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    Re: Help with upgrade, please

    Nice! Enjoy exploring all it has to offer! :mandosmiley:
  2. Re: Charlie Daniels, fiddle (and mandolin) player dead at 83.

    RIP - Quite a talent. We've lost quite a few great talents recently.....
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    Re: Another backroom find

    I'd like to spend an afternoon poking around in your store! Looks like a fun place to visit!
  4. Re: STOLEN!! Martin HD28 mint condition and Gibson F5 L mandolin

    Try pawn shops in your area - usually the people that steal try to convert the items into cash quickly (your county and nearby counties.)
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    Re: Arm rest. Y or N?

    I love them. Never had one till I bought the Collings MT that came with one, now I have one on all of my mandolins. Keeps the edge of the mandolin from cutting into my arm, so it's a comfort thing,...
  6. Re: Article: A Conversation with Caterina Lichtenberg on the Rele

    I vaguely recall using a goose quill as a pick many years ago. you need to make sure that the tip is smooth (IIRC,) I think I remember using fine sandpaper to smooth the quill. It was not easy if my...
  7. Can't wait till I feel good enough on mandolin to...

    Can't wait till I feel good enough on mandolin to switch from Mike Marshall to her on Artistworks tp study Classical mandolin with her! More inspired now, to work harder!
  8. Re: Mandolin batch in the latest Skinner auction, incl. THREE Shu

    I'm more interested in the teens Gibsons and the bowl-back....
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    Re: Suddenly feeling old

    And we got to see those too! I still love the music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. It makes me wonder what I am still here for when I look at the obituaries and see people younger than me passing...
  10. Re: How important is having the original hardshell case?

    I like to have it (one of my bowlbacks came in an original case,) but it lives in a gig bag, and I have a hard case if I take it out. Not sure why I like to have it, I just do. I guess because it...
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    Re: Suddenly feeling old

    I plan to retire at age 70, and go to work "per diem," when I want to. My problem is my brain still thinks I am only 18, and my body keeps going "WHAT?!?!?" So I have 4.5 years to go, if my body...
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    Re: The Best of times; the worst of times.

    Phil, sorry to hear your news. You beat the odds once, maybe there will be a miracle. And if not, may your days be filled with peace, love, friends, ad music.
  13. Re: Good mandolin choice for woman with small hands

    I have very small hands also but am not very petite. I too have trouble with some stretches, I agree that neck shape can make a difference. I own a Weber, I don't find them particularly chunky, but...
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    Re: Thornward Bowlback

    My concern is the strings that the guitar guy put on the mandolin - bet he didn't put on ultralight strings!
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    Re: How much do you practice?

    Not enough practice, and been playing mandolin for 5 years. Shelter at home notwithstanding, I am an "essential employee" with two jobs, and still not enough time.
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    Re: Monteleone F on classifieds

    That's a good recommendation for the quality of the instrument, and honest play wear. Sounds like the buyer is getting a well-loved instrument. To whoever got it (if on the Cafe site) -...
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    Re: Dreaming of a Great A5 under $6000

    As one who owns a Pava, I will agree that they are excellent (and I need nothing better,) but if I suddenly become wealthy an an Ellis 2-point happened into my path, well, I wouldn't say "no." And I...
  18. Re: Reading mandolin music score by NOT using TABS

    I read music also (started with piano,) and at times find TAB annoying. At times it can be useful though, as sometimes I have difficulty figuring out the most efficient fingering for a passage, and...
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    Re: Shipping in 2020

    Thanks for the "heads-up" on the cost of shipping. I have debated periodically on selling my the Loar LM-220, which is worth about $200. If it costs me $100 to ship it, I'll just keep it. It doesn't...
  20. Re: how much should I offer for this mandolin

    Sounds like a good plan!
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    Re: Describe your MAS progression

    Started with a the Loar LM 220, and leaped right up to a Pava player, Weber oval, and Collings MT (plus a few bowlbacks) MAS is now satisfied.
    Forgot a Kentucky KM 805 (my only F-style) that I...
  22. Re: how much should I offer for this mandolin

    Looks (from the pictures) it is in pretty good condition. The armrest is nice touch, I like them (since I bought a mandolin with one on it and I find it makes them more comfortable.) If the person...
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    Re: Why do you like the picks you like?

    I prefer thinner picks - I started on guitar before I came to mandolin, and used thinner picks on guitar, and it seems to have stuck. I can't stand "pick noise," so I prefer a Blue Chip TD 35 or TD...
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    Re: Kudos to our administrators and moderators

    This is my favorite site too, I save coming here as a reward for when I get off work and want to relax and enjoy. Very well-run site!
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    Re: First Classical Song

    Not sure if your dog likes or is bored by mandolin-playing! Too cute! LOL!!
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