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  1. Thread: Capo?

    by CES

    Re: Capo?

    I have one in my cases, and will pull it out if I'm playing with others and can't transpose on the fly. But, as I've learned more closed position chords and also improved transposition skills...
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    Re: Rookie looking for guidance...

    I asked a local guy that I knew as a friend who plays mandolin to just have an informal meeting with me so I could ask him for some tips. Not really a lesson, more like I asked him if it would be...
  3. Re: Advantages/Disadvantages of Notation (not Mandolin Specific)

    I'm not sure that the facts of my experience do support your claim - I've never been given a sheet of tab on any professional reading gig on guitar, banjo or mandolin. All those gigs have been for...
  4. Re: Advantages/Disadvantages of Notation (not Mandolin Specific)

    Hi ralph johansson

    Were you drunk when you posted this? You quoted me saying that I taught notation yet express outrage that I also taught tab. It's a funny old world isn't it?

    The first part...
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    Re: Playing "Licks"

    I'm going to try to sum this all is a simple way of understanding the role pentatonics have in soloing and make you sound like you really know what your doing.all you do is move your...
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