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    Re: Most Mandocellos at CMSA

    Thanks a lot, Phil -- sound like fun was had!

    Quick question: I see that you're playing a Freshwater mandocello. If I remember right, when they were still being made David's website advertised...
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    Re: What are these bridges called?

    That's a strange hybrid between a floating bridge and a fixed pin bridge: it needs the tailpiece from floating bridge but needs to be fixed to the top in order to prevent the torque generated by the...
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    Re: Andy Irvine / Paul Brady

    I don't see any Scottish gigs either (nor, alas, venues anywhere near me), but as far as I can see the following four dates have been announced:

    14th March: Kilkenny TradFest, The Hub, Kilkenny...
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    Re: Back in action

    Nothing wrong with your memory. That was a good night out, and fun to play with Dan, Kevin and you (even if my playing at that time was still pretty basic -- I've worked on that since then...).
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    Re: Back in action

    Hi Aidan,

    Great to see your name again! I well remember the Mandolin Project site you got off the ground back in the days -- still have a backup of most of the recordings on that one. It was the...
  6. Re: "Ceccherini" Bowl Back Mandolin on eBay

    Hard to tell the condition from that listing -- the photos are pretty fuzzy. I don't think it says 1895 on the label; as Peter has said I'm not aware of any Ceccherini being dated. Indeed, I...
  7. Re: Spring Suite, May 2019 for OM or Mandocello

    Many thanks, John, for another great addition to the solo MC/OM repertoire, and lovely playing on the OM. As with the Winter Suite, I have now made my own recording on solo mandocello, a fifth below...
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    Re: New Bickford Mando-cello Method

    Thanks for doing this work!

    I have to admit that although I know that bass clef is the least awkward option and my own bass clef reading is slowly improving, I find it a lot easier to sightread...
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    Re: Gelas mandolin family at Bernunzio's

    Thanks for that link. I note that the video is titled "mandoloncello", but they never mention that name in the video, nor do they specify the tuning. It's four strings and played upright with an...
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    Tunes from the BMG Magazine 1947-50

    Michael Reichenbach kindly posted a link a little while ago to an online archive of most back issues of the BMG Magazine, a publication issued by Clifford Essex in the UK from 1903 until it was...
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    Re: Big Muddy has fret buzz?

    In the context of this thread, worth noting that the instrument in Frank's photos appears to be a Mid-Mo/Big Muddy so that the example transfers directly to the OP's situation.

  12. Re: Developing techniques with Mazas: Etude Op.36 No.12

    Thanks a lot, Toomas -- sounds great! I've tried fingerpicking the mandolin in the past but never got very satisfactory results.

    We had a discussion and some examples of the Mazas etudes on...
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    Re: Bernardo de Pace: Sonatina No. 1

    I have just been revisiting this little trio composition by De Pace, which was my very first multitrack home recording back in 2012 -- we still play it every now and then with our practice group and...
  14. Re: What Mandolin Did I Get From the Thriftstore?

    Fair enough, Mike -- I haven't been keeping tab on the value of Suzukis. What I meant to say is that in good condition they are decent reliable instruments and not in the category of "pawn shop...
  15. Re: What Mandolin Did I Get From the Thriftstore?

    I think you're all a bit harsh on this mandolin. Yes, it seems to be an unlabelled 70s Suzuki -- they were sold under a number of different names in various markets. It seems in pretty good...
  16. Re: Sheets / scores arranged for three mandolins, for a wedding

    Hi Cosmin,

    The more folky of the tunes in Evelyn's books are intended to be repeated multiple times, and to be combined into sets with a suitable transition.

    For more classical material, have a...
  17. Re: Sheets / scores arranged for three mandolins, for a wedding

    Hi Cosmin,

    Welcome to the Cafe, and congratulations on getting married!

    Have a look at Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni's pieces arranged for three mandolins. She has made many of them available for...
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    Re: B M G Magazine

    Yes, I also followed up on that link -- lots of good stuff there, especially the sheet music! Thanks to Michael Reichenbach for posting that link here.

    Unfortunately (for mandolin players) it...
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    Re: Suffragette March

    Thanks a lot, Martin -- looks interesting!

    By complete coincidence, I found the same score (plus an additional banjo part) at the Library of Congress website today while I was looking for...
  20. Thread: Mezzacapo

    by Martin Jonas

    Re: Mezzacapo

    Hi Joe,

    I've come across the same mismatch of publication dates and biographical data when I was looking into the authorship of Eduardo Mezzacapo compositions, and came to the same conclusion as...
  21. Re: Liebe (Richard Strauss, Op. 42/1, 1899)

    Re-recorded and re-uploaded -- the previous version didn't sound very nice when I listened back. Apologies.


  22. Liebe (Richard Strauss, Op. 42/1, 1899)

    Richard Strauss: 2 Männerchöre, Op.42, TrV 194
    1. Liebe (Nichts bessers ist auf dieser Erd)

    This is a very obscure song by Richard Strauss, originally written for unaccompanied male chorus and...
  23. Re: Erster Verlust (First Loss), Schumann adapted as a Mandolin d

    So long ago in fact that I forgot my instrumentation: that's tenor guitar, not mandocello on the accompaniment.

    1890s Umberto Ceccherini mandolin
    Vintage Viaten tenor guitar

  24. Re: Erster Verlust (First Loss), Schumann adapted as a Mandolin d

    Many thanks for this transcription!

    I made a recording using your score a few weeks ago, which I forgot to post. So, here it is, played as a duet of mandolin and mandocello. I only realised...
  25. Re: Question for notation-reading CGDAE-instrument players

    I prefer A, mainly because my brain is far too slow to deal with switching clefs or octaves in the middle of a phrase. Probably an indication that I need to polish up my sight-reading if I ever want...
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