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    Re: What's the real difference?

    I appreciate the question. I remember when I started to play banjo, I had an inexpensive banjo and really didn't know how good or bad it was. What I did know was this: more expensive banjos in stores...
  2. Re: How did the "curl" on the mandolin body evolve?

    Quote above continues a misunderstanding of Gibson's model designations, that "A" and "F" were initials for words like "Artist" and "Florentine." Gibson assigned letters to different model series,...
  3. Re: Playing a collings - what would an "upgrade" really get me?

    I had an Engelmann-topped MT which I have described as the first instrument Iíve ever owned that didnít limit in me in any way. It is still the benchmark for build quality and playability against...
  4. Re: Sound: opinions sought on technique vs instrument, i.e. anti-

    My two-cents comes in two parts: (1) purchase the best instrument you can afford. (2) be comfortable with that instrument.

    There will always, always, always be another model to lust after just...
  5. Re: Your thoughts on Ellis A4s and other modern, upper tier ovals

    Hi Mike,

    Have you considered Mike Black's mandolins? He builds in the style of the old Gibsons, but obviously new and built as you want it. His instruments are beautiful to look at, to play and...
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    Re: Need mando advice

    Google Mike Black, his A's look and sound great to me, and should be similar in price to others you've listed.
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    Mr. Compton on the right hand.

    A few days ago I had a pleasant email exchange with Mike Compton over a CD of his ("Gallop to Georgia") that I ordered but that for some reason got sent back. it sent me to his website, where I...
  8. Re: Ebay Ratliff Mandolin Ads - Why is there little interest?

    Well, here is my advise to you based on what you stated, and follows my previous post. If you are willing to spend $1500 or so on a used A style mandolin, you can get a well known mandolin from a...
  9. Thread: Is my MAS dead?

    by Br1ck

    Re: Is my MAS dead?

    I have only known one person who could have anything he wanted in terms of worldly goods. Well, maybe not his own Carribean Island or Lear jet to get there, but he had some Picassos his father bought...
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    Re: Should I get rid of my other instruments?

    I'm presently in a mode where I'm trying to downsize but improve the quality of my instruments (ie, fewer but better). But, I really have a hard time getting rid of the ones I've had for a while. Too...
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