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    Re: Gruhn's and/ Carter's?

    Walter Carter runs the best vintage shop in the country. You'll find him hanging out on the floor casually laughing and telling stories with customers who don't even know who he is; he cultivates...
  2. Re: TurboPlane, Safe-T-Planer - Powering through plate carving

    Even for giant upright bass maple backs, I don't use anything as aggressive or potentially dangerous as a Lancelot. Its just a little mandolin we're talking about; a small angle grinder with rough...
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    Re: Old Woodworking Machines

    Private message sent about the blade cover.

    The band saw is nice, but your mandocello video is fantastic! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people try to overplay the instrument but your approach...
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    Re: Brazilian rosewood for mandolins?

    Condino Brazilian rosewood A5
  5. Re: Acoustic Image Upshot vs. Double Shot

    I've used almost everything that Acoustic Image makes, and most often gig with one of their 900 watt Focus heads and Acme B1 cabs. The upshot is ok, with a primary importance placed on small and...
  6. Re: Marking for Accurate Tuner Hole Placement

    Accurate tuning machine holes are incredibly important for mandolins and difficult to achieve.This simple, affordable tool is easily worth ten times the asking price:
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    Re: 2 way truss rod for a mandola

    Overkill and a massive weight compromise.

    A single action rod is two way if you simply install it, tighten a half turn, and then level the neck again before installing the fingerboard....
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    Re: Your Jeff Austin Memories

    Rest in peace Jeff.

    Thanks for all the good times. One day we'll get to hang in the big backstage in the sky again and play more octave mandolins together....

  9. Re: How to repair this broken head stock ?

    The best thing you will ever do for your repair business is learn to say,"No thank you...", and hand projects like this back to the customer immediately. If not, you might as well hand over $500 when...
  10. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    My dreams have come true!

    Christmas has come early and now all you crusty crusty get off my lawn whole lotta' nuthn' mandolin nerds will stop asking me to build $#!t brown 1923 Gibson F5 clones!...
  11. Re: ASIA Symposium 2019 mandolin building workshops

    'Had a fantastic week: learned a lot, met a ton of cool new friends, brought back some great tonewoods from the vendors at killer prices, played music every day for about six hours, saw great...
  12. Re: Post A picture of your favorite "A" model

  13. Re: Detailed plans for a dovetail neck joint jig

    My dovetail video from a few years ago:

    The goal is for everyone to make better mandolins, not get distracted with too...
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    Re: Question about glue

    I can glue an entire upright bass top to the rib assembly in one session using hot hide glue with no additional help and NOT adding eurea or any other weakening agent. If you are having difficulties...
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    Re: Who makes their own truss rods?

    Andrew is correct! 'Been making my own titanium truss rods for all the different instruments for almost 20 years; 'never going back to anything else. It can be difficult to work with but Marty nailed...
  16. Local spruce + tonewood suppliers in the Adirondacks?

    I'm headed up north to the source soon and am looking for names and reccomendations for spruce and maple suppliers or mills in the NY Adirondacks where I can go through the stacks and hand select my...
  17. Re: Source for f style worm over tuners

    Nicolo Alessi will make you a wonderful set with the worm over configuration, but he cannot get the actual worm gear in the opposite configuration from his supplier. They will look correct, but you...
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    Re: Finger plane question

    " the...."

    Looks like my N is on the way out; 'should me corrected to "....and then...."....;)
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    Re: Finger plane question

    I cut sort of a mortise & tennon in the back of the plane ad the used superglue to hold everything together....
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    Re: Finger plane question

    Get one of the mid sized Ibex and put your own handle on it; they are the "gateway plane". The toothed blade is a must for curly maple. I find a small scraper more useful for the delicate recurve...
  21. ASIA Symposium 2019 mandolin building workshops

    The Association of String Instrument Artisans 2019 Symposium at East Stroudsburg State University (in East Stroudsburg, Pa.) is coming up the third week of this month. In addition to hundreds of...
  22. Re: Hoffee case in the Asheville area?


    All I said was I used to work there and I know the guy. You are the one responding like an a$$hole.....
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    Re: Richlite bridges

    As a mandolin builder, I see no reason to ever not use a 2" wide wooden fingerboard. They are cheap and readily available, regardless of your wood choice. When mandolin fingerboards are no longer...
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    Re: Not all Collings hold their value

    ".....somewhat of a shame that a particular brand was singled out in the thread title....."


    See what happens when you buy a new Les Paul or telecaster!
  25. Re: Weldon Lister Tailpiece on Collings

    Beautiful work.....Approx. $400 for the engraving when I talked with him plus a wait time....
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