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    Re: Mile Twelve on tour | Chattanooga, TN

    I just saw them open for the Del McCoury Band last Thursday in Chicago, and they are the real deal. Truly wonderful music and a great stage presence. My wife and I bought both of their albums at...
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    Re: Who has just one?

    I had two for a couple years, but now I just have my Ratliff R-5: my first mandolin and the one recommended to me many years ago by a very helpful staff member at Elderly Instruments. If only I were...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Mr. Dawg

    Happy birthday, Mr. Grisman. I was able to see your sextet recently when you came through Chicago, as well as one of your shows with Del McCoury, and you only seem to get better with age! You're an...
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    Re: Ralph Stanley in hospital

    Does anyone know how one might get a card to Dr. Stanley? I'd like to let him know he is my thoughts and prayers. PM if that is more appropriate.
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    Re: How many of us put the pick in our mouths?

    Once I realized the value of that little pocket, I just had to start calling it my "pick pocket" from that point on. Really.
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    Re: Del & Dawg Tour

    I'm seeing them in Chicago on November 16th! I haven't seen David Grisman in over a decade--just missed a lot of chances that came my way--so I'm very excited!
  7. Mandolin Instructors in or near Cedar Rapids/Iowa City?

    I'm looking to study jazz, bluegrass, and klezmer and would be delighted to find a teacher offering lessons during the week in or near Cedar Rapids or Iowa City. I'd prefer to study with someone...
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    Re: Big trouble for users of Yahoo mail - READ

    Thanks, Flatrock, for checking. I also used the site Mike Edgerton noted above, and both and come back as lacking any DMARC record. This means that some Yahoo-based email does...
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    Re: Big trouble for users of Yahoo mail - READ

    Does anyone know whether this policy also affects Yahoo-supported email services like This could be a real mess for many people who don't even know that Yahoo is part of the email service...
  10. Re: Post in this thread, get a chance to win a Cafe ball cap

    Thanks Scott!
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    Re: Free V-Picks - Right Here

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    Re: Name That Collings Mandolin and Win It!

    Hi Scott--

    Is this contest hoping to find a name for this particular Collings model, or is it more to name the specific individual mandolin that will be given away? If so, is the picture here the...
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    Re: JJ Cale Died Friday

    Shelby, are you the mandolinist on stage with JJ during the Tulsa set in the To Tulsa and Back documentary?
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    JJ Cale Died Friday

    No mando content, but I just wanted to recognize a great musician who is one of the main reasons I picked up guitar and mandolin again after several years away from both. His music spoke deeply to me...
  15. Re: David Grisman's latest with Martin Taylor AND Frank Vignola!!

    Is this recording available as a real CD release? I didn't see it on the Acoustic Disc website. I bought a copy of the recent Folk Jazz Trio CD direct from Acoustic Disc, and it was just a plain...
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    Re: Source for string damping gaskets?

    Cafe member Steve Stone still carries his "Steve's Silencers," of which I am a big fan. You can order them from him directly by contacting him at (click on address for direct...
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    Re: Case Color & Temperature


    I may be entirely mistaken, but I thought I learned that dark colors absorb heat more quickly but also radiate it off more quickly. A white case would heat up much more slowly but also...
  18. Re: Free Matt Flinner CDs - 100th Music du Jour performance

    I'll join in as well! Thanks to you and the Trio!

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    Re: Modifying Blue Chip Pick for better Grip

    Not as tough as you'd think. One of mine lost a very brief battle with an emery board, and an attempted bevel adjustment radically changed the pick shape with very little physical effort. :(
  20. Re: Where is the infamous Bill Monroe Picture holding his Band?

    But was it signed by the photographer? The unsigned ones are not nearly as valuable.
  21. Re: Where is the infamous Bill Monroe Picture holding his Band?

    First off, my sincere apologies if it sounds like I was serving as some sort of policing enforcer. Given that the OP was asking whether anyone has ever discovered concrete evidence of the picture, I...
  22. Re: Where is the infamous Bill Monroe Picture holding his Band?

    I don't mean to sound critical, f5loar, but the complication isn't from me; it's from the interview with Bill himself. He didn't mention a picture; he said he only did it once; and he said that it...
  23. Re: Where is the infamous Bill Monroe Picture holding his Band?

    Actually, Bill, I don't doubt that Monroe probably could have carried two or three people, and the first part of his reminiscence rings true. It's when he says that the fifth person sat on the...
  24. Re: Where is the infamous Bill Monroe Picture holding his Band?

    I'm fairly certain that this story is a joke that turned into an urban legend with the supposed photo as emphatic story evidence. In the thread that Mike linked above, there is a video link to a Bill...
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    Re: Anyone NOT like Blue Chip picks?

    I don't know about cutting a piece up, but I can say that I managed to ruin one of the picks quite easily with just a handful of well-placed strokes from a common emery board when I tried to change...
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