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  1. Re: Happy birthday to me - My new Pomeroy #274

    What a beauty! Congratulations.

    That walnut looks spectacular.
  2. Re: Cheap beater mandolins that play, for leaving in the car etc?

    We've been married for over 31 years. We traveled the Renaissance Festival circuit, started a theatre company, played bluegrass throughout the 5 state region. We're lifers. She has a...
  3. Re: Cheap beater mandolins that play, for leaving in the car etc?

    I've heard some good sounding Ashbury instruments. Tom Kimber makes em sound great but a lot of that's probably him!

    One of the problems of cheap instruments is inconsistency so while there are...
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    Re: Let's hear your BEST musical joke?

    Well it seems there was a young fellow who decided he wanted to play Bass. His father agrees to pay for it.

    After the first week the Father asks, "How was the lesson?" "Good" says his son, "I...
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    Re: The cure for MAS

    If you're happy with your beater, don't question it; just enjoy!

    I suppose part of it is where you want to be. I had a lot of fun buying, selling, trading, and learning but now I want to learn...
  6. Re: Pregnancy Loss Month Project: Mandolin and some other instrum

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Re: Finally had to set up my humidifier this year

    We're at 40% humidity this morning so I will set mine up today. We've been stable in the low 40% range for a few weeks and that's about the best I can do when winter hits. Usually can stay at...
  8. Re: Shove that Pigs Foot a Little Farther into the Fire

    Well done. You can tell you're having fun which is one of the big points of playing music! That was the tune to play in Minnesota in the mid 2000s, it was everywhere. I haven't heard it in a while...
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    Re: Bruce Brockman 2 Point Mandolin

    Thanks! Looks and sounds good. Seems to have a nice bass response.
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    Re: Bruce Brockman 2 Point Mandolin

    I like the look of his work. He makes some interesting mandolas and bouzoukis as well. Might be a builder to watch! I look forward to hearing your mando.
  11. Re: Hamlett Two-Point - Four Month Check In

    Sounds great.

    I like watching your videos, you can always tell how much you enjoy your mandolin. It's good to find a keeper!
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    Re: When you get injured...

    Hope you feel better soon!
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    Re: Two mandolins from the same maker

    I have a Girouard Concert A5 and I have a Girouard A4 on order. I think they will be the last mandolins I purchase.

    I could use a guitar bodied octave and maybe an f hole mandola. Possibly a...
  14. Re: Norman Blake & Saint Elmo Slim - T.A.G. Railroad Rag

    I really enjoyed this, thanks for posting!

    I've been listening to a lot of Peter Ostroushko lately. You can hear the musical kinship in this composition.
  15. Re: Peter Ostroushko and Danny Gotham. 10/18/2007

    Looks like Danny is using a Trillium zouk or octave too.
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    Re: No frills vs fancier mandolins

    Just one data point but in my experience mandolins do sound better as you move up the chain. Diminishing returns are real but I don't think you pay for cosmetics alone.

    I had a 2016 Girouard...
  17. Re: Peter Ostroushko and Danny Gotham. 10/18/2007

    Good find!
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    Re: Petersen Octave Mandolin

    Heavier strings for the 20 inch shorter scale. For a 22 inch I would start with something like 012 020 032 046.

    I like this string tension calculator:...
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    Re: Petersen Octave Mandolin

    I had a couple Petersens. I loved em! I think they are one of the best value flat top octaves you can find. Look great and sound great.

    Without knowing scale length it's hard top recommend a...
  20. Re: Tips on getting more volume out of a 3 week old Mando?

    Every mandolin I've put a tonegard on gets louder. You can argue whether they sound better or not but they do seem to sound louder.

    I've found Wegen and Clown Barf picks to be pretty loud. I...
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    Re: Northfield FS vs Artist series

    In addition to the cosmetics (binding/inlay/flame/etc) the Artist series comes with a varnish finish (which most would consider an upgrade) and the Gilchrist tailpiece (which most, I think, would...
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    Re: New NMD - Collings

    Beautiful mandolin! Look forward to hearing it.
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    Re: Apollo Mike Marshall picks

    I love the bass and overall tone of the pro-plec but I always lost treble cut which led to me overplaying to get more volume in group situations.

    Wegen and Clownbarf have a lot more high end but...
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    Re: Happy Friday!

    Happy Friday to you as well!
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    Re: Bravo D'Addario XS Strings!

    Agreed. I think they're on to something. I played a set from April until July. Several outdoor festivals. Held tune no breaks. For my A5 I will stick with these strings. If they come out with...
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