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    Re: Classical mandolin album library list

    The weekend, I've taken some time to cite a few more favorites. I've been deliberate in trying to not double things I've seen already listed on this thread.

    De Grebber, Sebastiaan....
  2. Listen to CMSA playing "Magnificent Mountain" at the convention!

    The composer of "Magnificent Mountain", Robert Lunn, posted the audio to the premier performance by the Classical Mandolin Society of America last week. Hearing it on this link is amazing--sitting in...
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    CMSA Normal: Draft Workshop Schedule

    For anyone attending or thinking about attending, I've attached the draft workshop schedule for the upcoming CMSA convention in Bloomington-Normal IL, October 9 -13. "Draft" because there are...
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    Re: CMSA Newbie: Advice Needed!

    I’ve attended 4 CMSAs, I enjoy my time there. Prepare your music the best you can ahead of time & attend the rehearsals & sectionals. Be ready to make lots of notes.
    As far as Mandolin orch...
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    Postcards From the Crater at Bandcamp

    I'm pleased to say that our friendly Cafe host has added a short track from my just released, digital-only, recording to the Cafe MP3 collection. Postcards From the Crater is a collection of 10...
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    Re: Mandolin classical literature

    Note #3: the Japanese website mentioned in my previous posting does not list works by living Japanese composers but instead redirects users to a separate website.

    Note #4: I've attached a copy of...
  7. The Entertainer - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [Tab]

    The Entertainer by Scott Joplin

    Notation & Tab
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    Blues, Stomps, & Rags #48

    One year review:

    Because little blues and blues-related music was being posted or discussed under the category "Jazz, Swing, Blues, Bossa, Choro, Klezmer, Ragtime," I began posting Blues, Stomps,...
  9. New classical release from Joel Hobbs & Jonathan Rudie - Vesper

    Joel Hobbs & Jonathan Rudie have a brilliant new classical mandolin and guitar album just released entitled Vesper. Hobbs is the Founder and Director of the Austin Mandolin Orchestra. Available from...
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    Re: Mandolins are Cool

  11. Winter's Tale 5 - free sheet music for mandolin trios

    Dear Mandolin Friends,

    Here is my fifth folio of free mandolin trio arrangements for winter. I included 6 carols this year, all of them beautiful and most not well-known. All but two are new...
  12. Re: 2018 Convention of the Classical Mandolin Society of America

    Let me add to Doc and David's comments by saying that I agree it was another first rate convention. I can't praise the local host orchestras and the CMSA Board members enough for all of the hard work...
  13. The Hampton Trio: 46 Festival internacional de Musica de Plectro

    The Hampton Trio (Beverly Davis, classical guitar; Mark Davis, mandolin; myself, mandola in G) recently appeared at the ‘46 Festival internacional de Musica de Plectro de la Rioja’ in Spain where we...
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    Re: New here--pick question

    As far as overall shape, no, you are not missing something. I may have confused the trade names for the pick materials.
    The picks I refer to are these:
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    Re: When is a newbie no longer a newbie?

    When your wife says "you are not a professional musician" as reason to stop you from adding another mandolin to your collection.
  16. Re: IBMA Mandolin Player of the Year Finalists for 2018

    Grumping online at organizations and people you don't know from across the pond and will likely never meet won't achieve anything. Unless you join and vote--which means you'd have to open your...
  17. New American Mandolin Ensemble: UK Concert Videos

    The New American Mandolin Ensemble (NAME) recently did a short concert tour in the UK. Videos from our concert in Bristol (at The Folk House) can be found at our new YouTube channel...
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    Re: John Goodin mandolin duets

    Thanks to Martin's encouragement I got around to recording Easy Duo no. 5 the other day. I've had the piece finished for a while but just didn't get around to recording it.

    There's a minor train...
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    "Dave Swarbrick Fiddle Tunes" Book

    In the early 70's, I heard my brother's "Fairport Convention" albums and I decided right then and there I wanted to play fiddle like David Swarbrick. I came to mandolin while trying to teach myself...
  20. Music for the young and young at heart

    Dear mandolinist friends around the world,

    writing for top-tier professionals in their prime is of course a great honor and a privilege for any composer. Yet talent is to be nourished from...
  21. J.S. Bach: Bourrée from French Suite #6 (BWV 817)

    Johann Sebastian Bach: French Suite No. 6 in E Major (BWV 817)
    6. Bourrée

    This is the Bourrée from J.S. Bach's French Suite No. 6, played as a duet on mandolin and tenor guitar (in GDAE). The...
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    Blues, Stomps, & Rags #5

    My previous posts have featured blues players from the early 20th century, though Yank Rachel lived and performed until the late 20th century. This week's blues musician is contemporary blues...
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    Blues, Stomps, & Rags #1

    I notice that not much is happening by way of blues here, so I decided to start posting a blues or blues-related tune a week (allowing for "the best-laid plans of mice and men...") for blues...
  24. Re: 2018 Convention of the Classical Mandolin Society of America

    Looking forward to meeting up with old friends and friends I don’t know yet. What could be better in the fall than wine, old Friends, Mandolin, More Wine, MORE Mandolin & new friends. This is going...
  25. 2018 Convention of the Classical Mandolin Society of America

    Hello, classical fans as well as the many other genres represented here!

    This is the start of the thread for news on the CMSA's 2018 Convention.

    Our destination this year is Santa Rosa...
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