Deceased Relatives?

    Thanks for all your responses. Mitch, "Uncle Pen" is exactly what I was looking for.
  20. Tribute Songs about Deceased Relatives?

    My brother died recently, and I'd like to write a tribute song about him. Not mournful or grieving. Not religious. Not, "We'll meet again in heaven some day." Just a loving description of him. ...
  21. Re: FREE ebook: Learning Mandolin: a Genre-Hopping Approach

    In the ii-V-I section, you say:

    For example, try playing a iv chord instead of I (i.e. Am if you were playing a ii-V-I in C Major).

    But Am is the vi chord in C, so I think you meant vi, not...
  22. Re: Best Mandolin Stand when using Tone Gard


    I've never owned an F-style. But, since the instrument is held only at 3 points--back of neck, and at 2 points on the bottom, the sides are completely free. So I can't imagine why it...
  23. Re: Best Mandolin Stand when using Tone Gard

    These have always worked for me, with or w/o a Tone Gard.

    You can see a couple of them in use in my "Avatar" picture.
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    Do G and D strings die first?

    My experience, on different instruments, with different brands and gauges of strings, is that the G and D strings start to sound muddy and dull while the A and E strings still sound clear and crisp. ...
  25. Re: Why/how did you start playing mandolin?

    I first played fiddle, and I wanted an instrument I also could sing with. Played guitar for a number of years, but gave it up when I saw how much easier mandolin is.
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